Message to the media and conservatives about Alberta’s NDP: Read their lips, no early election!

PHOTOS: Opposition Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney (Twitter). Below: A clear-eyed Premier Rachel Notley, former British Columbia NDP premier Dave Barrett and the

April Fools jokes? In 2017? Just forget it! The zeitgeist forbids!

PHOTOS: Calgary lawyer David Khan, the only candidate willing to lead the sad-sack Alberta Liberals. Below: Donald Trump in a rare presidential moment; Jason Kenney, the man with

News Satire: U.S. will not tolerate foreigners acting like Americans, officials say

ILLUSTRATIONS: A map showing some of the countries in which the United States has interfered in the political process (grabbed from Below: U.S. CIA Director John O.

Albertans will soon be able to ‘tap’ for ambulance service with new smartphone app

PHOTO: An artist’s rendering of what one of a new TAP-ulanceRX emergency care vehicle might look like. TAP-ulance Premium emergency vehicles will resemble conventional ambulances but offer a

Fake news: Wildrose urges market-based breathing solutions to ease air-quality woes

PHOTO: The NDP Government refuses to fix Alberta’s air-quality problems with effective market-based solutions and instead wants to force Albertans to ride bicycles like these and be tied

Well-known former Alberta political rivals set to team up in high-powered U.S. consulting firm

PHOTOS: Under the stars at Vitor & Stefan’s Bistro in Cabo San Lucas. Below: Consultancy founder Alison Redford and her new partner, Danielle Smith. Back in the day,

Putin congratulates Prentice on LGBTQ bill

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Alberta Premier Jim Prentice today for his government’s effort yesterday to make it easy to deny the existence of LGBTQ Albertans by making

Alison Redford set to sue Alberta Government for wrongful dismissal

Former premier Alison Redford intends to sue the government of Alberta for wrongful dismissal. The former premier believes that because she was given a “work plan” by the leadership

Alberta government confused by plan to give ‘non-essential’ workers paid time off at Christmas, New Year’s

The government of Alberta has “no idea” how many of its 22,000 civil servants will get paid days off at Christmas and New Year’s if the Alberta Union