English author Matt Haig (Photo: Javiar Oliaga, Todo Literatura).

Here are the lists of the top 10 fiction and non-fiction titles sold by independent booksellers in Alberta during the week ended Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022.

The lists are compiled by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta, and include sales at Audreys Books and Glass Bookshop in Edmonton.


1. The Midnight Library – Matt Haig (HarperCollins)
2. The Song of Achilles – Madeline Miller (Ecco)
3. Five Little Indians – Michelle Good (Harper Perennial)
4. Circe – Madeline Miller (Little Brown and Company)
5. Dune – Frank Herbert (Ace Books)
6. The Apollo Murders – Chris Hadfield (Random House Canada)
7. The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman (Viking)
8. The Lincoln Highway – Amor Towles (Viking)
9. Beautiful World, Where Are You – Sally Rooney (Knopf Canada)
10. Bewilderment – Richard Powers (Random House Canada)


1. Châhkâpâs: A Naskapi Legend – John Peastitute (University of Regina Press)
2. Atlas of the Heart – Brené Brown (Random House)
3. Mindset – Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. (Random House)
4. The Dawn of Everything – David Graeber and David Wengrow (McClelland & Stewart)
5. Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Wall Kimmerer (Milkweed Editions)
6. The Inconvenient Indian – Thomas King (Anchor Canada)
7. Finding the Mother Tree – Suzanne Simard (Knopf)
8. Entangled Life – Merlin Sheldrake (Random House)
9. The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel van der Kolk (Penguin Books)
10. Talking to Canadians – Rick Mercer (Doubleday Canada)

* Alberta Author   + Alberta Publisher

The independent bookstores contributing to this weekly list are:

Audreys Books, Edmonton
Cafe Books, Canmore
Drawn to Books, Edmonton
Glass Bookshop, Edmonton
Monkeyshines Books, Calgary
Owl’s Nest Books, Calgary
Pages on Kensington, Calgary
Shelf Life Books, Calgary
The Next Page, Calgary
Three Hills Books, Three Hills

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  1. “The Dawn of Everything” is biased disingenuous account of human history (https://www.persuasion.community/p/a-flawed-history-of-humanity )that spreads fake hope (the authors of “The Dawn” claim human history has not “progressed” in stages… so there’s hope for us now that it could get different/better again). As a result of this fake hope porn it has been widely praised. It conveniently serves the profoundly sick industrialized world of fakes and criminals. The book’s dishonest fake grandiose title shows already that this work is a FOR-PROFIT, instead a FOR-TRUTH, endeavor geared at the (ignorant gullible) masses.

    Fact is human history has “progressed” by and large in linear stages, especially since the dawn of agriculture (www.focaalblog.com/2021/12/22/chris-knight-wrong-about-almost-everything ). This “progress” has been fundamentally destructive and is driven and dominated by “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” (www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html ) which the fake hope-giving authors of “The Dawn” entirely ignore, naturally (no one can you write a legitimate human history without understanding the nature of humans). And these two married pink elephants are the reason why we’ve been “stuck” in a destructive hierarchy, and will be into the foreseeable future.

    A good example that one of the authors, Graeber, has no real idea what world we’ve been living in and about the nature of humans is his last brief article on Covid where his ignorance shines bright already at the title of his article, “After the Pandemic, We Can’t Go Back to Sleep.” Apparently he doesn’t know that most people WANT to be asleep, and that they’ve been wanting that for thousands of years (and that’s not the only ignorant notion in the title). Yet he (and his partner) is the sort of person who thinks he can teach you something authentically truthful about human history and whom you should be trusting along those terms. Ridiculous!

    “The Dawn” is just another fantasy, or ideology, cloaked in a hue of cherry-picked “science,” served lucratively to the gullible ignorant underclasses.

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