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That’s me on the left with my fellow blogger and colleague Dave Cournoyer recording the latest podcast (Photo: Adam Rozenhart).

Now for something completely different: Podcast bloviations from Yours Truly and friends

Posted on November 05, 2019, 1:12 am
3 mins

I’m busier than that proverbial one-armed paperhanger right now, so it’s possible that production of posts on this blog is going to fall for the next couple of weeks from the daily commentary I prefer.

Tonight, I thought I’d resort to an updated version of a favorite bloviators’ trick from the Golden Age of Newspapering, when, if you couldn’t think of anything to say, or, worse, had to choose between what you’d thought of saying and going out for a beer, you could just plop someone else’s column into your spot in the paper.

Adam Rozenhart (Photo: Twitter).

The normal protocol, of course, was to put a note at the top saying, “my good friend [NAME OF GOOD FRIEND HERE] wrote this great column in the [NAME OF OUT-OF-TOWN NEWSPAPER HERE] and I thought readers here in [CALGARY OR WHEREVER] would benefit from reading the same thing.”

The First Law of Journalism says: It’s not plagiarism if you properly attribute what you’re plagiarizing.

Well, the Interwebs have spoiled that forever, and more’s the pity, if you ask me.

Still, seeing as I’m too busy to write a proper blog post tonight, I thought I’d give my regular readers the opportunity to hear me bloviating with my colleague and fellow blogger Dave Cournoyer on his podcast.

Now, there may be a certain amount of crossover among readers of this blog, Mr. Cournoyer’s blog and listeners to his podcast, but it’s my theory there are plenty who drop in here from time to time but not necessarily there.

So, on Sunday we met in one of downtown Edmonton’s office skypalaces to talk about Alberta’s budget cuts, the recent federal election and the latest Wexit nuttery.

Our conversation was ably moderated and converted to electrons by Adam Rozenhart, whose day-job title, I kid you not, is Director of Story for ATB Financial.

You can listen to our conversation at any of these places:

Google Play

And God willin’ and the crick don’t rise, I’ll be back to commentating at my normal pace as soon as possible.

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