Fake news: Wildrose urges market-based breathing solutions to ease air-quality woes

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PHOTO: The NDP Government refuses to fix Alberta’s air-quality problems with effective market-based solutions and instead wants to force Albertans to ride bicycles like these and be tied up in communist Red tape. If the people illustrated here had true freedom, they could choose the quality of air that suited their own breathing preferences.

Alberta’s Opposition Wildrose Party proposes “market-based breathing solutions” to ease the province’s air quality woes.

The province’s NDP Environment Minister said Wednesday that the results of a national air-testing program show the province will soon have the worst quality air in Canada.

“Alberta’s dangerous experiment with the NDP has been going on for more than 100 days now,” said a Wildrose spokesperson, who could not be identified because he was out campaigning for the federal Conservatives. “Obviously their socialist/communist approach isn’t working or they would have fixed these air-quality problems by now.”

Instead of North Korean-style socialistic experiments, the Wildrose spokesperson said, Alberta needs to implement market-based breathing solutions now.

“Albertans should be able to choose the level of air quality they wish based on their lifestyle and breathing preferences,” he explained. “Choice is good. Freedom is good. And the market has the answer to everything.”

“Only the market can fix the air quality problems in Alberta, not more regulation and red tape from busybody bureaucrats, activists masquerading as government scientists and nanny state advocates who believe in junk science like physics and chemistry,” the spokesperson explained.

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