I generally try to write a traditional newspaper column, as befits my background as a former newspaper journo of many years experience. (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

As regular readers of AlbertaPolitics.ca know, there are a lot of posts on this blog, generally divided into three general topic areas: Alberta politics, Canadian politics, and geopolitics.

It’s my blog, and I always said that I’d write about topics that interested me, and I wouldn’t necessarily write about topics on which other people are passionate.

Your blogger, circa 1973, as he no longer appears (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

So while I focus on commentary about what’s going on in Alberta politics, there are some stories I try to cover just because almost no one else does – hence my occasional forays into, for example, news about the Canadian labour movement, goings on at Athabasca University, and the marketing of agricultural products.

I generally try to write a traditional newspaper column, as befits my background as a former newspaper journo of many years experience. That, too, leads to generating a lot of copy.

As a result, sometimes readers apologize and say they just can’t keep up. I get it, there’s lots of competition for readers’ eyes out there, a lot of it pushed by big media companies from browser home pages. And not every story you see on a blog like this is going to be of interest to every reader.

So if you don’t read every post that appears here, you’re forgiven.

A significant group of readers likes and agrees with my take on Alberta politics, but strongly disagrees with some of the things I have to say about geopolitical issues. “I really wish you’d stop writing about Russia,” one loyal reader said a few years ago.

On the other hand, I have a few readers who follow the occasional geopolitical pieces and eschew everything else. So there you go.

With readers in mind, then, AlbertaPolitics.ca is introducing a free weekly email summary of articles that have appeared over the previous week.

Not immediately, but over time, it’s my intention to include some exclusive content in this newsletter that will not appear in the pages of the blog.

My main goal now is to help readers index what they want to read here, and – if they visit the blog via social media links or the home page – to catch up on posts of interest to them that they may have missed.

Of course, like everyone else on the Internet, I also hope to make some money from it.

It is my enduring commitment never to put a paywall in front of my writing, or to charge anyone who wants to read my thoughts for the privilege.

So the only option is advertising. With enough subscribers, the email newsletter may provide some new opportunities to place advertisements, and it may drive more readers to stories that the bulk of my current readers aren’t enthusiastic about but I still want to write because they interest me.

So let me encourage you to sign up for the newsletter – in the hopes it will help you and help me.

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As is required by law, there will be an unsubscribe button, so if you find it’s not doing anything for you, you can dump it.

David J. Climenhaga
Proprietor and sole staffer

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  1. I always enjoy your writing and have now subscribed. However I also enjoy your readers comments so will be reluctant to continue to subscribe if this means I lose the commentary.

    I hope this new venture works for you and your readers.

    1. Loon: Nothing else should change. Nothing will be behind a paywall. Comments will continue to appear the same as ever. DJC.

  2. What?!?!?!

    You expect me to even bother to keep up with your published crazy when I can barely keep up with my own crazy? Volumes and volumes of crazy?!?!?!

    This better not be some of strategy to turn this weirdo-lefty circus into some kind of an MLM, like the UCP. I hear they’re distributing membership in bulk these days on a pay-much-later plan.

    1. Just Me: This is absolutely not a multi-level marketing scheme. Nothing will change, except there will be a newsletter and, possibly, an additional opportunity for me to sell an ad or two. Or not. We’ll see how it works. DJC

      1. Excellent.

        More to waste my time and idle my already feeble mind.

        What an embarrassment of riches. Bring it.

  3. I’ve just subscribed to your newsletter, but I already read every article you post. I go to Albertapolitics.ca first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee, prior to moving on to cbc.ca/news. Even if I don’t agree with you, I always find your articles interesting and informative and many times your website is the only reason I know something happened becuase it is not reported in the mainstream news sites I visit.
    Thank you!

  4. Sure, I signed up. I’ve gotten used to your Russian comments, which are a refreshing alternative and sometimes a needed corrective.

  5. Thanks for all your work on this blog David, I read everything you post pretty much, and I appreciate both the long hours you put in as well as your incredible memory. For how often things are forgotten here in the heartland you are worth your weight in gold. All the best to you this year.

  6. Just make sure your RSS feeds remain active & I can keep track of all your output, plus hundreds of other sources.

    1. Al: I’m not a technical guy, but noting should change other than the addition of the newsletter. DJC

  7. Subscribed. You don’t seem to be doing much with the small ads that occasionally show up on the regular page. Certainly could do more of them as I don’t find any of them annoying. I click on the occasional one just for fun! I agree 100% with a little bird above. Thanks for the reports in 2021, looking forward to more of the same if not better in 2022. Happy New Year!

  8. As for the ads that appear on the pages, I love them because they are often appropriate to the content of the story.

    For example, with the infamous Sky Palace Jamison Bash Party post, the ads were for various alcohol and party favors. What comedy!

    The most recent post about Kenney’s latest tomfoolery (Men who are actually named Tom Foolery will be greatly insulted) features ads presented as “Dying Liver; the Silent Signs.” Genius!

  9. I don’t really see the need for emails either. That said, I have missed the occasional post when you write two in one day. To respect David’s request, I however, I have subscribed with a secondary email address I have. (Director 6)

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