PHOTOS: David Climenhaga yaks … and yaks and yaks and yaks … about Turmoil in the Tories! Art work by Malcolm Azania. Below, Mr. Azania, also known by his nom de plume, Minister Faust (from Twitter).

I am the first to admit I am not a podcasting kind of guy – don’t make ’em, don’t usually listen to ’em.

9iosptfsThe Internet, I reckon, is supposed to be a literary medium.

But the other day I had a well-known literary figure, Minister Faust, come by my office to make a podcast about the Jason Kenney phenomenon in Alberta and other political manifestations.

Minister Faust, otherwise known as Malcolm Azania, is a renaissance figure from our own time – an author of science fiction, playwright, teacher, poet, video-game creator, TV personality, karateka, former political candidate, journalist and raconteur.

So maybe there’s something to this podcast thing, after all. Here’s a direct link to Mr. Azania’s podcast, which can also be found on the website of the political, poetical, transformational, sensational, sinister Minister

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  1. Tories is one of many words of ancient times that branded people as psychopaths before Dr. Robert Hare book “Snakes in Suits, When Psychopaths Go to Work”

    “Tories’ as Irish brigands were familiar to most informed Englishmen of the era as ‘ popishly affected, outlaws, robbers, such as our law saith have Caput Lupinum, fit and ready to be destroyed and knocked on die head by any one 12 State Trials (1776), in, 992.”

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