Protest gridlock on the streets of downtown Ottawa (Photo: Twitter).

The mysteriously sourced “Freedom Convoy 2022” account on the GoFundMe crowd-funding site sat at more than $9.5 million yesterday. Its fund-raising goal, which has been repeatedly ratcheted up over the past two weeks, is now $10-million. 

Meanwhile, as the occupation of their city by far-right “freedom convoy” anti-vaccine-mandate protesters continues into its fourth full day today, Ottawa citizens are furious.

Ottawa City Councillor Catherine McKenney (Photo: City of Ottawa).

Naturally, they’re angry at the threatening behaviour of many of the protesters, thuggish tantrums thrown at young store clerks over masking rules, human excrement left on doorsteps, ambulances pelted with rocks, giant trucks racing through red lights, parked semi-cabs spewing diesel fumes night and day, all night drinking parties. 

But they’re also fuming at their city government and police service, both of which seem to have washed their hands of the chaos, and a Conservative provincial government that is siding with the people who are making them miserable. 

I asked a friend in Ottawa yesterday what it was like in our nation’s capital on Day 3 of mob rule. 

“Things are bad here,” they responded. “They closed most stores, including liquor stores, so the mob is moving around more.”

Most people are avoiding going out – it’s a lockdown of sorts, they explained, except the contagion you have to avoid is not a virus, but a group of people who, I’m sorry to report, will always be associated with Western Canadians, and Albertans in particular. 

The levels of government that have the most jurisdiction to act – the city and the province – are doing little. People feel there is no leadership from the mayor, who doesn’t plan to run again. Ontario Premier Doug Ford is dog-whistling his support for the protesters, my friend said. Bridges are closed. 

“The people here are boiling mad.” 

So this backs up what Ottawa City Councillor and mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney tweeted yesterday: “Illegal & disturbing activity continues throughout our residential neighborhoods. I’ve heard from 100s of residents who are tired & frightened at what they are experiencing in their neighbourhoods.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford (Photo: Andrew Lewis, Creative Commons).

Citizens like this one, no doubt, who asked: “@OttawaPolice not sure what your intent is but this lack of action is making people believe that they can get away with everything because they drive big trucks. Call in the army. Push back & treat them the way they are bullying and threatening the citizens. When is enough, enough?”

In other words, it feels a lot like this Beaverton joke: “The Ottawa Police Service issued a statement apologizing to the protesters that descended on the nation’s capital this past weekend for any trouble their presence may have caused to members of the convoy. ‘While it may seem from early reports that demonstrators were able to act with total impunity, we want to express our regret if any of our officers got in their way.’”

What does this have to do with that $9.5-million plum hanging out there on for all the world to see? 

Well, what’s the first thing citizens do in a society where the rule of law prevails when they are faced, individually or collectively, with an intolerable situation? 

They call a lawyer and they file a lawsuit, of course. 

Ottawa City Councillor Mathieu Fleury (Photo: City of Ottawa).

So let me make a not-so-bold prediction: Maybe the good citizens of Ottawa can’t fight City Hall, as the old expression goes. Maybe the cops are never around when you need them. Maybe there’s not much they can do about Mr. Ford until the next Ontario provincial election. 

But, by God, that $9.5 million has a target on it. 

So too, I would suggest, do some of the trucks that are causing problems on the residential streets of Ottawa. They shouldn’t be hard to track down once they skedaddle back to Alberta or wherever. After all, everybody has a cellphone with a high-quality camera on it nowadays. 

I wouldn’t be surprised some sharp Ottawa lawyers are burning the midnight oil right now figuring out how they can get the GoFundMe permanently frozen and claim damages from it for a myriad of grievances. 

And not just lawyers. Mathieu Fleury, another Ottawa City Councillor tweeted yesterday on his protected Twitter account that the city of Ottawa should go after the GoFundMe account to recover policing costs of more than $800,000 a day. “I have asked the city manager and city solicitor to immediately launch court proceedings targeting the millions of dollars in funds frozen by @GoFundMe so Ottawa taxpayers are not left holding the bag for these protests,” he said.

He won’t be the last.

So that’s my prediction. Even when the snow squalls that come to Ottawa every spring are gone, a blizzard of legal writs will be heading west against the prevailing winds, right in the direction of that GoFundMe jackpot.

Copycat blockade at Coutts ‘no longer lawful’

Speaking of trucker blockades, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the copycat critical infrastructure obstruction at Coutts, Alberta, is after three days “no longer lawful.”

According to the Canadian Press, the RCMP said “resources are in place to make arrests and tow away vehicles if they are unable to resolve the conflict in Coutts.” (Emphasis added.) 

Actually, as the Mounties would not hesitate to do in other circumstances, making a few arrests and towing away a few vehicles is an effective way to resolve conflicts like the one near the U.S. border, which now threatens to disrupt supply chains to and from Alberta. 

Needless to say, United Conservative Party MLAs who take part in such illegal activities deserve an opportunity to spend some time sitting as Independents in the Legislature as well. 

NOTE: This story has been updated with Ottawa Councillor Mathieu Fleury’s comment. DJC

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  1. Almost the last thing Kenney wants is another independent MLA to potentially make the independent group large enough to form a new party, so he will go to great lengths to avoid that. Perhaps another inquiry by a sympathetic judge to find the harm by the MLA at the Alberta blockade was unintentional or something similar? I’m sure he’ll come up with something.

    As for the people of Ottawa, yeah take pictures. All those trucks are required to have licence plates. Ubiquitous cell phone cameras also aided authorities in the US track down their own recent insurectionists. These days there is no such thing as being anonymous in a mob anymore. There are also a number of security cameras on buildings and in other places particularly in downtown urban areas quietly recording things. It may take a while, but many of the yahoos may well be tracked down later.

    Now to be fair, probably some of the protesters come from more rural areas, so they may not realize how much their urban winter camping adventure is disrupting the lives of people living there, or perhaps they just don’t care. In any event it isn’t gaining them public support or favorable coverage, which they may eventually realize.

    I suspect the protesters will get tired of being outside for days and days in the cold and also eventually realize that staying longer will not accomplish anything more. So, after a while, the numbers and enthusiasm may begin to gradually diminish, which is probably why the local authorities seem to be going with a wait them out strategy.

    buy 20 freedom stickers and apply to car
    buy several cases of beer
    go downtown and park crossways in front of the post office
    lean on horn
    open beer
    relieve myself on the sidewalk while yelling at people with masks on
    and this will be new
    negotiate with local constabulary as i break several laws
    that i are freedom and gots my rights
    to stand up for all canadians
    gainst that mandater
    and every right to be here.
    I expect to be given a political post and receive a Huge chunk o’ fund me money
    I will post later how it all goes

  3. “Actually, as the Mounties would not hesitate to do in other circumstances, making a few arrests and towing away a few vehicles is an effective way to resolve conflicts like the one near the U.S. border, which now threatens to disrupt supply chains to and from Alberta.”

    Underrated penultimate paragraph.

  4. The Ottawa Police appear to be completely befuddled by what to do. As for Ottawa’s mayor, he’s made it clear that city politicians are not permitted to direct the actions of Ottawa’s police services, which presidents an interesting contrast to how things work in Alberta, where every politician seems to have the local chief of police on their speed-dial. I guess the separation of influences has its drawbacks.

    But the real story appears to be the fate of Erin O’Toole, who very likely will face an insurmoutable leadership review this Wednesday. In a tweet last night, O’Toole pretty much called out to the opposition in the CPC caucus, “You want a piece of me?!” The story floating about is that every CPC MP who voted against the conversation therapy legislation (the first time around) has made of the anti-O’Toole block of MPs. This is the hard right-wing of the caucus and numbers about 60 MPs.

    Noticeably absence from yesterday’s Opposition benches were O’Toole’s favorite picks for his ‘shadow cabinet’, among them Melissa Lantsman. It’s disturbing that a considerable number of MPs from GTA have made themselves scarce at a time when the FreeDUMB Convoy’s jackassery is getting to everyone in Ottawa. Making yourself scarce is a good way to duck the coming purge alt-right, or so Lantsman may think. Also apparent was CPC MP Candice Bergen doing her damnedest to make the truckers in heroes, calling them “patriots” among other superlatives. I suppose she could have gone over the top and declared them all latter-day Terry Foxes, but that maybe too rich even for her #MAGA hat wearing brain to tolerate.

    On a side note, there was an account going around about how the City of Montreal dealt with their respective Trucker Convoy franchise. The story is that the City ordered the truck’s to be towed and impounded for violating road safety and the peace. A few truckers must be wondering when that embarrassingly fat GoFundme is going to hand over the reimbursements for their impound fees? As now as it has always been, let Montreal show us the way.

  5. Good to know blocking the Alberta / US border is legal for two or three days. I’m sure some peaceful protests are being planned right now!

  6. Perhaps the great Kennificent should have taken a flight from Washington to the Montana airport nearest the border crossing at Sweet Grass. There he could have talked to vaccinated Canadian truckers on the U.S. side of the border — you know, the ones who are waiting with soon-to-go-bad loads of produce now facing late delivery charges, low fuel, no food, no water and prescription medications that have run out. Of course, those people look like they could be from “the northeast”, and as we all know, “hail” happens every year. This is more of the same: “hail”. There is nothing but “hail” for people from “the northeast”.

    Apparently there is “hail” in Ottawa, too, sometimes. Just ask the BLM protestor interviewed in CBC Radio this morning. Police there moved in after 36 hours to break up a protest that blocked a single intersection.

    It’s become clear that Alberta and Canada have a “hail” problem. It’s “hail” all the time if you are from “the northeast”.

  7. David, you have written another fascinating column, and I would love to see your prediction come true. I am especially loving the mental image of the reaction of antivaxxers when they learn that their generous donation wound up in the City of Ottawa’s coffers. Ottawa Police Service claims the convoy is costing them over $800,000 a day. While this may be an exaggeration, and no doubt will diminish as the occupation dissipates, there would still be a lot of clean-up costs to cover as well, so municipal lawyers could, no doubt, justify their claim to the funds.

    Timing could be tricky. Since Jagmeet Singh’s brother-in-law has asked for his donation back, it appears donors can ask for their donation back, so lawyers would have to wait for the return deadline to pass, but then act before the funds are dispersed.

    If this came to pass, it would also be interesting to see if it affected other crowd funding initiatives.

  8. Let us remember what happened to Napoleon’s Grande Armée after it “won” the Battle of Borodino. The French-led army occupied Moscow in September 1812. This was the high tide of the French invasion. During the occupation Moscow was set on fire and looted. But the Grande Armée was then decimated after it embarked on a disorganized retreat back to Western Europe: the beginning of the end for Napoleon.

  9. Not sure what youre saying David, people using their right to protest should face civil damages?

    Maybe the people who live in Ottawa should understand that they live in the capital and it may be subject to such things?

    1. That’s a good point there Bret but DJC did not actually say people protesting should face civil damages, he only said they could be targets. Success may revolve around illegal acts and I’m sure real lawyers would see the problems with this, but that may not stop them. For a politician to suggest going after policing costs is just grandstanding.

      And Kenney isn’t the only politician to run & hide, almost all of them have gone to ground…

      1. You guys appear to know what its about. Maybe Ottawa lawyers can sue Russia if you believe the CBC.

    2. With all due respect Bret stop joking – this is not a protest this is vandalism. If you approve of that you put yourself in the same gang and good luck

    3. gee Bret,
      i’m shocked, i tell you, shocked !!
      that you can’t tell the difference between the right to protest and the right to be a jackass

  10. Looks like Bumbles, the UCP and the CPC, and all those right-wing anti-vaxxers have got themselves in a real double-bind here. The longer these protests drag on, the more public support for the protesters’ various causes will diminish. I think most people with any sense recognize the actual harm these protests are doing to everybody, whether we are talking about the daily lives of the citizens of Ottawa or the people who depend on the supply chain that relies on the Coutts border crossing. Bumbles and the rest of the motley crew are going to wear the anger these protests are creating. However, if they decry the protests too loudly, they will anger the looney, fringe elements they are, unbelievably, trying to woo. This is not a definition of a winning strategy.

    The cynical part of me wonders whether the various police services are hanging fire to ensure they have as much public support as possible when they move in to clear out the yahoos. The longer they delay, the worse the anger and public sentiment against the protests grows.

    Things are reaching a tipping point very quickly. When a UCP cabinet minister, Doug Schweitzer, wants to know why Taber-Warner UCP MLA Grant Hunter was at the Coutt’s protest and that he asserts Bill 1 was specifically designed for situations like the one you see at the Coutts border crossing, you can only infer that there is some fractious debate occurring in the UCP caucus. Public comments by UCP MLA Shane Getson who denounced QR codes and mandates and further suggested that the military be enlisted to help consumers only add to the public perception that the UCP caucus is out of touch with most Albertans. That is some grade-A stupidity on display.

    One can only hope that the Tamara Lich and crew and the other members of this protest are cognizant of the legal jeopardy they may be facing, either civil or criminal. It is time for them to recognize it is not in their interests for these protests to drag on. The risks grow daily.

  11. Just a thought – next time you hear someone say, “those clowns with nazi flags don’t represent this protest…” keep in mind that that protest, as a community, was completely okay with watching people among them wave swastikas around.

    They were not shy about trying to drive out the people they see as the real undesirables, such as journalists and paramedics.

    If they’re not with you, how come they’re with you?

    1. I did not see a single photo or video of anybody confronting a bearer of a confederate or swastika flag.
      If any of the Freedom Convoy types had any objection to the white supremacists amongst them, they certainly didn’t show it.

  12. What seems to be overlooked in all of this is the infamous Memorandum of Understanding. Perhaps signed by real truckers, perhaps not, it calls upon the Governor General and the Senate to dismiss the present elected government and replace it with a group from the unelected, howling mob.

    I find this too undemocratic for intelligent consideration, serving to reenact Mussolini’s take over of Italy in 1922 or any number of Third World coups. Yet, here it is, denounced by no one and perhaps supported by the likes of Candice Bergan, she of the MAGA hat and perhaps the wily Pierre Poutine Polievre.

    It appears like the trucker crowd has been suckered into supporting the back room manipulators behind this thing. The media seems to be ignoring a blatant attack on our democracy perhaps hoping it will just go away. Maybe it will, but the fools in their giant trucks should be made aware of how they are being used and told to just go home and lick their wounds.

  13. These truckers are making all the other truckers look bad, because of their foolishness. The head honcho of the UCP is merely hiding, and then when he has something to say about this, he only talks tough. A UCP MLA, with a less than stellar record of saying the right things, Grant Hunter, was supporting this blockade, along with his children. That doesn’t set a good example for children to follow, and it also shows that Grant Hunter doesn’t care about morals or ethics, as an MLA. He really shouldn’t be an MLA, and the UCP aren’t fit to be in power.

  14. I have a suggestion! Give a temporary vax mandate exemption to the truck “type”, not the operator. My thought is that if; there are trucks moving dump loads to cross-border locations near to both sides of the Medicine Line? Grant exemption to the “truck type”, not the trucker. Relieve the driver; who claims they can’t be vaccinated. If their load is a dump, or if they’re knowing that there’s no need for even social distance! Leave the idiots to compete with real long haulers! I used to call them “geeks”! But then again, I come from borderline people.

  15. This is the time you must choose your side. After that? The long wait. What then you ask?… Put your favourite candies in your pocket! You’ll need ’em!

  16. Hey, the right wing called. They want their echo chamber back.
    When the left is done behaving like the right, maybe we can all have a chat.
    And hey, you do remember what the POINT of a PROTEST is, right? To disrupt. Or did you let the scabs walk right on through, Dave?
    It’s HILARIOUS that you people have the GALL to think you can ask a PROTEST to leave because its bugging you. Again, take the high road, kiddies, cuz you have all become the thing you hate.

    1. Good point, OnVax. I never delayed a striker longer than two or three minutes, though. I think the police said we could delay each car for five. I only got hit by a scabby car once, and not hard enough to do permanent damage, although my hip still aches a bit on that side sometimes. I did sit on the pavement in front of some trucks full of newspapers for delivery, also until the police insisted we move along. It wasn’t a protest, though, it was a legal strike. As for the vandalism, bullying and general truck-thuggery and porch-dumpery taking place in Ottawa, I imagine if it goes on much longer without police intervention, the good citizens of that city will take matters into their own hands, possibly with unfortunate results for some of their visitors. Alas, that’s the kind of thing that happens when governments refuse to govern and police refuse to police. DJC

      1. A photo circulated yesterday on social media of an anti-vaxx protestor in his vehicle, which had been egged by Ottawa residents. Presumably the kind folks of Ottawa were offering food, so that this man and his ilk would not raid soup kitchens for the homeless again. It’s rather difficult to find an open grocery store in the downtown core. Even the mall is closed. People aren’t getting paid with their workplaces closed, so even a few eggs are a personal sacrifice for those affected by this blockade.

  17. How much more of the Freedom (U) Convoy (K) Trudeau will tolerate isn’t clear yet, but I suspect he’ll savour, as a Liberal, the discomfiture it’s causing the Conservative leader of the Opposition. Wouldn’t surprise me if nothing moves much until Erin O’Toole gets the leadership-review verdict his party caucus is set to bring down on the morrow. If he survives, it might behoove JT to let the truckers keep annoying the Capital as long’s it continues to tarnish the CPC, especially when some Conservative MPs are having a hard time scraping convoy “land mines” off their boots while others, likely representing cattle-country ridings, seem proud to wear some beef-fed truckers’ manure on theirs. At least they would know that you gotta keep your eyes open when the chips are down.

    In any event, the story arc has regressed to almost primal narrative territory, the singling-out one set from another. The Book of Genesis, for example, features supernatural selection numerous times: God separates out humans from all other animals, one of Adam’s ribs from the rest, city slickers (the fratricidal lineage of Cain) from bumpkins (brother Seth’s line), one language from another (at Babel), clean animals from unclean (Noah’s ark), Lot’s sheep from Abram’s (in Canaan), God’s Chosen People from the Canaanites (in the Promised Land), &c, each time marking a critical turn of fortune. One is so-reminded by the spate of sortition going on in conservative parties these days— SoCons should know their ‘Good Book’ at least that well.

    Selectivity on the partisan right is exceptionally blinkered, cherrypicked, hypocritical and—well, uh—exceptionalistic, let’s just say, nothing new there. Inconvenient truths are dismissed, as when tRumpublicans claim to disapprove of tRump’s crude rhetoric but swear to heartily support his alleged policies —as if such ignorance has no consequences. Somehow Canadian Conservatives can select out low-tax, small-government politicians from homophobic/anti-choice SoCons and bigoted/anti-reconciliation/anti-immigrant far-right extremists they in fact share a party with. Certainly many Freedom Convoy supporters think it’s excusable to denounce neo-Nazi reactionaries marching in the same parade as “not representing me” and news media for purposely focusing (“unfairly,” they say) on Confederate and Nazi flag-bearers, all while reserving a special place in Hell for those who would take exception to their exceptionalism. But the real focus is on Conservative wheat and chaff now almost completely separated on the threshing floor by, among other things, this convoy caper.

    It’s remarkable that US-style, far-right militia-types imagine American culture wars can survive transplantation in Canada: the winnowing was always gonna be a disappointment for them. But truly spectacular is the existential weakness of the Canadian right that such a lame-born convoy stunt is exposing. The decline has been palpable for a years, it just hasn’t had so many blaring horns, flashing lights, and roaring big rigs festooned with disturbing regalia to draw attention to it. Now that it has, Erin has undergone a remarkable, last-minute, dressing-room conversion from avuncular artiste-of-the-possible into a raging Irish Bull, ears aflame, brow bristling like a radioactive beet bobbing, weaving and peeping between raised dukes, trunks hiked high, taunting his caucus: “C’mon! C’mon!! Put ‘em up! C’mon ya chickens, let’s see what ya got!…”

    And, by […] decision, the winner is […]

    Be that as it will, it’s still not clear how the far-right thinks it will be advantaged by its own super-dumb selection process: it risks separating nominal conservative parties into small factions which can’t influence policy except in a minority government situation which their extremism would make unstable and short-lived. As well, cultivation of the tRumpublican tactic of discrediting elections isn’t constitutionally possible in Canada because federal elections are conducted by federal, not provincial, authority. We also don’t use easily corruptible voting-machine or online-voting systems like some states do, nor do we allow partisan politicians to gerrymander riding boundaries or otherwise suppress voting by citizens who don’t support them. It’s as if the reactionaries at the convoy think they’re in another country—one where Knights of the Highway (assuming the swastika-waving bigots actually are truckers at all) spend a lot of time alone on the road, listening to sensationalist, radicalizing talk-radio.

    Short of capacity to foment a Charles Mansonesque race war, Helter-Skelter, the redoubt is the next best resort where post-Oklahoma-City rightists can recuperate from perennial strategic comeuppances. The best Canadian locations, however, are very unlikely ones —certainly the far-right is failing spectacularly to apply such conversion therapy —even in Alberta.

    This is what’s puzzling about the far-right (whilst) in Canada: why don’t they know what Louis Riel and Frank Zappa knew a long time ago? If you wanna be “a mental toss flycoon,” you should be “moving to Montana soon.” (…and stayed there, as the Father of Manitoba should have, if only he’d been thinking clearly.)

    Wonder if O’Toole will be putting The Mothers’ “Overnight Sensation” on the platter tonight: “Whaddya mean, ‘cooties’?/No cooties on me!” (No, Erin: that’s “Couts”, not “cooties”…and “Sweetgrass” is all one word, okay? Sleep well: you gonna need it!)

    1. Love the Zappa references! All these right-wing nutbars should go to Montana to raise crops of dental floss — they would be right at home. Might have to remind them not to eat the yellow snow, however, as they likely do not have the sense not to. As for Erin O’Toole listening to Over-Nite Sensation, the image of his likely shock at encountering the juxtaposition of Jean-Luc Ponty’s brilliant violin playing with the highly sexualized lyrics in Dinah-Moe-Humm, let alone the cover art of the album, is something that is now living rent free in my brain.

  18. I see from the RCMP news release today on the Coutt’s situation (only one misspelling!) that they have indeed invoked kenney’s Critical Infrastructure Defence Act to clear the Dumbtruckers from the highway at Coutts.

    “A Highway is considered essential infrastructure. It is unlawful to wilfully obstruct, interrupt or interfere with the construction, maintenance, use or operation of any essential infrastructure in a manner that renders the essential infrastructure dangerous, useless, inoperative or ineffective as per the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act of Alberta. Anyone who actively blocks a highway—or aids, counsels or directs a highway to be blocked—may be subject to arrest and charge under this act.”

    So the nitwits, if they can read, will see that it is kenney and the UCP they can blame for calling them out on their nonsense, not Trudeau. I’m sure many of them really don’t know about the division of powers between the feds and provinces. They act that way, anyway. Ignorance od the law is no defence.

    Next question: when do the Ottawa Police end their hibernation and get the silly trucking buggers off the streets? A Premier or Mayor cannot “direct” the police to do anything is my understanding. Our new NS premier has said so repeatedly as he’s castigated anti-vax nitwits trying to shut down the NS/NB border. So the legislature has come up with a kenney lite modification of the Emergency Act making highway blocking stupidity illegal and subject to arrest and fines.

    People in general are getting highly pissed off at the antics of anti-social lunatics, and the provincial pols, if not the navel-gazing dimbulbs of the CPC, get it. In the ear hundreds of times a day from totally cheesed off citizens. The Ottawa police probably put concerned citizens on hold and go for coffee.

    And now that the Dumbtruckers have assaulted the Mounties at Coutts, well, they had be tter be prepared to get their asses severely kicked. Helicopters and SWAT teams at dawn just like Wetsuweten.

    1. Not to worry, Bill, the latest version of this story now emerging on radio morning shows like Shaye Ganam’s is that no police were assaulted. Apparently a group of people driving farm vehicles the wrong way on a divided highway drove head-on into one of their own, who was leaving the Coutts border. An assault occurred between the two drivers. No police were involved. That’s how it’s unfolding today, anyways, from reporter Heather Yourex-West.

  19. The mayor of Coutts told everyone that about 100 vehicles were still blocking the roads to and from the border today. RCMP said the same thing. Jason Kenney went on TV and said 10,000 trucks went to the border at Coutts!!!

    The RCMP said this will end today. Jason Kenney said this could drag on for some time; you know there are other border crossings anyways — use them. And tsk, tsk, kindly avoid ramming the RCMP, all you “well-intentioned” folks down there.

    Math is hard. Lies are easy. Convincing Albertans to drink the Kool-Aid is harder than telling lies.

  20. just loath the tea party, fox news effect on a particular, not so bright slice of Canadian society
    my guess is that if they didn’t imbibe that bilious ‘Murican TV fare they would be much more harmless

    you know
    more Canadian
    eh ?

  21. Hey, Wishing a fellow “Dragon” a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! I hope you are celebrating with the appropropriate libations ,I will indulge in small one in your honor Cheers !! And best wishes for many more, we’re counting on you …All the Best

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