NDP’s Rachel Notley introduces detailed fiscal plan – how will ordinary voters react?

PHOTOS: NDP Leader Rachel Notley addresses the media at her news conference today at an Edmonton hotel. Below: Some of the media at the event and former Conservative

NDP gains traction, Wildrose comes close to full slate, but don’t count PCs out yet, promising polls notwithstanding

PHOTOS: NDP Leader Rachel Notley commands the attention of delegates today at the Alberta Federation of Labour’s biennial convention in Calgary (Olav Rokne photo). Below: Ms. Notley again,

Alberta Liberals’ tribulations spark debate over backing NDP candidate in St. Albert

PHOTOS: Fading to black... I’ll bite your legs off! They may be missing many essential parts, but the Alberta Liberals aren’t ready to give up yet. Actual Alberta

Wildrose may not run candidates in key Edmonton ridings, helping Prentice PCs at expense of NDP

NDP candidates Deron Bilous, at left, and David Eggen second from right, with former NDP leader Brian Mason and Leader Rachel Notley. Below: Disqualified Calgary Wildrose candidate Russ

Jim Prentice, feeling austere, visits Red Deer – but everything will likely look better in the morning

PHOTOS: The correspondent for The Calgary Herald, Mining and Ranche Advocate and General Advertiser files his report on the latest speech by Alberta Premier Jim Prentice from the

Keep calm & don’t campaign, Part II: the full memorandum text

As a public service, here is the full text of the controversial memorandum to Justice Department employees, dated April 7, discussed in this morning’s post. The directive tells this

About those civil service campaigning memos: Reflexive Toryism runs deep in Alberta, too deep to just ‘rescind’

PHOTOS: An Alberta Public Service Commission message to civil servants. Actual public service bulletin board notices may not appear exactly as illustrated, and certainly do not in that

1998 private school funding report puts premier’s support for ‘choice’ in education into context

PHOTOS: Private school students … they deserve public funding because their parents deserve choice. Below: More deserving private school students. Students enrolled at private schools in Alberta may

Energized Alberta New Democrats see Orange as they shake the chandeliers in Edmonton theatre

PHOTOS: Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley addresses a throng of New Democrats in Edmonton Sunday. Below: The late Jack Layton, looking frail but energetic, in Edmonton in April

If the post-Smith Wildrose Party’s really in a position to win a majority, this campaign will turn ugly fast

PHOTOS: A dust storm blows through Edmonton Saturday … or was that the Forum Research poll? (Mack D. Male photo, grabbed from Twitter.) Below: Pollster Lorne Bozinoff and

Has the world turned, or are the polls just wrong again? Why the punditocracy is fussing

The Alberta Legislature, before the arrival of the political scientists, bloggers and journalists with Twitter accounts. Below: Political scientist Duane Bratt of Mount Royal University, Don Braid of

Just who is Jim Prentice calling an extremist? … Peter Lougheed?

PHOTOS: The extremist Peter Lougheed surrounded by some of his extremist supporters on his way to nationalize an airline, impose order on an oilsands development or, quelle horreur,