The $45,000 Question: How could they put Alison Redford on probation … and then not give her a chance to shape up?

Former premier Alison Redford intends to sue the government of Alberta for wrongful dismissal.

The former premier believes that because she was given a “work plan” by the leadership of the province’s Progressive Conservative government and then forced to step aside before actually having a chance to prove she could do the job as set out in the plan her lawsuit has a strong chance of success, said a spokesperson for the former premier.

“The ‘work plan’ was the equivalent of being on probation,” the spokesperson said. “You can’t put someone on probation and then just up and fire them without due process!”

The spokesperson, who cannot be named because like everyone else in Alberta she is determined not to be identified with the former premier, said Ms. Redford had considered suing the PC Party, but settled on the Alberta government “because they have way more money.”

“She will be filing a statement of claim as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.

Ms. Redford, who for the moment remains the MLA for Calgary-Elbow, will be claiming compensatory damages for the impact of the dismissal on her future earning ability and for the loss of the custom-built apartment in Edmonton’s restored Federal Building, in which she had expected to live with her daughter.

In addition, the former premier will be seeking punitive damages for the harm done to her reputation by statements made by government MLAs, which the spokesperson said could have a negative impact on Ms. Redford’s current campaign to become Secretary-General of the United Nations.

“We expect the combined damages to be larger than the sum being sought by Allaudin Merali,” the spokesperson said. Mr. Merali, a former chief financial officer of Alberta Health Services who was fired by Ms. Redford’s government for approved expense claims properly filed to another employer, is seeking more than $6 million in damages.

Ms. Redford, who is travelling, could not be reached for comment.

Everyone settle down, please. This story, which is completely false and was written as an April Fools’ joke, also appears on You could argue it really belongs on

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  1. David, you got me! No fair posting before midnight here…and yes I know it is midnight somewhere!

    1. Linda makes a good point that requires explanation. I know this is profoundly un-Albertan of me, but I set my website’s clock on Ontario time so that I can write and post my blogs and still get to bed at a reasonable hour. If the sun moved from west to east, and I lived in Ontario, I’d set my clock on Alberta time for the same reason.

  2. Oh David, you almost had me. I only remembered because I’ve already “fooled” my husband this morning. Good one, though.

  3. Over at the SNN, Lorne Gunter is the on this file, threatening that because Redford is so far refusing to speak to him about details of her claim, until she does, he’s going give Danielle and the Wildrose party his column space no more than once a week, until Redford comes clean with the amount she’s asking for.

    Just when I was starting to think Gunter was a right-wing lickspittle, he goes and gets all muck-rakey on us and, at last!, comes to his senses, and gives Wildrose’s agenda a bit of coverage.

    I gotta’ admit, cynics like me all owe him an apology for doubting his integrity.

  4. While “I don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” apparently I need a Climenhaga to know which day the calendars disclose. I feel like an old March Hare but I’m only an April Fool. Well done.

  5. Alison Redford suing Alberta Government? Is this some kind of “April fools day joke”? With the latest revelations that are now transpiring about her leadership ( I say that lightly ) it is surely Albertan’s that should be suing her for her performance in looking after the province?

    What planet does this woman live on?


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