Here are the lists of the top 10 fiction and non-fiction titles sold by independent booksellers in Alberta during the week ended Sunday, Feb. 27, 2022.

The lists are compiled by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta, and include sales at Audreys Books and Glass Bookshop in Edmonton.

It’s mildly disturbing to see an anti-vaxx screed trending on the independent booksellers’ non-fiction bestseller list this week, if only because it suggests the preoccupations of Alberta book buyers. 

Apologies for missing publishing these lists last week when there were just too many political stories breaking over the weekend. Last week’s fiction bestseller was Pure Colour by Sheila Heta and last week’s non-fiction bestseller was Good Enough by Leanne Brown. 


1. Five Little Indians – Michelle Good (Harper Perennial)
2. Cain’s Jawbone – Edward Powys Mathers (Unbound)
3. The Paris Apartment – Lucy Foley (William Morrow)
4. The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman (Viking)
5. House of Sky and Breath – Sarah J. Maas (Bloomsbury)
6. The Midnight Library – Matt Haig (HarperCollins)
7. Pure Colour – Sheila Heti (Knopf Canada)
8. When We Lost Our Heads – Heather O’Neill (HarperCollins)
9. Scarborough – Catherine Hernandez (Arsenal Pulp Press)
10. Fight Night – Miriam Toews (Knopf Canada)


1. The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel van der Kolk (Penguin Books)
2. Maus I – Art Spiegelman (Pantheon)
3. Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Wall Kimmerer (Milkweed Editions)
4. The Next Age of Uncertainty – Stephen Poloz (Allen Lane)
5. The Language of Letting Go – Melody Beattie (Hazelden Publishing)
6. Atlas of the Heart – Brené Brown (Random House)
7. Entangled Life – Merlin Sheldrake (Random House)
8. Whitewater Cooks Together Again – Shelley Adams (self-published)
9. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows – John Koenig (Simon & Schuster)
10. The Real Anthony Fauci – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Skyhorse) 

* Alberta Author   + Alberta Publisher

The independent bookstores contributing to this weekly list are:

Audreys Books, Edmonton
Cafe Books, Canmore
Drawn to Books, Edmonton
Glass Bookshop, Edmonton
Monkeyshines Books, Calgary
Owl’s Nest Books, Calgary
Pages on Kensington, Calgary
Shelf Life Books, Calgary
The Next Page, Calgary
Three Hills Books, Three Hills

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