In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling stripping half the United States’ 330 million people of their constitutional right to abortion, Canadian conservatives were busy trying to deny the intention of many in their political movement to do the exactly same thing here, as soon as possible.

Peace River-Westlock MP Arnold Viersen (Photo: Athabasca Advocate).

Were the situation south of the 49th Parallel not both so frightening and appalling, it would be amusing to observe conservative Internet trolls accusing Canadians who expressed fears about what comes next of trying to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign nation and demanding that they shut up. 

Others, like Conservative Party of Canada leadership frontrunner Pierre Poilievre took a powder, presumably either afraid to say what he would like to do about Canadians’ abortion rights, or what his supporters might do if he expressed an intention to defend reproductive freedom.

Yes, a few, like federal candidate Jean Charest and UCP leadership candidate Leela Aheer, condemned the American decision and worried about what it will mean for Canada, but it was striking how rare such conservative voices were.

You have to give the repulsive Arnold Viersen, Conservative MP for Peace River-Westlock, some kind of backhanded credit for publicly celebrating the U.S. court’s decision – and calling for the same thing to happen in Canada. At least he’ll admit where he stands.

Mark my words, in addition to the lies about “forced abortions” that featured in Canadian Conservatives’ talking points today, we will soon be hearing “reasoned” calls for Canada to harmonize its regulations with nearby states and fatuous threats about how we’ll have to turn American abortion refugees away or see our economy suffer. 

Right now, though, Conservatives would very much like the vast majority of Canadians who are appalled by yesterday’s news to be intimidated into silence. 

I wrote the piece below on May 4, in anticipation of this reaction, and how Canadians should respond to it. It stands up. 


Canadian Conservatives, heavily influenced by Republican ideology, are keen to squelch debate about U.S. Supreme Court’s planned abortion ruling 

EDMONTON (May 4, 2022) – Canada’s conservative political parties are desperately trying to declare discussion of the leaked United States Supreme Court draft ruling on abortion a political no-fly zone.

Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan MP Garnett Genuis (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

The powerful and extensive influence of radical social conservative opponents of women’s reproductive rights on the Conservative Party of Canada and the United Conservative Party of Alberta is the dirty little open secret of this country’s conservative movement.

With the leak of the shocking/not shocking plan by the Republican-packed majority on the now thoroughly politicized U.S. Supreme Court to allow American states to ban abortions outright and speed the republic toward theocracy, Canadian conservatives who drink from the same ideological well would very much like to shut down any inconvenient discussion of that topic here.

Albertans and Canadians who support women’s right to bodily autonomy are already being offered anodyne assurances that Canada’s Conservatives have no plans to change anything and the law in Canada is a settled matter. Let’s just talk about something else, we’re told, presumably something more to their own political advantage. 

Of course, this assurance will only hold true until it doesn’t hold true – just like the nearly identical promises by all those American Supreme Court justices at their Senate confirmation hearings – at which point it will be too late to stop them.

St. Alberta-Edmonton MP Michael Cooper (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

It would be naïve to imagine the so-called right-to-lifers who pack the ranks of Canadian conservative parties are any less determined to achieve their political and cultural goals than their ideological fellow travellers south of the world’s longest undefended border.

Count on conservatives to get nastier about this in the next hours and days if other Canadians refuse to knuckle under to their demands to talk about something else. Bot armies are doubtless already pouring across the 49th Parallel on a special ideological operation to stop Canadians from connecting the obvious dots.

At the same time, legislative caucuses of elected conservatives have been instructed to keep their lips zipped – especially those of them who want to destroy reproductive rights.

When the orders to zip it went out from acting federal Conservative Leader Candace Bergen, they were justified on the ludicrous grounds the question was before the court – never mind that the court in question is thoroughly politicized and located in another country.

Still, the challenge was too much for some. 

“I am proud to be one of the MPs who believes in the immutable dignity of the human person, regardless of gender, age, level of development, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic,” dog-whistled Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan MP Garnett Genuis yesterday evening. (Emphasis added, of course.)

The young Jason Kenney, now premier of Alberta for a little while longer (Photo: Screenshot of YouTube video).

Like Ms. Bergen, Mr. Genuis is on the list of the 39 MPs who have received a “green light” stamp of approval from the anti-abortion Campaign Life. The other Alberta MPs on the list of the most committed parliamentary opponents of Canadians’ reproductive rights: Blaine Calkins, Red Deer-Lacombe; Michael Cooper, St. Albert; Tom Kmiec, Calgary Shepherd; Damien Kurek, Battle-River-Crowfoot; Mike Lake, Edmonton-Wetaskiwin; Dane Lloyd, Sturgeon River-Parkland; Glen Motz, Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner; Jeremy Patzer, Cypress Hills-Grasslands; Shannon Stubbs, Lakeland; Rachel Thomas, Lethbridge; Arnold Viersen, Peace River-Westlock; and Chris Warkentin, Grande Prairie-Mackenzie.

That’s 43 per cent of the Conservative Party’s Alberta Caucus in the House of Commons!

As for the UCP, it’s no secret that anti-abortion MLAs are found in considerable numbers in its caucus, although the party and its backers play the actual number of such MLAs close to their vests. Certainly Premier Jason Kenney is among them, notwithstanding his past promises not to reopen the debate on the topic. Education Minister Adriana LaGrange and Peace River MLA Dan Williams share their views.

But even before the UCP was elected in 2019, Cameron Wilson, political director of the misleadingly named anti-abortion group, the Wilberforce Project, proclaimed: “If the UCP wins the upcoming election we will have the most pro-life legislature in decades, maybe ever.”

He would know. His group was busy in the lead-up to the 2019 election recruiting anti-abortion candidates, covert and overt, to seek UCP nominations.

Meanwhile, the former Social Credit Party, seemingly taken over by anti-abortion activists, changed its name to the Pro-life Alberta Political Association, rather patriarchally abbreviated to PAPA, and thereby neatly circumvented legal limits on political advertising during election campaigns.

In recent Elections Alberta political contributions reports, the party has come third after the NDP and UCP.

Challenged in the Legislature by Opposition Leader Rachel Notley to condemn the attack on reproductive rights in the U.S. courts, Mr. Kenney adopted a rope-a-dope defence, saying the questions are for the American legal system, nothing to do with us, under federal jurisdiction in Canada, yadda-yadda.

He refused to be pinned down.

But the unavoidable conclusion – desperate Conservative diversion tactics notwithstanding – is that who gets elected matters, and it’s important to pay attention to what the candidates in your electoral district believe.

Canadian voters not only have a right, they have a duty, to ask every candidate for elected office, including those contesting party leadership races, to clearly state their position on this fundamental issue. Fudging and evasion should be taken as confirmation of opposition to Canadians’ reproductive rights.

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  1. Everyone’s favorite white rapper, Arnold Viersen, MP – Peace River—Westlock, posted a video on social media cheering the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and encouraged similar action in Canada. While the Canada Health Act has long guaranteed Canadian women the right to abortion services, those services are becoming harder to come by in all provinces. Whether because of provincial budget restraints or just plain disinterest on the part of the federal health ministry, a woman’s access to the service in Canada has been compromised considerably.

    Arnold Viersen has decided to open his gapping and rapping yap and make the matter the political issue that the CPC is always terrified of talking about, because this is the same issue that wrecked Erin O’Toole’s leadership of the party. It’s also important to note that Skippy Pollivere, during the French language debate mentioned he was pro-choice on the issue. Pollivere’s position on abortion has perplexed many SoCONs because they have no idea what it is. Well, he opened his yap and said it in French, likely in the belief that no one in Western Canada can understand that heathen tongue anyway.

    It should be noted that leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis has decided to take up the pro-life banner and propose that it’s time to follow the US lead and rethink abortion in Canada. She has declared herself anti-abortion and is ready put the issue at the center of the CPC leadership election. I guess this means that Skippy can’t roll out his crypto-currency playbook and his thin knowledge of what the the Bank of Canada does to give himself cover on the abortion issue.

    1. Because Ms Lewis is only a stalking horse in this race, her purpose to keep the anti-choice movement influential in Canadian politics by way of the CPC is necessarily narrow and, importantly, not too worried about recruiting support in Quebec: she can succeed to some extent without the CPC holding power, a condition it will always hold without broader successes in Quebec.

      Poilievre, on the other hand, is a real contender for leadership and knows full well, as students of the Canadian partisan right have long observed, that Quebec is the key without which the centre-left lock on national power cannot be opened.

      Nota bene that while he knows this calculus, he’s also willing to hoodwink anglophone supporters of the CPC’s mainly-western SoCon faction by saying one thing in french and another in english. But he also knows that since the right’s 2015 annus horribilis for which, until this very day, Canadians have celebrated anniversaries (with the short, seven-month exception of the UCP honeymoon and its boorish braggadocio after winning its first mandate in 2019, quenched convincingly by Covid), SoCons increasingly get their info from the most confirmation-biased sources and, he apparently presumes, that Québécois parochially ignore news from the anglophone ROC. Ideally for him, that presumption would maintain—at least long enough to get what he wants.

      His strategy relies on the “Two Solitudes” not hearing about conversations in the other’s parish. But we know neither set is so conservative as to ignore social media; indeed, the right’s reluctance to trust new things was overwhelmed by successes the HarperCons achieved by adopting the technology’s superior ability to game systems—particularly psephological systems (cƒ Poilievre’s “Fair Elections Act” and convictions prosecuted for electoral cheating—the “in-and-out” campaign-funding scam, “robocalls,” and related fines and jail sentence).

      This is one of Poilievre’s weak links: sooner than later, both Québécois right-wingers and Western SoCons eventually find out they’ve been strung along by his bilingual double-talk. No matter which or what proportion of either side tolerates the contradiction in order to ‘go-along-get-along,’ the ultimate goal of getting power by any means (like this one) also means that one side or the other would eventually be disappointed if such a catastrophe were ever to befall out country. The equal-opportunity hoodwinking tactic is not conducive to unity; rather it breeds suspicion between factions already suspicious and harbouring festering resentments toward each other—one of the reasons conservatives have been ordered not to talk about this issue else the Two Solitudes not be reconciled for the CPC purpose.

      I think the situation is all the more dire for the CPC because nowadays other ballot alternatives exist on the right, all of them catering to such frustrations as, for example, the CPC’s religious backbench must have felt when Harper convinced them to button it whilst in minority and keep powder dry for when a majority was won but then betrayed them when, as soon as majority was achieved, he announced the abortion issue would no longer be entertained by his government: one CPC MP hived off and sat as an Independent in protest, but the sentiment was surely broader in the caucus as the proportion of identifiable CPC MPs still indicates.

      It’s no wonder the CPC squelches this topic, but it is a wonder Poilievre thinks he can get away with his increasingly apparent disingenuousness without further driving fringe elements to the Maverick or People’s parties.

  2. First off, this is 100% revenge for vaccine mandates. It’s either “my body, my choice”, or it’s not. Cant have it both ways. Second, I hope that any feminists in canada who block a road or smash a window over this, have their bank accounts frozen.
    You can argue that vaccines and abortions are different issues, because they are, but body autonomy is body autonomy. The super-vaxxers made this bed. It’s so sad they didnt see this coming because everyone with a brain knew it would happen the second the first vax mandate was put in place. And here we are!

    1. Gee, I hope I don’t get pregnant standing too close to someone else who is pregnant.

    2. You are ridiculous. This has been years in the offing in America. This was the goal of Trump in 2016 before we had ever heard of Covid and the vaccines. This has nothing to do with the vaccine mandates. This has been the goal of conservatives since Roe v Wade was decided decades ago. I understand that you are probably against vaccine mandates, but to blame the mandates for the end of reproductive rights is just silly.

    3. I think you’ve been listening to Tucker Carlson for too long.

      “My bodily autonomy has been violated, therefore, I support the government violating the bodily autonomy of others.” What kind of world are you trying to justify creating?

      “My choice to refuse free medicine that could save my life and other people’s lives so that I could make a fashion statement is comparable to someone else’s choice about whether or when to have children.” Give your head a shake. I’m completely unsurprised you didn’t post this drivel under your actual name.

      “I am going to take an issue that will harm everyone in society, but particularly poor and marginalized people, and make it about me.” I’m sorry you have chosen to lack the sense or character needed to pour water out of a boot, and I would recommend you read the wikipedia article on ‘virtue ethics’ and give some thought to how someone who doesn’t like you would use that framework to attack your character and life choices, and I would further invite you to consider that they are at least partly right. That said, I kind of think assholes deserve to experience the consequences of their behaviour so I’m not going to care if you get gangrene.

  3. Im glad Trudy will use this as a wedge, because it will be his undoing. Even his own party is getting sick of him. As for the issue itself, with our aging population, and soooo much immigration needed to keep our country afloat, im surprised we havent banned abortion already. Its in the best interest of canadian society, after all. That is why we all got vaxxed, right? To protect our neighbors? Well, thats why we should ban abortion in candada! To protect our aging population from a future that cant support them! We cant steal all of India’s best talent forever. Its about time we started giving birth to our own nurses and teachers and programmers… and hotel cleaners and drive thru workers and walmart cashiers. See how banning abortion is best for the greater good? Do the right thing: force that unwed teen to get the covid jab before you force her to give birth.

    1. Conservatives complete inability to read a room always astounds me. Feel free to make vaccines your singular issue, no one wants to talk about it anymore, other than folks who’s brains were damaged by Facebook, Joe Rogan types and Q adherents.

      If it’s a response to anything I’m betting it has more to do with the wave of labour militancy / quit outs / walk outs that is sweeping the US right now. Who knows, it’s rapidly spiraling into a failed fascist state that barely resembles itself, let alone Canada, which for all its faults is still a sovereign nation where an overwhelming majority of voters support access to abortion.

      Keep shouting about vaccines tho, we are all just waiting for you to correctly lay out your argument and we will all bow down and acknowledge what a genius you are.

    2. Revenge for public health measures? That theory only works if you ignore the past 49 years. The American right has been working against Roe since 1973. in the same way, vaccination mandates have existed in a variety of connections—travel, school attendance, military service—for a long time too. This particular vaccine mandate has been more far-reaching, because we’ve been in the midst of a global pandemic, the first since 1918. Nevertheless, I am not aware of any legal compulsion to get vaccinated. You are free to choose—and, as any adult knows, every choice has consequences.

  4. What is happening in the U.S. is frightening. Abortion rights are only the first step (in a week where the U.S. Supreme Court gutted New York’s right to put in limits to concealed gun carry and weakened Miranda rights nation-wide). Clarence Thomas has made it clear, in writing, that if states where to bring cases to the court eliminating rights to gay marriage, reintroducing sodomy laws (which would ban any sexual activity beyond PIV), and curtailing people’s rights to contraception (CONTRACEPTION!!!), that the court would rule in the states’ favour. This is madness and Canadian conservatives are not playing with fire, they’re playing with explosives.

  5. The other advantage for the anti-abortion group to work as a political party is that their donors get a bigger tax refund. Donate to a charity and the combined federal and provincial tax refund is 50%, after the first $200. Donating to a political party, however, produces a 75% refund.

  6. Press Progress wrote extensively about Campaign Life’s work to commandeer the CPC’s AGM a couple of years ago. Reported by Press Progress, and backed up by Campaign Life’s website, CL reported on how many of their members they were able to install as delegates in the CPC AGM.

    Further reported by Press Progress was that CL then directed their delegates how to vote on all of the CPC resolutions, including the one on climate change. According to PP, delegates were told to deny climate change because it was some kind of communist plot. Its ironic that an organization dedicated to protecting life should deny climate change, considering that some 500 people died during BC’s heat dome.

    Press Progress is a biased enough news site that I read their stories with a healthy dose of skepticism, and I have not been able to confirm the communist plot claim elsewhere, but if PP’s claim is true, it does leave me wondering if Campaign Life is receiving some dark funding from climate change deniers.

  7. Now that the SCOTUS has formally brought down its decision overturning Roe, different only in mundane detail from the leaked draft we saw a few weeks ago, some of its members are now musing about tackling some other established legal precedents underpinned by the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution: the legality of contraception, and marriage equality for 2SLGBTQ+ couples.

    Twelve of the most famous words in Canadian political history are, “there’s no place for the State in the bedrooms of the Nation”, uttered in 1968 by then-Justice Minister — soon to be Liberal leader and Prime Minister — Pierre Elliott Trudeau, in the context of introducing changes to the Criminal Code that decriminalized a number of formerly illegal sexual acts between consenting adults, thus legally liberating homosexuality in Canada. My guess is that no politician or court in the United States has ever made any similar utterance. Apparently, they think there’s no place for the State in the gun safes or holsters of the Nation, but it is entirely welcome in its bedrooms.

    So, remind me: which country is the “land of the free”, again?

  8. Hi David,
    According to a discussion on Power and Politics yesterday, it was claimed there are 83 MPs who are anti-abortion.
    Stephanie Kusie (who also likes to go by Susie Kusie) is the MP for Calgary Midnapore and also anti-abortion. There is an article on Press Progress where the anti-abortion group says ” it stacked the Conservative nomination meeting with dozens of anti-abortion activists to elect the “pro-life candidate.”
    I am sure that others who read your articles can also add to the list.

  9. Those thirty-nine MPs, almost exclusively men blessed by Campaign Life, might respond to remarks by American commenter Chris Hedges in his podcast “The Global War on Women,” May 20, 2022.
    “I covered Romania where abortion was illegal. It didn’t stop abortions. It meant that those who had resources, the wealthy, the mistresses of party bosses all had access to safe abortions, and poor women died in back rooms.” Campaign Life indeed.

  10. I am reminded of the American woman in Malta, who was denied treatment for an incomplete miscarriage.

    Would a man like Arnold Viersen rather see a woman in such circumstances die by way of infection? This pregnancy failed. Early placental abruption means certain death for a fetus. Infection can kill the mother, too, without a D&C.

    Do the Arnold Viersens of the world agree with Malta? Let the mother die, potentially, because her pregnancy failed? Doctors in Canada would have made the medical decision to save the mother’s life. Fortunately doctors in Spain did just that.

    I predict this is how it will begin if Conservatives take power federally: start with the shades of gray, the cases where the women in question are in a weakened and vulnerable state, unable to fight back. Provinces ruled by Conservatives, like the UCP, would happily go along with it. No wonder the UCP waged war on doctors. They need doctors out of the way before they can seize power over medical decisions. (And besides, if you live in Lethbridge, your pharmacist can be your doctor now. Expect barbers to be licensed for tooth extractions soon.) Isn’t it convenient to have a man in charge of the women’s ministry? There’s nothing like a rural man to know what’s best for women.

    Unqualified male politicians should not be making life-and-death medical decisions for women, based on their own religious beliefs. Fortunately, this woman’s husband was an outstanding advocate for his wife, and she is alive.

    1. Speaking of turning Lethbridge pharmacists into doctors with a magic wand, what better place for this experiment? Surely no one in Lethbridge will notice that pharmacists can refuse to issue emergency contraception and birth control pills. Surely no one will notice that these pharma-docs can also, then, refuse access to abortion? Sure, you can seek another pharmacist for emergency contraception and birth control pills, but if your pharma-doc is your only doc, where we do you turn for access to abortion? What happens if all the pharmacists in town morph into pharma-docs and you have no real, licensed medical doctor? Alberta is becoming the entire series of The Simpsons, featuring Doctor Nick Riviera.

    2. Arnold Viersen background is that he was an automotive technician. In other words, a car mechanic. He’s worldview is formed entirely by what he sees on social media, Google Maps, and his mega-church. He may not yet be the limits for the degree of shallowness voters may accept in an MP. All this means is that the tides of stupidity will only get higher.

  11. Disgusting as what that “court” in the Excited States did (partly on an argument from 1754, predating the constitution of 1776!!), there is a little bit of hope. California, Oregon, and Washington state have coalesced to declare that any and all Americans can come to them for abortions. Further, as reported on CBCNewsWorld this morning, many American based companies are going to provide money for any of their employees who require an abortion, including travel expenses.
    What has to happen is that a great many people come out to vote against the Republican trolls next November. On that score I hold less promise.

  12. I bet Mad Max wins a minority in the next election. Thanks to covid related overreach, inflation, and blah blah blah, Canadians will seek stability. I know YOU people dont think the right can offer that, but you didnt think the UCP would win the last election either.

    1. Future: I wouldn’t be against your main point. Of course you are wrong that Conservatives will deliver stability – less the stability of the grave, of course. However, I said repeatedly in the lead-up to the last election in 2019 that I believed the UCP would win. I was right about that, unfortunately. DJC

    2. Would you care to place a small wager on that? I got $1000 says he don’t. We can find a notary public to hold the bet, if David won’t.

    3. Conservative Future: I’ve read about people claiming Maxime Bernier and the PPC would get into power. That never happened – twice. It’s not going to happen again. Maxime Bernier simply can’t be trusted, because he left confidential government documents at the residence of his girlfriend, who has known ties to biker gangs. Also, people don’t have an appetite for the Reform Party on steroids. There are only two election results, at the federal level, the CPC, or the Liberals. As for the UCP, they have done so many pricey shenanigans, and made major mistakes. In addition to that, the UCP is fractured like a broken bottle. The UCP are finished. Kaput. Gone.

    4. Everyone and their dog knew the UCP would win. Seemed to me in real time that most of the men in Alberta spent Notley’s entire term dancing on her grave.

  13. Interesting photo choices Mr. Blogger. Did you select the dashing trio Viersen, Genuis, and Cooper to tease your readership into guessing whether the young lads paid full price for those haircuts?

  14. A collection of weedy incels, thugs, and grifters hiding behind a Bible and having the strength provided by ignorance. An affront to the honour of the rest of us.

    And so much for America as the land of the free. Although never exactly accurate, that honorific is now long gone.

  15. We are a world of Johnny Lang’s “Lie To Me”
    I am ignorant, lie to me, so I feel informed.
    Lie to me then hurt me. I will ignore your lies so I won’t feel my ignorance.
    I don’t want to know, I don’t want to be responsible, lie to me.

  16. If some on the right are so enamored by this and other developments in the good old USA maybe they can move there instead of trying to bring the republican politics north.

    I would also like to see entertainment TV channels like faux entertainment be no-longer available in Canada.

    Sorry … a member of an old United Empire Loyalist family talking here.

  17. I do believe there will be a backlash that Conservatives in the US and here do not realize or anticipate.

    When you over turn a law in place for around 50 years and that has broad support by gerrmandering an electoral system and stacking a court, you are playing with political fire whether you realize it or not.

    I think that some voters in the US who weren’t motivated to turn out under the illusion the courts would maintain things as they were are going to become much more motivated and those that got what they want may become more complacent.

    This will all spill over to Canada, where what ever is talked about in the US becomes more top of mind here. I suspect the anti abortionists here will become more outspoken and bold which will undermine Conservative efforts to keep the topic off our political agenda.

    Conservatives both in the US and Canada have used polarization, populism and playing to the base for their political benefit, but it also builds up opposition and can backfire. It is why Trump didn’t get re-elected in the US and why Scheer didn’t get elected here. The excessive partisanship of Kenney was also a turn off to more moderate voters in Alberta and he will be gone soon too.

    I think Conservatives will eventually figure out these tactics lead to the political graveyard, but they are both stubborn and slow learners.

    1. Scheer didn’t get elected here because he was never popular, had no leadership qualities, and was an obvious Harper plant. Same reason Skippy isn’t going to form government either.

      This is bad, because we don’t want Chrystia Freeland to be our next PM, but a reactionary cpc government would surely be worse.

  18. One thing I am sure of, the NDP is going to fundraise a whack of cash off of this, wait and see.

  19. The US has entered its ‘Warring States’ era. Soon all women 10 years old and up will have to pee on a stick, to prove they are currently barren, before crossing state lines. Those found to be carrying a child will have to show their ‘Pregnancy Passport’ proving they are of good character, and can be trusted to carry to full term.

  20. As long as we have these lunatics , Reformers, trying to destroy everything Peter Lougheed created for Albertans trying to be like the idiotic Republicans in the U.S. no one is safe. My American relatives , like Albertans certainly got a taste of what their stupidity brings and they stopped supporting the Republicans. Danielle Smith, Brian Jean and Pierre Poilievre, along with the fools David has pointed out, are all proving how dangerous they are and should never have been elected in the first place. The MLAs from the Lougheed era that I knew were certainly right. It didn’t surprise any of them that these Reformers had been defeated in elections when the people realized what they stood for. Stephen Harper, Preston Manning, Brian Jean, Danielle Smith, Jim Prentice, Paul Hinman, Andrew Scheer, and now we can add Erin O’Toole and Jason Kenney to the list. Wanting back in so they can destroy us some more Brian Jean , Danielle Smith and Paul Hinman prove what lunatics they are and it’s actually quit entertaining. Once again the crowds are mainly seniors allowing themselves to be treated like morons.

  21. The CPC and the UCP are both smothered in internal politics, divisiveness, and discord.

    RvW decision and Michelle Rempel Garner’s incisive comments about the state of the UCP and CPC are the very last things that either party needs at the moment.

    This is shaping up to be a PR disaster for them both. And it looks good on both IMHO.

  22. A few brands that are going to be irrevocably tarnished by this decision:

    The Republican Party. This is going to do a lot of bad things to society, and those things are going to be done worst in Republican states, after everyone watched Republicans cheat democracy for decades to right the supreme court with the help of…

    Evangelical Christians. Really Christianity in general is going to lose a ton of moral capital, but “Evangelical” is a term I see as becoming politically toxic over the next 20 years. And then there’s…

    Fox News/Rupert Murdoch: I’m just kidding, the defiantly ignorant neopeasants, white supremacists and Christofacists who use this as a primary source of information are going to really like the fact that this is bad for everyone, but it’s least bad for white men.

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