The White House, official residence of the president of the United States, currently occupied by Donald J. Trump, No. 45 (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

Our American cousins vote in a historic presidential election today and we wish them well in their endeavor, even if we would have preferred they spelled it endeavour.

The Capitol in Washington D.C. (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

This message, however, is for my American cousins, be they on Manhattan Island or in Manhattan, Kansas.

Blood is thicker than water, but you must understand that you cannot assume, should President Donald J. Trump be re-elected, that you can simply move to Canada to get away from the nightmare that will ensue.

We Canadians, you see, will have some say in this matter, and fond though we may be of you as individuals, we simply cannot have you all bringing your troubles across the Medicine Line. Our decisions, moreover, will of necessity need to be made collectively.

So you are just going to have to deal with this yourselves. If you haven’t done it already, you know what you need to do today, for the sake of your Republic, our Dominion, and the rest of the planet as well. To wit: Vote!

We have our own little Trump imitators up here and while they are merely annoying for the most part now, they will become insufferable if they receive any more encouragement from your side of the world’s longest undefended border.

Indeed, in such circumstances we may have to build a wall and let you pay for it.

It is profoundly to be hoped it doesn’t come to that.

It is also to be hoped, let me add, that if Our American Cousin plays any time soon again in Washington, it has a much happier ending than the last time.

Fondly, your Canadian cousin

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  1. Hopefully this does not turn into any more of a winter of discontent for the US and its neighbours like us who are impacted by its upheavals.

    Just in case any people in the US still don’t know it, the border with Canada is closed and is likely to remain so for some time until COVID is under control, so they can forget about fleeing to Canada. I don’t know if that will give them any more incentive to try fix the mess their country is in. I hope it should. I suspect New Zealand also doesn’t want them either at this time.

    Well as the saying goes, democracy is sometimes messy. The US has had messes in its past and has overcome them. Hopefully it will again. A clear outcome to the election and less divisiveness would be a good start on the path to a better place.

  2. News about right wing-nuts blockading polling places in California seems to be a harbinger of what might come over the next 77 days at least, if not for much longer. While a Biden win is better, as it possibly opens up avenues for American progressives to get some positive results, it is not really a bargain if the old Democratic elite under Pelosi and Schumer continue on their merry trek of neoliberalism “with a smile” – just as many in France found with Macron!

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