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Dumber than a bag of Anders: Have gun-slingin’ Cowtown MP’s pistol-packin’ pals shot their patron in both feet?

The offending photo of MP Rob Anders and would-be MP Melissa Mathieson, which first turned up on a National Firearms Association Facebook page, then a political blog, then the mainstream media and has now entered the annals of idiocy. Below: the offending target; an example of a target Mr. Anders would have been smarter to […]

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Pride flags over Alberta: for real, or a cynical commitment of convenience that’s a mile wide and an inch deep?

A rainbow banner flies alongside the city, Alberta and Canadian flags at the city hall of St. Albert, Alberta, last weekend. Below: A really great pride banner spotted during a recent Pride Week in Vancouver.  Fourteen years ago, the Alberta provincial government led by Progressive Conservative premier Ralph Klein was convulsed with controversy at the […]

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That ‘market freedom’? What a surprise, it’s wiping out farmers and enriching the 1%!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper takes a group of Canadians for a ride on his fully privatized model railroad. This doesn’t actually work in real life, though. Actual Canadian prime ministers may not appear exactly as illustrated, although, if I may say so, the number on the engine comes close to getting it right! Below: Canadian […]

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Upstairs, downstairs in Alberta explained by Labour Minister Thomas Lukaszuk: ‘We’re dealing with different job descriptions’

Furious Alberta civil service “oranges” protest high-handed Tory “apples” during their illegal st**ke of 1980. Below: Provincial Treasurer Lou Hyndman in 1976; Labour Minister Thomas Lukaszuk, no longer missing in action. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose! After a spell during which he appeared to be missing in action, Alberta Labour Minister Thomas […]

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The view from Alberta: Nova Scotia premier assailed for embarrassingly low travel bill

A steward serves Alberta Premier Alison Redford as members of her entourage dine nearby during their return flight from South Africa. Don’t worry, this is satire, and actual Alberta politicians and their political advisors will never appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil, obviously suffering from a defeatist attitude and a regional […]

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Back to the future? Private-client opinion polls said to show big shift toward Alberta’s Wildrose Party

The future belongs, the future belongs, the future belongs to us… Peter Lougheed preaches to the converted in Calgary not long before the 1971 provincial election. After 42 years and counting, is there really another seismic shift under way in Alberta, or just more blundering by pollsters? Below: Mr. Lougheed not long after the 1971 […]

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Deputy Health Minister Janet Davidson’s compensation: glaring omission in Alberta Sunshine List coverage explained

Alberta Health Minister Fred Horne with Janet Davidson shortly after he announced her appointment as Deputy Minister in September 2013. Below: Service Alberta Deputy Minister Jay Ramotar; Lord Black of Crossharbour in his role as honourary lieutenant colonel of the Governor General’s Foot Guards. And the top paid Alberta civil servant is … not even […]

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Alberta’s ‘Sunshine List’ – let a little light shine in … but only a little, and only where we want it

Alberta’s ‘Sunshine List’ – mostly moonshine? Below: Premier Alison Redford. Today’s the day the government of Alberta is supposed to publish its “Sunshine List” of its supposedly most highly paid civil servants.It’s not appeared yet – so, it being a Friday and all, it’ll probably show up at about 4:45 p.m.*The official idea of this […]

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Appeal Court says Labour Relations Board must consider AUPE call for ‘excluded’ civil servants to be part of union

Yes Premier! Alberta Premier Alison Redford, right, tells an unhappy deputy minister some of his staff may have to join AUPE! Actual Alberta officials elected and otherwise may not appear exactly as illustrated. The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees moved a small step closer today to its never-quite-openly stated goal of reaching 100,000 members thanks […]

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Oh to be a fly on the cabinet room wall today! Court grants stay on application against AUPE of Bill 46 until Valentine’s Day

Steam vents from the cabinet room at the Alberta Legislature. Actual eruptions of Tory fury may not be exactly as illustrated – and, actually, that’s the Lieutenant Governor’s office. Well, whatever, it’s better than a file shot of the law courts sign! Below: AUPE President Guy Smith. Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on […]