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We’ll spare you the meaningless threats and the big thermometer creeping toward some unattainable sum.

But while is not published in the expectation of making a living, or even a small profit, there really are costs associated with the regular appearance of this blog – principally the purchase of web hosting and domain services, plus occasional research costs.

So if you are a regular reader of, and you enjoy it, please consider making even a small donation to support this on-line publication and the point of view it expresses.

As one recent donor put it in a kind note to me, “You (and bloggers like you) who intensely scrutinize and interpret/explain/comment on politics for the rest of us are undervalued. … Making this contribution that amounts to a small tithe that serves the public good.”

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  1. Gerry Taft

    November 27th, 2019

    Hi David, for years I taught a University course on the oilsands/tarsands. I think an issue that has not been explored is what would Alberta do if they got all their pipelines in place. Would they raise royalty and tax rates? Would they put a significant portion of the revenues into the Heritage fund. Would a portion of the revenues go towards dealing with the tailings ponds, or abandoned wells. Would they implement a sales tax?

    Or would it be simply more of the same, squandering the resource and patting themselves on the back to a surprisingly naive electorate.

    My impression is that there is no discussion of what the government or industry would offer in order to “earn” the trust of anyone outside their circle to support their initiative.

  2. Mike Worthington

    January 16th, 2020

    You often comment on climate change. I recommend you watch this video. It is the latest science at the highest level. It includes the head scientist associated with the IPCC and the producers write climate textbooks. Or you can continue to include your assumptions and dubious speculations in much of your work. Kind regards & god speed.


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