Notice to my loyal readers: Those problems with the new site: we’re working on them …

Posted on December 30, 2014, 12:34 pm
19 secs

Typical bloggers, waiting for their web hosting service to let them be free to post.

Thanks to all of you who have asked if the new site at has been hacked or wondered what is going on.

It’s not a hack, it’s a fairly typical problem with a hosting service that does not adapt well to change and which is taking time to resolve because these are the Twenty-teens and small customers like me don’t get a lot of personal attention. Think of web hosting services like banks and you will understand the problem.

I anticipated this and that’s why we did the changeover during the holidays when readership tends to be low. Eventually the new site will be back up and running properly, although the timing is out of my hands.

If need be, I’ll make a liar of myself and publish my “last post” New Year’s Eve post here.

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