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Death of Wildrose founder and Alberta Report journalist-ideologue Link Byfield a major loss to social conservative right

PHOTOS: Wildrose Party co-founder and candidate Link Byfield at then-party-leader Danielle Smith’s side during the kick-off of the party’s 2012 Alberta election campaign. (Photo found on the Internet, creator not identified.) Below: A more recent shot of Mr. Byfield grabbed from the website of a social conservative think-tank, Cardus. The death of Link Byfield at […]

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256 years of Rabbie Burns: if the authorities had any idea what he was talking about, they’d round up the Caledonian Society

PHOTOS: Robert Burns, looking almost impossibly poetic for a guy who admired the French Revolution and wanted to put the ruling classes to the sword. Below: A sporran, in case you were wondering; Japanese whisky. Today is the 256th birthday of Robert Burns, the now almost entirely incomprehensible 18th Century Scots poet celebrated by the […]

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End of an era in Alberta politics: Former health minister Fred Horne, last of the ‘4H Club,’ says he’s quitting too

PHOTOS: Premier Jim Prentice bowls a strike … as Fred Horne, last of the Alberta legislature’s fabled “4H Club,” goes flying along with Ken Hughes, Dave Hancock and Doug Horner. Well, that pretty well puts paid to the Redford era, doesn’t it? Below: The only known flattering photo of the real Fred Horne (photo by […]

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Another door slams in Rob Anders’ face – not even the Wildrose Party wants ‘Canada’s Worst MP’

PHOTOS: Rob Anders and his former mentor Stephen Harper, in cowboy drag. Below: Anders famously heckling a Democrat for a Republican candidate in the United States during his pre-Parliamentary days. Can this really be the end of the road for Rob Anders, the malignantly comedic clown princeling of Alberta politics? So it would seem, but […]

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What Would Ralph Do? Faced with plummeting oil prices, as a matter of fact, he taxed and spent

What would Ralph do? In a typically lame editorial over the weekend, the Edmonton Sun asked: “If Premier Ralph Klein were facing a $7-billion drop in revenues in the coming year, how would he handle it?” Drawing inspiration from those evangelical Christians whose test for the rightness and righteousness of any action is asking, “What […]