St. Albert-Edmonton MP Michael Cooper interviewed by the CBC on Parliament Hill yesterday (Photo: Twitter/ MenathDeSilva).

ST. ALBERT, Alberta – Michael Cooper, Member of Parliament for this small suburban city and a part of Edmonton next door, is going to wake up to a big problem this morning that’s unlikely to go away any time soon. 

Mr. Cooper’s problem is a microcosm of the troubles now facing the entire Conservative Party of Canada, and it has to do with the company its MPs were keeping yesterday in Ottawa.

Some of the other flags carried by protesters on the Hill (Photo: Twitter).

The company they were keeping on Parliament Hill was pretty disgusting – that is, the so-called “freedom convoy” that increasingly obviously was organized by a cadre of far-right activists including characters distinguished by histories of white nationalism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and enthusiasm for the bizarre Qanon phenomenon creeping north over the 49th Parallel. 

Yes, there were people in the convoy that made Canada’s capital city its terminus yesterday whose irrational fears of COVID-19 vaccines have left them worried about their “freedoms and their jobs,” as the Conservative Party damage-control messaging was putting it last night, but their Ottawa siege has become a platform for a considerably more unsavoury crowd. 

And some more (Photo: Twitter).

As Gary Mason of the Globe and Mail put it on Thursday – well before the vanguard of the protest started showing up on the streets of downtown Ottawa – “as well-meaning as some of these people may be, it’s now clear that this demonstration has been hijacked by a fringe element that sounds an awful lot like the ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘patriots’ who gathered at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, and ended up storming the premises in a poorly organized coup d’état.”

The conduct of the mob on the Hill demanding the removal of our lawfully elected government and expressing its hatred for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau certainly belies the Conservatives’  excuses. 

Protesters have been parking and partying on the National Cenotaph, displaying Confederate battle flags and Nazi swastikas, hanging their slogans on the statue honoring Terry Fox, bullying the staff of a shelter’s soup kitchen to give them free food, and, everywhere, displaying their ubiquitous motto: “F**k Trudeau.” 

Yet supportively joining them were Opposition Leader Erin O’Toole’s MPs, shaking hands, mingling in what looked like an Omicron super-spreader event, tweeting out videos of themselves handing out cups of coffee, and doing impromptu TV interviews. 

That’s where Mr. Cooper’s day, and possibly his political career, went awry: a quickie interview just before 11 a.m. in Ottawa with a CBC TV crew as some clown paraded in the background bearing an upside-down Canadian flag defaced by a Nazi swastika. 

The reaction in St. Albert and Edmonton was swift and fierce.

Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

“As Mayors of the two cities that straddle Member of Parliament Michael Cooper’s riding, Mayor @CathyHeron and I are troubled by a photo of MP Cooper that is being circulated with an upside down Canadian flag with a hateful symbol of a swastika on it,” tweeted Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi last night. 

“This type of symbolism is never okay, but it is even more troubling as we just marked the anniversary of the Holocaust, and today, we remember the victims who lost their lives in the hate-based Quebec City Mosque attack five years ago,” Mr. Sohi said. 

St. Albert Mayor Cathy Heron tweeted the same thread: “We want the rest of the country to know that MP Cooper’s presence at this rally in no way reflects the values of Edmontonians and St. Albertans,” she said. “Our communities are diverse, inclusive and welcoming – hate has absolutely no place here.

“Along with us, many other people are hurt by his behaviour and lack of judgement, and we call upon him to apologize not only to his constituents, but to the rest of the country as well.”

Needless to say, others were considerably less restrained in tone. The responses to Mr. Cooper’s coffee tweet yesterday are instructive. 

St. Albert Mayor Cathy Heron (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

“Very fine people you are supporting,” said my conservative-leaning friend and former neighbour Andy von Busse, in just one example. “Nazi and slavery flags, and parking on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Very fine people.”

This response obviously had Mr. Cooper worried enough to issue a statement last night condemning the guy with the flag and trying to absolve himself of any responsibility. 

“Today I attended a peaceful protest in support of truckers and other Canadians defending their freedoms and jobs,” Mr. Cooper’s statement said. 

“I did an impromptu interview with CBC. Moments later I learned from social media that unbeknown to me, someone with whom I’m not associated had been standing some distance behind my back holding a flag with an evil symbol on it. Had I seen the symbol, I would have condemned it, as I do now.” 

“Whoever flew this flag is personally responsible for that reprehensible decision and should be eternally ashamed,” Mr. Cooper asserted. 

“He or she does not represent the thousands of peaceful protesters who waved Canadian flags and acted responsibly,” he concluded. “I stand with them and will continue to fight for them.” 

Does this mean he doesn’t stand with the voters of St. Albert-Edmonton who got vaccinated, socially isolated, and did their bit to responsibly bring the COVID-19 pandemic to an end?

And what do the past controversies that have dogged Mr. Cooper – like this one, and this one – tell us about his real convictions on issues that seem to motivate so many of the convoy protesters as well? 

We are all judged by the company we keep. This is a lesson many Conservative MPs are now going to learn the hard way. 

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  1. This protest in Ottawa has no clear meaning, and has no clear message, from what I can see. What are these protesters really trying to accomplish? These truckers will have to go back to work. I also think that within a month or two, perhaps three, at the latest, and we’ll see other problems surface. There will be issues with costs of things, from price hikes, and shelves in stores may have depleted items. There is a likelihood of things not getting better.

  2. Well if there is one thing that’s true is that the mainstream media is united in its condemnation of the truckers. Right on cue it has focused on fringe elements while ignoring a great many more folks who turned up in support of the truckers with some serious questions about the vaccines and passports which they perceive as totally lacking in common sense. Apparently if you question the vaccines that means you’re a racist.

    I can attest to this on a personal level. This fall two of my daughters were double vaxxed, one because of job requirements. In the past few weeks both have contracted Covid. Seems the triple-vaxxed Trudeau went into hiding after coming into contact with Covid. If the vaccines are so great then why is he isolating? Yet he is insisting everyone needs the jab.

    And where would we be without the Russians? Seems somebody on the CBC was suggesting the Russians were instigating the protest. Yes, Putin is not invading Ukraine, he’s invading Ottawa.

    1. Yours is such a tired argument. There were dozens of groups, if not more, waving Nazi and confederate flags, crapping and pissing on streets, monuments etc. These were easily seen by anyone attending this event but they chose to ignore it or join in. You are complicit when you do that. Period.

      Another great example of the infantile mind of many of these protestors….seeing that goods were still getting out of the US into Canada regardless of their little convoy, they decide to block a border crossing because that just won’t do. They obviously are not happy about that fact their actions have so little effect that they must cause others to suffer.

    2. You’ve already shown us who you are Dr RonMac, I believed you the first time.
      Are you currently in Ottawa? Seems to me boots on the ground have shown via social media with pictures who your friends are with their Swastikas and Confederate flags urinating up the place.
      Good thing your daughters are double vaxxed, chances are they won’t die nor tie up valuable space in hospital wards.
      Warren Kinsella, no fan of PMJT pointed out the FluTruckKlan’s behaviour in Ottawa along with O’Toole’s blessings has just insured the Liberal’s victory in the next election.

      1. “Good thing my daughters were double vaxxed, chances are they won’t die…”
        Lol! I don’t think so! In this case being double vaxxed is the same as being unvaxxed. The CEO of Pfizer said recently two doses offer “limited protection, if any” against the omicron variant.

        1. Dr. RonMac, see if you can spot the difference between these two white supremacists, err very fine people and besides the obvious what their differences are:

          Answer: The one on the left is fully vaxxed because her employer demands it. She didn’t quit her job. The one on the right wasn’t vaxxed and quit his job. I say wasn’t because he died of Covid-19 on January 28th. You can read more about it on

          I’m happy to see your daughters inherited their mother’s intelligence.

          Here’s some more of those very fine people in Ottawa you support:

          Another group of fine people fight for our freedoms screaming at CTV reporters doing their job to “Get out of here” while the TV crew is in a public place:

    3. Exhausting and discouraging playing conspiracy theory whack-a-mole on the internet. Covid vaccines are like bulletproof vests – they don’t make you immune from bullets but they do make you more likely to survive being shot. Very disheartening watching citizens have extremely basic health care information explained over and over and over yet still claim not to understand.

    4. Not sure what MSM you are consuming. It doesn’t appear to be the same MSM that others are consuming. Most of the coverage I have watched has been respectful of the truckers. On CBC on Sunday night, for example, they showed a couple of yahoos in trucks saying stupid stuff, but they also showed an interview with a very thoughtful trucker who tried to explain why he supported the end to the mandates for truckers and why he did not support the current protest in Ottawa (because it had largely been hijacked by groups other than truckers). The coverage has been very careful to report that a mix of people is at this rally that range from ordinary folks to raving lunatic nutbar racists.

      The coverage does not make the particular connection between the anti-vax and racist views you assert. However, it does tend to suggest that racists are more likely to be anti-vaxxers or be present to lend their voices to the anti-vax, anti-mandate cause. Also, please keep in mind that white nationalists and other groups have been using anti-vax sentiment as a way to recruit users to their groups and are doing precisely this. It is the racists and white nationalists that are making the connection more strongly, not the MSM.

      Regarding whether CBC is promoting the idea that Russian psy-ops are somehow engaged in trying to create more dissent and chaos, would this be surprising? After all, hybrid warfare is something that Russia is very good at – exploiting social media to create dissent, division and chaos. But, did the CBC actually promote this theory? As far as I can tell, Nil Köksal was just asking a question of someone about this, that is, looking for confirmation or evidence that this is, in fact, occurring. The Twitter clip was taken completely out of context and edited to make it look like Nil Köksal was asserting this, rather than asking a question about it. It looks like she was trying to be careful not to assert this theory as a fact. Reporters ask questions. This seems to me to be a valid one. We can show bias and try to mislead people through the kinds of questions we ask, but I don’t this isolated example counts. Show me some more evidence.

      Here is a news flash. Corona vaccine response weakens over time and viruses mutate. We have known for a long time now that 2 doses would likely not be sufficient for Corona virus either because of a weakened immune response over time or because of mutation. Buckle your seat belt. I imagine we have not seen the last of new and changed recommendations regarding what counts as fully vaxxed. I imagine that, just as the case with flu virus, we will need vaccine shots based on different formulations every year, if not more often until the virus is brought under control or mutates into something more benign. Omicron is still killing lots of people, so let’s not assume that this time is coming soon.

      1. If you accept the notion that Russian psy-ops are a real threat and a source of division and chaos, there’s no hope for you. We know for a fact that the Canadian military conducted a psychological warfare operation against the Canadian people as an aspect of the Covid propaganda campaign. No need to go looking for “outside agitators”.

        If you think that SARS CoV-2 can, or needs to be, brought under control, there is no hope for you.

        If you believe that “Omicron” is still killing people, there is no hope for you.

        The socio-economic response to the virus was, and is the killer. There is a reason that 61% of Covid “deaths” up to this summer occurred among the 29 000 people in long-term care in Alberta. There is a reason that dementia as a comorbidity in Covid deaths has dropped by half over the course of this insanity. The reason is that a whole bunch of frail, infirm, elderly were isolated, terrified, denied normal medical care and driven to die in a wave early in the pandemic. This vastly inflated the case mortality rate, which during the Omicron nonsense has dropped steadily from 1% to .7%.
        The panic killed a whole bunch of sick, frail and elderly people, and continues to do so to this day.
        It is so anomalous for a healthy person or a young person to die with Covid that every single fatal case should be the subject of an inquiry.

        1. Delusional response, as per usual. I have come to expect nothing more from you. My expectations for you are exceedingly low.

    5. When you allow fringe elements to be a part of the *broader group* they’re not a fringe element anymore, they’re part of the group. Everyone in this country saw it happen. This is a fascist movement, full stop.

  3. It’s funny how Nathan, with his greased back hair, has this strange vibe of someone in another political party at a different time in history.

    1. Expat: Nathan? Do you mean Michael? It’s so easy to get the Nathans, and Michaels and Jasons confused. DJC

      1. Junk,so sad that you need to try and stir the pot because you have failed probably at everything in life. No one is going to give you the time of day beyond telling you how out to lunch you’re.

        1. Like I say, there are just so many Jasons, Nathans and Michaels in Canadian Conservative ranks these days, yet nary a Basil or a Nigel. DJC

  4. Your point is well taken David, but really, I doubt it.

    These feckless, empty shells of humanity, vacuous slobbering idiots who call themselves conservatives have ALWAYS been like this. Since at least, as a couple of commenters here note, the beginning of the Klien dynasty. Worse than that, the vast majority of Albertans support these nutjobs! What can be understood by that?

    No, I don’t think a thing is going to happen to this sorry excuse for a man, this vessel empty of humanity and intelligence but full of hatred, belligerence and ignorance, this dried out carcass of democratic dereliction. Sure, he will continue to be the butt of jokes and publicly avoided by other careerist conservative politicians, as he has for years.
    But lessons learned? Naw!

    There is a lesson here for patriotic citizens of good heart and character; your democracy is available to you only if you work for it. Others before us gave their every working hour, their very careers, indeed, many their lives, to build a democracy that lifted every citizen from every walk of life to a higher plateau. A place we all have enjoyed these last 70 years. That democratic society is under attack by the likes of Mr. Cooper and the low-life nutjobs who support him.
    That democratic society is available to every citizen still. But it must be defended and fought for by people of good will and character.

    1. Very interesting and amusing comic you can search up if you want to called laws and sausages tries to explain how America’s government functions in a non partisan way. I highly recommend it as high quality infotainment.

      At one point buddy makes the point that our rights are not secured by a government or a piece of paper, but by the fact that your fellow citizens are persuaded that you should have those rights.

      I worry that at some point in time our citizens will be persuaded that we have too many rights. Every step of the way through covid, bad actors have been allowed to endanger the rest of us because they have the right to do so. I worry that we will reach a place where most reasonable adults believe that we need to curtail a bunch of individual rights in favor of collective rights. For instance, I would be very tempted to support a law making it illegal for news organizations to make demonstrably false claims about covid. However, power to do the things I like is also power to do the things I don’t like, and that power will still exist when people I think are “bad” are in power. It us a real dilemma.

  5. This manifestation is an extended temper tantrum by “rurban” people who are coming to terms with the end of easy money in the oil and gas sector. They had the sympathy of the Notley administration who bent over backwards to soften the inevitable blows from tech progress and the climate catastrophe. Trudeau even bought them a pipeline to the coast. Desecrating the National War Memorial in Ottawa and acting like yahoos on the national stage is hardly a smart way to show their appreciation. Disgust at their belligerent impunity is bound to grow.

    A southern Alberta rancher once remarked that if you nailed a bit of hair to a blue fence post, there was your next Conservative MP or MLA. In ranching country, we might describe Mr. Cooper as closer to a picket than a post, and he does not even appear to have much hair. But hey, you city slickers voted for him.

    1. When I asked a beef producer if he had been hurt by the way Ralph Klein handled the BSE crisis he “Said I can’t believe how stupid some of my friends and relatives are. It doesn’t matter what Klein does to us they still support him. I’ve got fence posts that are smarter than them.

  6. The Conservative Party of Canada is a disgrace and it is now a bigger version of the UCP in Alberta.
    I just hope that Canadians wake up before the farm team of the US Republican party destroys what is left of the confidence that we still have in our dying democracy.

    1. It’s a noteworthy point, Carlos: the relationship between the CPC and UCP is not only commutative, it’s also communicable.

    2. Our democracy’s not dying, Carlos, it’s just—to quote from the parrot sketch in Monty Python’s Flying Circus—stunned.

    3. When Stephen Harper was a young organizer for an up and coming political party called the reform party, he had literal neo-Nazis doing party security. This is nothing new, these fascists have been on the March for an awful long time, and they’re gaining numbers.

  7. As foreseen in David’s column last Saturday, Jason Kenney has another political problem of his own making. Truckers have blocked Highway 4, Alberta’s busiest port of entry. This clearly calls for the Critical Infrastructure Defense Act to be invoked. Will he?

    I am looking forward to media playing file clips of Kenney expressing outrage at pipeline protestors blocking rail lines and, more recently, concern about bare shelves in grocery stores.

    1. I think the people who must need to see those clips will never watch them. Political factions are increasingly divided on how they interpret formerly incontrovertible facts. Algorithms select political ads and articles that confirm our biases. We have to go out of our way to encounter news that doesn’t just tell us what we want to hear. When news organizations promotion obvious and provable falsehoods, they make a ton of money and face no consequences. Sadly, most Canadians right now are unwilling and unable to put that level of work in, because it is work, and most of us put most of our willingness to work into our jobs, because every day we have to work longer and harder to not fall behind. It is a problem.

    2. Not to worry! Lil Jay has expressed his concern about this illegal shutdown of critical infrastructure. Clearly, there is nothing else the Kenney government can do since Jay has traipsed off to a foreign country on our dime, again.

  8. It was very encouraging to see the prompt, solid statements from the two mayors. Cooper has to go, hopefully sooner than the next election, though that is probably unlikely with O’Toole playing footsie with the “protestors”.

    It was galling to see the desecration of Terry Fox’s statues and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, plus the hassling and theft from the food bank.

    1. When I try to imagine how the world would appear if I bought into covid conspiracies, I can kind of see why they might think they were making a valid point by vandalizing Terry Fox’s statue. I don’t approve at all, but I can sort of see how they might find it rational.

      Parking and dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier… incredibly bizarre and inexplicable to me. What could they possibly have been thinking?

    2. If cooper was going to go at any point it probably would have been after christchurch, folks have a short memory in Alberta, and i would wager he still has a fair amount of deranged people in his corner.

  9. “The sounds of fireworks and truck horns continued through the night and into the morning, and vehicles remained parked on many streets.

    Somerset Coun. Catherine McKenney is asking police to remove vehicles from Queen Elizabeth Driveway and residential areas.

    ‘Centretown residents have had enough. All-night honking; music; swastikas; public urination & defecation,’ said McKenney on Twitter. ‘I have asked @OttawaPolice remove protestors from the QED & out of all residential areas. Residents deserve peace and relief from these disgusting acts.’ ”

    The police are giving these goons kid gloves treatment compared to other protests. TV interviewed one of their leaders who was living in his truck for days across the street from Parliament!

      1. Cool Xenu: There are two monuments in Alberta to literal fascists, literal Nazis, actually. One, a bust of Roman Shukhevych, an infamous Ukrainian Nazi collaborator during the German occupation, is located within the courtyard of the Ukrainian Youth Unity Complex in north Edmonton. The other, a memorial to the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician) is located on the grounds of St. Michael’s Cemetery, also on the north side. DJC

  10. For the past eight years or so the Conservatives have been claiming that they have been making efforts to gain support in urban areas and also with diverse voter groups.

    The opposite seems to have been occurring. Just bookmark the time between the ‘barbaric practices hotline disaster’ and this most recent display. From a voter appeal perspective their efforts have been, and continue to be, a complete disaster. Difficult to understand why they have allowed themselves to fail so abysmally.

    Seems to me their party is disintegrating at an increasing velocity in a similar manner to the frequency that they change leaders who cannot lead.

  11. I feel for you, Mr Climenhaga. Although our MP, Earl Dreeshan, sire of the former Alberta Agriculture minister and Trump supporter, Devin, only raises his head infrequently from the Ottawa trough to parrot his betters in the CPC, our MLA, Mr Stephan, frequently opens his mouth to decry health regulations and to support those who openly defy them. That is, when he’s not relaxing on the links in Arizona, exercising his “personal responsibility.” It causes one dissonance as an elector.

  12. I have vague memories of Michael Cooper as a very young CON. Watching a public broadcast of Deb Grey’s public meeting to answer her constituents for her vocal non-support for Stockwell Day, a young Michael Cooper came to the microphone, denounced Grey for “violating” her constituents’ trust, and demanded she resign immediately from the House of Commons. To that, Grey replied, “Oh, Michael. I’m glad your here…” It seems that even at the age of thirteen, Michael Cooper was becoming very interested in being a vocal CON. And when interviewed by a local free weekly, he admitted that, as a young teenager, his only interest was politics. I believe this is how Jason Kenney came to be Jason Kenney, but I digress.

    Flash forward many years, Michael Cooper, local lawyer and member of the KofC, is elected to the HofC and proceeds to make a supreme nuisance of himself. One of the more interesting was the hot-mic incident where, during a committee meeting investigating anti-Muslim hate groups in Canada, Cooper, during the break, came to the witness to express his “umbrage” over the witness branding Conservatives as hateful and demanded that the witness reevaluate his views on the matter. Way to go, Michael. You threatened a witness in your official capacity as a committee member and you’re the only person outside of the 19th C to use the word umbrage in everyday speech. It kind of goes right up there with Peter Goldring’s frequent use of the word “besmirched” but I digress, again.

    The Parliament Hill sergeant-at-arms, the one person MPs are expected to listen to, advise all members to stay away from the protestors, because if you play games with the stupid, you’ll win stupid prizes. Of course, Michael Cooper, being of some kind of a mind, went among the protestors with cartons of Timmy’s coffee and offered his support. Unbeknownst to Cooper, he walked into some Nazis’ law party and got pho’togged with a upside-down Canadian flag festooned with Swastikas and other examples of stupid. Congratulations, Michael. You’ve won your stupid prize.

    I can’t say if Michael Cooper’s political career is toast. I have no doubt that there are plenty of people who will look at this incident and decide that Cooper was too naive to know any better. He’s been a budding CON politician his whole life, even when he should have been learning various important life lessons about not hanging with garden variety goof-balls…a Nazis.

  13. Has the identity of those carrying the flags been made public? It was said many times prior to yesterday that this would happen and sure enough it did. A real reporter would have confronted the individuals and asked questions. Unfortunately that wouldn’t have made for a good story and allow the entire group to be labelled. It is almost like there is a script being followed, after 2 years of manipulation and lies few are still buying it.

    1. The entire group was labeled because they welcomed open fascists into their ranks. As many people have pointed out if there are ten people sitting at a table talking with a Nazi, you have a table of eleven Nazis. This isn’t hard. Teenage punk rockers can figure it out, it seems to me a lot of adults are wilful in not figuring it out.

      These people want to see the extermination of non white, non Herero folks, period. There can be no compromise with someone who wants to kill members of your community, Suggesting so is beyond pathetic.

    2. Jim you wrote ” A real reporter would have confronted the individuals and asked questions.” This demonstrates that you either do not know how reporting works, or that you wish to see that mythical reporter filing their next report from inside a hospital room after the flag carriers and their supporters got finished with them.

  14. I have vague memories of Michael Cooper as a very young CON. Watching a public broadcast of Deb Grey’s public meeting to answer her constituents for her vocal non-support for Stockwell Day, a young Michael Cooper came to the microphone, denounced Grey for “violating” her constituents’ trust, and demanded she resign immediately from the House of Commons. To that, Grey replied, “Oh, Michael. I’m glad your here…” It seems that even at the age of thirteen, Michael Cooper was becoming very interested in being a vocal CON. And when interviewed by a local free weekly, he admitted that, as a young teenager, his only interest was politics. I believe this is how Jason Kenney came to be Jason Kenney, but I digress.

    Flash forward many years, Michael Cooper, local lawyer and member of the KofC, is elected to the HofC and proceeds to make a supreme nuisance of himself. One of the more interesting was the hot-mic incident where, during a committee meeting investigating anti-Muslim hate groups in Canada, Cooper, spoke to the witness to express his “umbrage” over the witness’ branding Conservatives as hateful and demanded that the witness reevaluate his views on the matter. Way to go, Michael. You threatened a witness in your official capacity as a committee member and you’re the only person outside of the 19th C to use the word umbrage in everyday speech. It kind of goes right up there with Peter Goldring’s frequent use of the word “besmirched” but I digress, again.

    The Parliament Hill sergeant-at-arms, the one person MPs are expected to listen to, advise all members to stay away from the protestors, because if you play games with the stupid, you’ll win stupid prizes. Of course, Michael Cooper, being of some kind of a mind, went among the protestors with cartons of Timmy’s coffee and offered his support. Unbeknownst to Cooper, he walked into some Nazis’ lawn party and got pho’togged with a upside-down Canadian flag festooned with Swastikas and other examples of stupid. Congratulations, Michael. You’ve won your stupid prize.

    I can’t say if Michael Cooper’s political career is toast. I have no doubt that there are plenty of people who will look at this incident and decide that Cooper was too naive to know any better. He’s been a budding CON politician his whole life, even when he should have been learning various important life lessons about not hanging with garden variety goof-balls…and Nazis.

  15. It appears that J Kenney timed his sudden exit from Alberta just at the right time. Surely, he would have wanted to be with his people, the salt of the earth types, who work hard with their hands on powerful machinery, day and night, at all hours, driving everything with their labors and the sweat of their brow.

    But instead, Kenney ran to Washington D.C. to enjoy the good life of a lobbyist for a couple weeks, partake of the GOP cocktail circuit, meet all the CON superstars that Kenney admires so much, and show off that he’s as CON as they are. Maybe he’s take a side trip to Florida, the CON promised land, the only place that the pandemic has not touched on earth because of the blessed will of Gov. DeSantis. Maybe Kenney will get to meet the governor and fluff him over the DeSantis 2024 presidential bid? Strange things happen when Kenney’s around.

    The, it’s back to Washington on Feb 3rd, just in time for the National Prayer Breakfast. Hanging with all the GOP cool kids in Kenney’s dream. Clutching his ticket in hand, Kenney is filled with excited glee as he waits to see his favorite boy bands. do their skillful CON hustles.

    This is all Kenney wants and everything he wants to be.

    1. As pointed out by Jeff Sharlet in his excellent book “the family” the national Prayer breakfasts real purpose is backdooring despots and international criminals into a week of meetings with key insiders, including the president. I suspect the real reason Kenney is making sure he is there has more to do with networking with these folks than anything else.

  16. Michael Cooper, who follows international mosque shootings, surely knew this was the fifth anniversary of the Quebec City mosque shootings. His flimsy excuse doesn’t come clean by pleading ignorance. His non-apology was pure gaslighting. He’s not “April”, the woman interviewed on TV who was on her way to Ottawa because her Facebook account had been shut down for terms of service violations.

    Lay down with dogs, get fleas. Or as the case may be, serve Tim Hortons to “truckers”, get caught with a swastika in the background. That goes for CPC leader Erin O’Toole, too.

    What excuse did Alberta Central Peace-Notley MLA Todd Loewen have for his presence in Ottawa yesterday? Or how about Taber-Warner UCP MLA Grant Hunter, who posted a photo of himself on Twitter with his grandchildren, standing between semi-trailers at the Coutts border blockade yesterday? The internet never forgets, Mr. Hunter. Screen capture is an amazing thing.

    How fortuitous it was for Jason Kenney to be MIA in Washington, D.C. while we all this was going on, leaving no one in charge of this province.

    GoFu**Me, who financed the racist so-called truckers storming Parliament Hill with their swastikas and “Fu** Trudeau” flags, needs to answer to our federal government for pouring $9-M ($1-M so far in the hands of the organizer) and counting of dark money-/foreign funds into this insurrection and failed coup. Enough political interference from a foreign country. This must stop.

    As I said some time ago here in blog comments, racism is barely below the surface in some parts of this province. Fine Old Alberta Families who immigrated to Canada early in the 20th century brought these shameful roots north from the U.S. The KKK was once a thing among some of these FOAFs, right here in this province. It’s time more of us confronted this racist past, stood up and walked away from the Christmas dinner table, metaphorically speaking, or in the real world. Times have changed, but attitudes haven’t. Yesterday is a dividing line. Do we choose as a province and a nation to go back in time, or do we stop this once and for all? Is racism and hate the way forward for our country? I say no. How about you, Alberta and Canada? I’m willing to turn my back on my extended family, if that’s what it takes. Enough is enough.

  17. Mr. Cooper does not seem to be one of the brighter Conservative MP’s, but the brighter ones are not running the show these days. Whether its a desperate attempt to get support back from the PPC or they see a chance to just jump on the bandwagon and hope this will somehow get them more support, the Conservatives are dangerously getting cozy with this chaotic group.

    Of course, most truckers are not in Ottawa, but actually working now. A small minority can seem like a lot, especially when they bring big trucks into confined spaces and of course they have been joined by a bunch of people who aren’t truckers with grievances and crazy ideas.

    It is better not to go into a crowd with no crowd control, but Mr. Cooper seems to want to rush in where wiser people would not. He might be a career politician, maybe a future hopeful Kenney to be, but this may not help his aspirations if the folks at home start to wonder if this guy is just too kooky.

  18. Mr. Blogger, it’s obvious you have a future CPC leader right in your own backyard. Mr. Cooper has the joie de vivre to be the next head honcho of the Tories, a Twitter campaign photo at the ready thoughtfully published by you today. A hand written thank you is in the mail.

  19. To the moderator: why was Political Ranger comment not removed. Calling someone “a dried out carcass” amongst many other slanders is considered HATE speech. If it is not removed, then you’ve obviously got an agenda. This is part of the reason there are protests. If a comment fits your narrative it’s ok. Otherwise it’s deleted. We are all Canadians & deserve to respectfully voice our opinions.

    1. Considered hate speech by whom? And, you took the quote out of context. PR referred to Cooper as, among other things, a “dried out carcass of democratic dereliction”. Let’s consider that the emphasis should be added to the object of preposition. Would you still consider hate speech had PR referred to Cooper as an “example of democratic dereliction”? It certainly would not have been as colourful and it would lack the impact of the original. But, hate speech in either case? I think not.

      And, let’s face facts. It was not wise of Cooper to go anywhere near a protest where he could be pictured with a bunch a Nazis and racists, even if he is not associated with those groups. That picture will live on and be great campaign fodder for his opposition. There are far worse nouns that could be used to describe people who put their careers so stupidly at risk for selfish political gain.

  20. Looks like they were nearly all there except for one absentee – where’s the guy with the horns?

  21. People wonder why I keep bashing many of my fellow seniors who just keep proving how stupid they are. Our group of seniors over coffee certainly agree with me. There are usually about 20 of us.

    I loved watching the senior fool on tv who announced “We have guns and we know how to use them” how stupid can you be. Make certain the police have a good picture of you.Then there was another senior who bragged that they were going to storm the parliament building like the Americans did the White House. Can you be any dumber than that. We know what happened to the American jackass who dressed up like a Viking.

    Have you noticed the O’Toole and Kenney supporters have gone into hiding and aren’t saying very much anymore. These fake conservatives just continue to prove how stupid they are and are making their supporters look like damn fools.
    My father and Peter Lougheed will be turning over in their graves.

    1. ALAN K. SPILLER: My dad, who has a background in farming, and is a senior, and was retired for decades, thought Ralph Klein was clever, with his vote buying antics. My dad loved Western movies. It isn’t like that anymore, where someone can have a gun and think they can storm Parliament Hill, or the White House, and take over the government. It’s not a movie, or some TV show. These people who think they can try and overthrow the government are not the sharpest tools in the shed. These phony conservatives and Reformers are ones who instigate things like this. It really is a shame.

  22. It’s the second day of the Coutts border blockade. Reefer trucks transporting perishable food are caught up in the gridlock near the Coutts border blockade, along with people simply trying to get home. When will it end? Cold weather and snow are on the way. People are stuck in cars without food and with fuel running low. What do you have to say for yourself now, Grant Hunter? Why not call an end to this, and in the meantime take the kiddies to hand out food, bottled water and blankets to those stuck by no fault of their own?

  23. Watched global national and the national. They didn’t really seem to notice too many flags other than Canadian ones. Must be short staffed due to covid. To the mayor’s insisting cooper doesn’t represent them or the people of the riding, then why do they vote in people like this to represent them? Repeatedly. Eternally ashamed? Does cooper understand that all the group’s who canceled their plans to hold vigil’s for the Montreal mosque shooting anniversary, because of threats from his friends from the freedom convoy, are not Christian? Anyone heard who’s in charge of the ucpea this go ‘round? And finally I’ve worshiped Terry Fox as a hero all my life and now I learn he’s an unalbertan green left islamofascist commie nazi satanist socialist atheist terrorist radical. My world crumbles.

  24. DJC ,on the topic of pictures, watching Global, BC last night, ( 1of3 media, just in case I missed something ) and behind the Global reporter, 2 men going up the steps, random, caught my eye because the first was in head to toe ,in ?? Military flak ( camo) followed by- head to toe winter camo ,with a convenient flag draped from the neck, to cover the biggest school lunch backpack, I’ve ever seen……
    And after last year’s event, (some of us were not in the least bit surprised) the one thing I’ve consistently noticed at these events— when it comes to media presence, protestors are in your ” fake news” face, or eyes forward, keep walking, they won’t notice. We are on a mission. Sorry, tangent, all the regular ” Canadian ” media guys were out in typical winter gear, this guy had no coat,but a nice big sign on his back, like the ones they wear in , umm, war zones ?? Hmmm, real head scratcher?
    And since I don’t have a computer, I’m trying to hold out as long as I can,( this little itty bit of technology was not by choice) ,I’m hoping someone can help with the delima.
    It could well be perfectly innocent ,she says, and snowflakes couldn’t possibly come from Hawaii, right??
    My apologies, 3 hrs sleep due to anger, disgust and worry.
    To Scotty & Ranger ,Thank You !!for keeping me amused…
    To DJC , special thanks for taking the time from your wknd for today’s article,
    HEY!!! Good news folks, now we know who JK left in charge— awwwh! That’s why it makes sense.

    1. Randi-lee: I believe the photo you’re referring to is of a reporter for One America News Network, a far-right propaganda outfit from the United States. DJC

  25. Quick follow-up to ABS, , timing is everything ,just like Tulsa, and what exactly was the delay that kept them from arriving on “Friday “, hmmm.
    Lay down with dogs, you get fleas, and a dog whistle?

  26. 2015 federal election, was the first time tactical-voting (mistakenly called “strategic voting”) websites pretended to guide voters so-inclined by the palpable national desire to get rid of the HarperCons. Nine years of our worst governments ever was indeed ended when the ‘youth-vote’ spiked by 18 points above the longtime apathetic average, and the young, third-place, rookie Liberal leader blew by hitherto first-place NDP and second-place CPC for a convincing majority win.

    Sunny Ways? Maybe, but there were plenty of examples of a probable JT bandwagon effect where the correct tactical choice should have been the NDP as some notably popular incumbents were passed over for Liberal candidates (I suspect first-time voters, availing online facilities, mistakenly used national polling numbers to calculate what they thought would be tactical voting in their respective ridings). St Albert-Edmonton probably exemplified this effect: the Liberal vote was conspicuously higher than normal, replacing the traditional NDP runner-up, and making the contest a starker CPC vs Liberal race. The young St Albert native Michael Cooper won with the conservatives’ traditional, 60-ish% majority—not too disappointing but for having to take his place in a defeated, demoralized CPC Opposition.

    Cooper’s disappointments were, however, just beginning. Interim leader Ronna Ambrose wisely pushed the CPC leadership race back much later than normal (like, a couple of years) knowing the creature Stephen Frankenstein and Igor MacKay stitched together was too weak at the seams to risk sooner. When a memorably embarrassing race finally began, Cooper endorsed former cabinet minister Erin O’Toole who eventually came in third: Western SoCon Scheer and Quebec libertarian Bernier virtually split the 13th-ballot vote, Scheer winning by a whisker, a result that would soon begin to rend the party’s existential needlework asunder. Or, should we say, further asunder.

    Cooper won his first incumbency in 2019 when the CPC virtually swept the western Prairies, but his preceding majority withered to a disappointing plurality—the first for the riding in a number of elections—and the NDP regained its traditional second place. Bernier, who’d won virtually half of CPC members’ votes, but just short of winning the leadership, had left the party in a snit to form his People’s Party which, by 2019, took almost 6% of the St Albert-Edmonton vote. After failing to win the election for the CPC, Scheer reappointed Cooper, from deputy critic of Justice (or “shadow minister,” in aspirational CPC-ese) to deputy critic of Finance.

    Although JT’s Liberals only won a minority and the CPC gained seats, Westerners raged petulantly in defeat, forcing Scheer’s resignation and another leadership race. This time Cooper switched his endorsement to Igor MacKay—and was disappointed again: O’Toole, his previous choice, topped MacKay for the win. In the 2021 election—when Liberals won another minority—, Cooper again won only a plurality in St Albert and was appointed to a parliamentary standing committee, thus being doubly disappointed by supporting the wrong leadership candidate—again—and by apparent demotion.

    Plainly, disappointment has infected the whole Conservative party: leader O’Toole assumes promiscuous pose while the likes of Pierre “The Puke” Poillievre and Candice “The Counterfeit” Bergen circle for scraps of Erin like hungry dogfish sensing a feeding frenzy. O’toole must be hearing an ominous bass fiddle sawing out two, sickeningly low notes as clownfish to the west of him and jokerfish to the east glide grinningly around the fringes of his flailing, middle position. With all his colleagues losing their creds around him, is it any wonder Cooper is casting about for a deck chair with a good vantage of icebergs passing in the night—preferably near the lifeboats? Somehow he felt safer on solid ground where fascists marched by streaming the Maple Leaf flag, inverted and defaced.

    But Canadians are more disappointed than even the hapless Conservatives who’re looking more like illegitimate offspring of Evel Knievel and Henry “Fonzie Winkler” every day now—at least taking their cue from these two more-famous shark-jumpers, just like the far-right insurgency with whom they’re scrambling to mingle. “Freedom Convoy” is “United We Roll” redux which, as gimmick, has tired instead of fired the boiler of 3rd-midwinter Covid-Blues affecting all of us, especially the 80% of Canadians who’ve cooperated as best they can with pandemic protocols for the good of all these past two years—that is, including the 80+% of cross-border truckers who’ve been double vaccinated so’s to comply with US border rules.

    Most Canadians find this pathetic parody of January 6 repellent, protesters’ demands to overturn rules made by the government, duly elected just months ago, nothing less than preposterous, and defiling national monuments —including dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where just a few years ago Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot dead as he stood guard—absolutely disgusting. Compared to that, the trite, far-right, American-style radicalism which leverages our people’s many pandemic challenges so’s to waylay traffic, wave Nazi flags and Confederate swastikas like sniggering schoolboys is a boring rerun that’s so guaranteed to repel citizens it can only dismay that it ever even happened at all. But what can you expect from self-styled freedom fighters who don’t seem to get that crossing into the USA also requires full vaccination? Alls they seem to know is that this opportunity of sympathetic mid-winter blues will soon pass, as sure as spring; otherwise, it’s all good to substitute intelligence with national patriotism, even in the wrong country. Scoundrels of Confusion, full patch.

    How this viral hate (FC 2022 adds nazi symbolism to depictions of JT hung dead by the neck that we saw in UWR 2019) egressed Canada through the national wound of UCP Alberta via a fringe of delusional chauvinists employed in an industry where they’re mostly alone, talk to themselves —and other truckers on CB radio, too—, and spend a lot of time listening to radicalized American talk-radio about the demise of their supposed golden, rubber-ducky age is a fascinating story-arc ascending from wagon trains and Wells Fargo to its zenith of 70s, smoky-bandit rebels, descending thence to serial ill repute and big-box boredom. Have truckers been any more inconvenienced than, say, restaurant workers or nurses? By the very nature of trucking, most would answer no.

    But how anybody figured on freighting American culture-wars to, and gaining any purchase in Canada is a study in fringe alienation that hallucinates 50,000 rigs a thousand miles long commanding our Sovereign to bow to their dystopian demands. Of course the climax is saved for last. And we’re riveted—one thing the perps got right—because (as they mightn’t have calculated quite so correctly) of the tantalizing prospect that the unfortunate usurpation of traditional, centre-right conservatism might be finally doing itself in over this catalytic stunt. We’re sure to stay tuned.

    As for Mr Cooper’s bit part of hogheaded parading: he’ll probably find the energy required to stave-off justified opprobrium drainingly difficult, now, having drilled himself a brand new bunghole low down in the neo-right butt, one which should, nevertheless, limit his perennial, political disappointment and entertain his constituents with a happy ending.

    St Albertans, though, are naturally accustomed to political variety shows: a once-safe ProgCon audience was thrilled when its star bowed deeply to boos and hisses by quitting this role for Independent casting (he does soliloquies now); but, if he could read their minds he would have foreseen getting burned in a three-way script: enter number two. Then, tragedy. Then climax. Then the Edmund Fitzgerald (but let’s not spoil the ending, shall we?)

  27. Mr. Climenhaga, thanks for not including audio of Cooper. He sounds like a resuscitated Preston Manning.

  28. One has to wonder if Jason Kenney feels the same way about the Coutts and US border blockade as he does about the Ottawa demonstration that is tying up the city.

    Somehow I doubt it.

    The Ottawa truck convoy leaders have apparently called for O’Toole’s resignation. O’Toole and Kenney have so much in common….a legion of supporters at their respective backs with knives drawn. Who will be the fist victim to fall?

    Alas, this is not what Jason Kenney had planned. Nor Erin O’Toole for that matter.

    Federal Conservative and Alberta UCP have never been so divided, never so leaderless.

  29. Anyone who actually attended the rally knows that these hate symbol images in no way characterize the event. I can only surmise that these cherry picked pics are false flags that were dealt with swiftly by the legitimate participants. Anyone with half a brain can see that pulling out such tasteless rags will instantly attract media just licking their chops on the prowl for such pictures. The same media who will not report the overwhelmingly diverse, peaceful, family friendly and multicultural crowd.

    1. I have been to a NUMBER of these protests, far right, fascist even, banners are a very common occurrence. Playing apologist for these folks says more about you than you think it does.

  30. The tweets from various CPC MPs seems to indicate that they are in double-down and distract mode.

    Uniformly, they are all supporting Michael Cooper, as well continuing to support the FreeDUMB convoy.

    Skippy Poilievre, no doubt seeing Erin O’Toole squirming with surprise that the ‘good people on both sides’ Convoy seems to be causing more nonsense than advertised. Dancing on the War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, not to mention using their grounds as a parking lot was way too much stupid for one day. Of course, the raid on an Ottawa soup kitchen, urinating on various locations around Parliament Hill, and the angry mob harassing an LCBO staff was more than O’Toole can bear, so he made himself vanish. Skippy is pleased.

    And today, Michael Cooper was roaming around looking for more media coverage, this time from friendly CON outlets, who will be more careful about what they put on camera. I suppose Cooper is already formulating some conspiracy theory that it was the CBC that planted that Swastika covered Canadian flag in the background. They work for PMJT, you know.

    Melissa Lantsman, a Jewish lesbian, defends the Convoy protestors, but offered a strangely muted response to the Swastika emblems and other symbols of hatred (Confederate Stars n Bars, anyone? Anyone?) I guess she’s holding to the narrative that there were “bad people, but also good people — on both sides.” It seems that she is competing with Poilievre over who is the most addicted to Twitter.

    Actually, it appears that all CON MPs are falling over themselves condemning, all the while supporting the Convoy. I bet on Monday morning, the CONs will be saying, “Convoy? What Convoy?”

  31. I live in St. Albert, Mike Cooper is our MP. Mr. Cooper helped me with an issue I had regarding my federal pension after more than 25 years of service. Without his help, the errors made by federal government would not have been corrected. Next election, he has my vote.

    I have family in Ottawa who tell me that media cameras were following the guy with the swastika “flag” just waiting for the right moments to snap pictures. They found their man. It’s unfortunate Mike Cooper was standing where he was. But this could have happened to me or any one of us. We have no control of our changing surroundings when in a crowd. Was this a set up? Given the way the media works these days, I would not be surprised.

    Further disgust should be aimed at our Mayor Cathy Heron and her cowardly run on twitter to quickly disassociate herself from Mike Cooper, an individual she has likely crossed paths with many times and whose character would be known to her. How ludicrous of her to think that Cooper may be – a what? – a nazi supporter?? How ridiculous! Her lack of compassion and her inability to come to the aid of a fellow St. Albertan says all I need to know about indecency and the indecency of the mayor of Edmonton as well, who was just as swift to disaffiliate and thump his chest.

    Mike Cooper has served St. Albert well for a number of years…our St. Albert mayor got in by less than 400 votes in our last election. Hopefully it will be her first and last run in politics.

    1. St Albert is one of the most hateful, backward communities in Alberta that I’m aware of, you’re welcome to it.

  32. We are witnessing the evolution of vermin: upright, two legged, filled with hate. Selfish, disrespectful louts on Parliament Hill claiming to be freedom fighting patriots and the parliamentarians that enable them by joining the rabble and by waving them on from a highway overpass, Messrs. Cooper and Calkins, are a disgrace and an embarrassment to Canada.

  33. I’ll make Trudeau a deal: the unvaxxed will all get the shot when Trudeau gets clean water to ALL the indigenous communities. Lol. I know. Trudeau HATES all the lil indians.

    Remember when all the super-vaxxed went on vacation during a pandemic and brought Omicron home and infected all the unvaxxed? I remember, and I wont ever forget. I’ll also never forget the DISGUSTING way your side has been talking about hard working canadians who are just afraid of losing their livlihoods. You whipped up a firestorm Dave. Canada is in a civil war now. Thanks for stoking the flames of hatred, Dave.

  34. Our 36-year-old son came over for coffee yesterday morning, and gave a rather entertaining account of his encounter with the “sympathy convoy” that stopped up traffic in Grande Prairie for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. He ended up getting stuck on a cross street, blocked from returning home from the Public Health Centre where he had just gone for his booster & flu shot.

    The image that came to his mind from this “redneck regatta” (label stolen from someone on Twitter, because it’s the perfect description) was an episode of a South Park involving people from the future time-travelling back and taking the kind of service industry jobs usually held by recent immigrants and undocumented workers. Here’s a clip — WARNING: some may find this clip offensive; it’s South Park, after all, and it’s deliberately offensive, because that’s what they do.

  35. Albertans are learning a good lesson about Reformers and why you shouldn’t support them, just like the former MLAs from the Lougheed era taught me. While I tried to teach it to others I got called all sorts of names. They could do no wrong, yet look at the financial mess they have created for us. I guess it’s time to say “I Told You So”.

  36. I am growing alarmed at this apparent tolerance of these protestors by government and at how quickly the far right movement latched on to the anti-vaxxers, AV. Alone they would have just been a voice in the crowd but, the far right groups, FRG, threw in their support generating more public attention. The AV’s main complaint is they don’t believe the vaccine works, restricting them from shopping, services and jobs. AV isn’t new, it’s been around since medicines were created, what’s different, it has now been co-opted by FRG. Along with the FRG, comes the spread of misinformation purposely generated unknown elements. I had a discussion with someone who objected to the Covid vaccine but, was a follower of the FLCCC Protocol, which turned out to be wearing masks, isolating, social distancing and the use of Ivermectin. The doctor who heads this protocol has since been discredited, along with Ivermectin as a cure for Covid. This is only one example of what these people believe and spread. There would never have been this mad dash to Ottawa if it were just the AV, it was generated and organized by the far right. This is why we see upside down flags, swastika’s and shouts of freedom, making a small group of AV truckers objections an excuse. To actually witness rightwing politicians supporting what are essentially far right groups is horrendous. These politicians can say “peaceful demonstration” all they want, it’s supporting racist hate groups.

  37. Wow, what a brutal article. Obviously we have too many head in the sand, do as they are told Liberal / NDP types that are afraid to actually use science and data to seek the truth. There have been very few politicians with the integrity and character to stand up for what is right. This is not about any pandemic, so-called vaccines, or concern for each other as the political leaders right now do not care about any of those, nor have they ever. This is no conspiracy when everything has rang true to this point:
    *2 weeks to flatten
    *just have to hold out, wear masks and protect others until pharma gets their needles ready
    *jabs will stop infection and this will be over
    *sorry, need another jab to go into restaurants and normal life events but still wear your mask
    *Majority of cases are in those jabbed
    *Pharma wants complete liability protection from injury or death… WTF??? That should raise questions right there! Then they would release over 75 years??? Are people that naive.
    *boosters may be our answer out of this
    *Superspreader events are among jabbed and they all get COVID…no immunity from the jabs? what was the point? And if you say it reduces severity you have no science to back that up.
    *now CDC’s Welensky has retracted their earlier statements and told people that 75% of covid deaths were attributable to those with at least 4 co-morbidities, to put this all in context that means that overall, of all there is a 0.027% chance of dying from this (YES, 99.973% chance of living from this) and when you take healthy people or less than 4 co-morbidities at 25% that means they have 0.006% chance of dying from catching COVID?

    WHEN DOES IT END FOR YOU? It ended along a time ago for me when common sense says you don’t jab your way out of a pandemic (WHO pandemic preparedness plan) and messaging from vaccine and immunologists; and when our Doctors were NOT allowed to provide treatments and had to send patients home. Now some ROSE up and said NO, there are treatments and they did it anyway and then CPSA took away their license and fined them for practicing medicine and protecting the #1 MD code of DO NO HARM; then they took away Ivermectin and HCL as treatment options for Covid, but you could still prescribe for other reasons. And before you say Ivermection is a animal med and de-wormer, do your research as there is a human grade and it has been around for decades in human use with amazing trials. Since when do religious exemptions get turned away? Previous medical exemptions???

    To vilify Michael Cooper for his INTEGRITY and CHARACTER really questions yours. How dare you lash out when he is in support of those jabbed and not jabbed, has done extensive research on his own accord, listened to both sides of the stories, and clearly recognizes as a constitutional lawyer that something is not right. Science and data our health associations, governments, school boards and main stream media sources that are directly funded by Feds, Pharma and private funding donors (who you can figure out). Did you know PHARMA contributes to school boards and universities for marketing campaigns well in advance of any launch? Our FEDS ordered enough PPE in 2017/18 for North America…how did blackface Trudeau know to order 10X our population in so-called vaccines before a second dose and talk of the boosters??? Is there something they are not telling us or they knew was happening?

    I have mixed political views, but I Am strong on my beliefs of the key to anything in life and success is having INTEGRITY and strength in CHARACTER. While there are some, they are few and far between and are scattered across each party. BUT please people, WAKE UP to the discrimination, hate, segregation as that is the driving message the leaders in Ottawa want; that is not who we are. We STAND UP AND UNITE with each other in the face of such tyrannical leadership.

    WE are all entitled to are opinions, at least we used to be, I for one always ask WHY? do my research and it doesn’t make sense I look further…right now, people are comfortable with not doing their research and that has to change. I welcome your research, and will gladly share ours. This has nothing to do with politics, but has been made into a political agenda.

    1. DJC did not vilify Cooper. The MP did that all by himself by attending a protest organized and funded largely by a far-right group associated with the Maverick party. What did Cooper think was going to happen, especially when a bunch of ignorant, science and reality denying yahoos from Alberta (so embarrassing for us) are involved? Did he think that everyone would be holding up signs and placards with polite slogans, perhaps expressing the odd enthusiastic cheer or boo? Any fool could see from a mile off that would not be case, that the protest would be rude, loud, and noisy and likely to include racist and white nationalist symbols.

      The parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms advised MPs not to attend the protest out of concern for their safety, but perhaps he should have added a paragraph to remind the bone-headed pratts, including their fool of a leader, in the CPC and other parties that they might tarnish their reputations if they associate with potentially violent fringe elements that are bound to be present at the protest.

      From where I am standing, Cooper does not strike me as being very bright or being particularly well-versed in either the law or the constitution. I heard him say nothing that would impress anyone, except the base he is pandering to.

      The article was not about the evils of big Pharma, etc. Throwing that stuff around in your response is just what-aboutism and does not advance your point.

  38. To be fair…and keep in mind please that I have no sympathy with this incoherent mess of a protest…the photo with the Gadsen flag and the Nazi flag is believed, with some good reason, to have been staged to discredit the protest. That baffles me a bit, because the protest did plenty on its own to discredit itself!

  39. DJC , Thank you, I wish the answer made me feel better—- I should have realized that having” Johnny on the spot” credible news ( gag) ,explains alot . I feel a need for a gravol.

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