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American author and journalist Bob Woodward (Photo: Wikimedia Commons).

Here are the lists of the top 10 fiction and non-fiction titles sold in Edmonton for the week ended Sept. 16, 2018.

The lists are compiled by Audreys Books and provided by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta.


1. The Dutch Wife – Ellen Keith*
2. Amma’s Daughters – Meenal Shrivastava *+
3. Push Back (young adult) – Karen Spafford-Fitz *
4. Unity Club (young adult) – Karen Spafford-Fitz*
5. The Orange Shirt Story – Phyllis Webstad
6. A Wake for the Dreamland – Laurel Deedrick-Mayne*
7. Called Up (childrens) – Steven Sandor*
8. This Wound is a World- Billy-Ray Belcourt*+
9. My Sundays with Normand – Adele Fontaine*
10. Women Talking – Miriam Toews


1. Fear – Bob Woodward
2. Educated – Tara Westover
3. Little Yellow House – Carissa Halton*+
4. Kitchen Confidential – Anthony Bourdain
5. 12 Rules for Life – Jordan Peterson*
6. I’m Afraid of Men – Vivek Shraya *
7. How Do We Look – Mary Beard
8. Food Artisans of Alberta – Karen Anderson *+ and Matilde Sanchez-Turri*+
9. Unhinged – Omarosa Manigault Newman
10. Trafficked Girl – Zoe Paterson

* Alberta Author + Alberta Publisher

Alberta Politics
As Edmonton and Ottawa awake to Jason Kenney’s (un)diplomatic funny business, stuff starts hitting the fan
Alberta Politics
Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney and two of his MLAs are running around India again today acting as if they are representatives of the governments of both Canada and Alberta.
Jason Kenney’s Passage to India is nothing more than a nice fall holiday with two friends
Alberta Politics
United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney and UCP MLAs Prasad Panda and Devin Dreeshen took off for India yesterday. The main problem with the UCP passage to India is that,
How far is the United Conservative Party prepared to go to be tolerant of intolerance? Quite far, apparently
Alberta Politics
MLA Richard Gotfried defeated candidate Cindy Ross last night for the United Conservative Party nomination in the Calgary-Fish Creek Riding. Mr. Gotfried, narrowly elected as a Progressive Conservative candidate in
Say hello to the hurtin’ Albertans, Mr. Trudeau: If the premier ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!
Alberta Politics
Welcome to Alberta where, as the prime minister of Canada no doubt discovered yesterday afternoon, if the premier ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! And, right now, the premier ain’t happy!
Happy Labour Day! Despite constant propaganda, the number of workers who wish they had a union is growing
Alberta Politics
Happy Labour Day! Overall union membership may be shrinking, but the number of workers who wish they had a union and would vote to join one if they could appears
Canadian Politics
Yesterday’s floor crossing won’t make much difference, but at least the Tories are getting their drama lessons
Alberta Politics
One way or another, as of yesterday at least 143 politicians have crossed the floor of the House of Commons or a Canadian legislature since Confederation. If you can’t name
Thank you, Doug Ford, for making it clear our Constitution isn’t worth the paper it’s written on!
Alberta Politics
By making use of the Canadian Constitution’s Notwithstanding Clause to wreak petty vengeance on his old adversaries at Toronto City Hall, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has actually done Canadians a
Doug Ford achieves the impossible: he’s gotten Canadians interested in constitutional reform!
Alberta Politics
Office-holding Conservative politicians and operatives of their well-funded Astro-Turf and think tank support network across Canada have now virtually to a man and woman jumped aboard Ontario Conservative Premier Doug
The Dougtatorship notwithstanding, what have you got to fear, Mr. Scheer?
Alberta Politics
What have you got to fear, Andrew Scheer? Is there a single office-holding Conservative in this country who is willing to stand up for the fundamental rights of Canadians as
The era of Notwithstanding Clause restraint is over … get used to it!
Alberta Politics
The era of Notwithstanding Clause restraint is over. Get used to it. To borrow someone else’s felicitous metaphor, Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was always
The Day We Burned Ole DC Down? It was today, actually … 204 years ago
Alberta Politics
WASHINGTON, D.C. The Day We Burned Ole DC Down? It was today, actually. But if this was big news 204 years ago, when the fire was actually lit by the
Notice to readers: is closed … sort of
Alberta Politics
Notice to readers: I expect to be on the road for a few days and so is officially closed for vacation. Which, as regular readers of this blog will
What’s the appropriate response to Riyadh’s diplomatic hysterics? How about reopening our embassy in Tehran?
Alberta Politics
Is there an appropriate response by Canada to the bizarre events of the last few hours on the diplomatic circuit? It’s not just that Canada’s ambassador has been kicked out
Will Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic tantrum provoke a moment of cognitive dissonance for Canada’s ‘ethical oil’ crowd?
Alberta Politics
Saudi Arabia has given the Canadian ambassador 24 hours to pack his bags and go home because, the Saudi Foreign Ministry complains, Canada is meddling in the internal affairs of
Stephen Harper’s Paris speech to Mojahedin-e Khalq: No laws were broken; appropriate interests were served; get over it!
Alberta Politics
Many readers would be offended if someone were to suggest the Roman Catholic Church was a former terrorist organization with cult-like attributes. Still, wouldn’t terrorism be a fair description of


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