The explosion just before Daddy-to-be Dennis Dickey’s gender-reveal party went horribly wrong (Photo: Screenshot of video).

There will be no province-wide social media gender reveal party for Brian Jean’s and Kimberly Michelutti’s expected baby.

True, this would have given all Albertans the opportunity to continue to take part in the fascinating Jean Family story. But not having a baby-gender-reveal party avoids the risk and disappointment associated with setting off pink or blue smoke bombs to inform folks of the expected infant’s sex.

Brian Jean and Kimberly Michelutti (Photo: Twitter).

When that happened last November in Arizona, it sparked a wildfire that cost $8 million US to put out.

Mr. Jean, former leader of the Wildrose Party, certainly wouldn’t want to face the fate of Dennis Dickey, the proud Arizona daddy-to-be whose blue-hued explosion resulted in a $100,000 fine and a reluctant agreement to pay $500 a month for the next 20 years as restitution for the cost of fighting the blaze.

Mind you, the risk of anything like that happening in Alberta political circles is extremely small as we have obviously taken to heart the advice of the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy, who famously explained the best way to make smoke for political purposes: “Where there’s smoke, there is usually a smoke-making machine.”

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in happier times (Photo: Wikimedia Commons).

The old Wildrose Party smoke-making machine was certainly working overtime for the past couple of weeks on the topic of Mr. Jean’s and Ms. Michelutti’s impending announcement, and expectant journalists and political watchers with fertile imaginations tuned in for their performance yesterday afternoon on the Facebook Live video streaming service in the hope the event was pregnant with possibility.

After some technical difficulties figuring out how Facebook Live works, the expectant couple announced their anticipated baby will be a girl, confirming one of the worst-kept secrets in Alberta. All Albertans wish the couple the best and continued success as they go forth and multiply.

Star Metro’s Alberta editions may have overstated things a bit, though, when they reported that Mr. Jean got “the last laugh” with his prank. To see if that is true, we will need to wait until the next time he tries to call a news conference.

Meanwhile, in other news, a much-anticipated announcement south of the Medicine Line also failed to live up to expectations.

President Donald Trump had been expected to declare a national emergency so he could procure funds to build his Wall along the Mexican border, seeing as Mexico won’t pay for it. Instead, the president just offered his usual misinformation and malice, to borrow a felicitous phrase from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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  1. “All Albertans wish the couple the best and continued success as they go forth and multiply.”
    More happening at the Jean family car wash than just soaping, rinsing and buffing.

  2. Hopefully Ms. Jean will grow up and reject the wicked ways of her parental guidance and vote NDP (or even liberal). Fingers crossed.

    If Trump was trying to pass a bill to cure cancer, the Democrats will be oppoising him. Trump’s big mistake was to call it a wall instead of a fence. Walls are for fascists, fences are friendly (as in good fences make good neigbors). The Secure Fence Act of 2006, authorizing the building of 700 additional miles of border fencing along the US-Mexico border, sailed through congress with many prominent liberal Democrats incuding Obama, Biden, Hilary and Schumer voting for it. Hilary even boasted about it.

  3. Such a nice fluffy feeling! Thank you for this! It’s as though we all could hope for bliss! Or torment if Farmer Brian is to be believed! Bad Farmer Brian! Fear is the enemy of… What was I saying? Oh yes! What’s a good society without music!

  4. Mr. Jean has something he values – an addition to the family. His former political competitor has something he values – a shot at power. I am not sure who is happier now, but I think this says a lot about the type of person each is. I don’t know if Mr. Jean wants to return to politics at some point, but even if he does I have a feeling he will bide his time and have a full life until and if the opportunity arises again.

    Meanwhile in the US, Trump continues to meet expectations and continues to disappoint. Anything other than “his usual misinformation and malice” would have been surprising news.

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