PHOTOS: The Beverly Hillbillies in campaign mode. Actual members of the Alberta Wildrose caucus may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, left, and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, right, answer reporters’ questions in the Legislature Rotunda yesterday morning (screen shots … can’t say I was there) and, below them, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and actor Buddy Ebsen, in the role of Jed Clampett.

Hey, if you’re old enough to remember it, as I certainly am, the Beverly Hillbillies was a pretty funny sitcom, running right through the Glorious Sixties.

So it’s a temptation to compare the performance of Alberta’s Wildrose Opposition in the Legislature yesterday to the antics Jed Clampett and his clan.

The Wildrosers insulted Ontario’s visiting Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, mostly refused to stand when she was introduced to the Assembly, pointedly paid ritual obeisance to conservative bullyboys like Stephen Harper and Brad Wall, and generally acted like somebody’s embarrassing cousins … ours, I guess.

The thing is, as brilliantly portrayed by actor Buddy Ebsen, the man named Jed – a poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed – innocently exuded a certain kindly decency, which was what made the show appealing enough to stick around for nine seasons.

The denizens of the Wildrose benches in the Legislature yesterday? Not nearly as agreeable, I’m afraid. Just plain old embarrassing, actually – with the emphasis on bubblin’ crude – especially when you realize city folks in Toronto and Ottawa may hear about it today.

I’d say it diminished us all a little – especially the tacky exhibition by Wildrose Finance Critic Derek Fildebrandt, whom Opposition Leader Brian Jean seems utterly unable to control, barking “Invite Premier Wall here! Invite Premier Wall!” at Premier Rachel Notley. (“Tacky” was Transport Minister Brian Mason’s word, but it certainly fits.) Geez, it was like one of those dinners with your family that get so bad your spouse eventually refuses to ever go to another one!

Well, it could’ve been worse … At least no one on the Wildrose benches whipped out a banjo and started playing Yankee Doodle Dandy real fast while squinting at members of the NDP Government, if you know what I mean. Still, I’d advise staying out of canoes and off the Red Eye to Toronto for a couple of days. And don’t pray for Deliverance!

Dean Bennett of the Canadian Press, an excellent reporter willing to report stories that need to be covered, wrote up a pretty good account of the sorry affair that covered the principal low points. Better read it here on CTV’s website, because the chances are slim much of this yarn will show up in the Postmedia Alberta Frankenpaper this morning.

If you’re made of sterner stuff and want to watch it for yourself, be my guest – the tape starts slow but perks up as the ’Rosers start to get worked up. However, you may want to dose up on Pepto-Bismol before you tune in to Wildrose MLA Jason Nixon’s paean to Mr. Harper, “a man of integrity, and history will remember that.” (Senator Michael Duffy, c’mon down!)

Premier Notley, obviously exasperated with the views of the in-laws on the west side of the House, noted that “just today we have had demonstrated to all Albertans very clearly why these folks over there are simply not ready to govern.”

I’ll say! But the really scary thing is that the Wildrosers may think their Donald Trump moment yesterday was a huge success, and a certain Albertans are bound to agree.

Also yesterday, Ms. Wynne and Ms. Notley announced a memorandum of understanding to look for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production, transportation and use of natural resources in Alberta and Ontario, accelerate development of renewable energy and energy storage, and find new and innovative uses of carbon dioxide.

All of which presupposes climate change is a problem, which, as I may have forgotten to mention, is a proposition our Wildrose kinfolks may not accept.

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    1. What specific errors or misrepresentations do you wish to share with us?

      N.B. Simply being offended when your favourite clownish hooligans get called on their unparliamentary behaviour doesn’t count.

    2. I’ll give you this Murray, you have as much credibility as a cheezy ad for toothpaste.

      Four out of five Murrays recommend Dave as the most insightful political commentator in Alberta.

    3. Apparently you didn’t bother clicking on the CTV link in the article, where the mind-blowingly bad manners of the Wildrose 10 year-olds was laid out even more clearly than Dave did here.

      Why bother with facts when a snide comment will do, eh?

    4. CB couldn’t agree more. Alberta as a whole were more in shock that Wynn came here. Dave never mentions how disliked Wynn and Notely are. Nor does he mention that the very thought of Notely.and Wynn discussing Alberta finance is enough to cause a revolution.

  1. And why is she speaking in our legislature anyway. She deserves no more respect than the respect she shows to the average Albertan which as far as I can see is none. Are all provincial leaders going to be asked to come and share their views?

    1. Go back to Hooterville, Pat. Getting pipelines built is going to depend on a certain amount of interprovincial cooperation

    2. ” Ms. Wynne and Ms. Notley announced a memorandum of understanding to look for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production, transportation and use of natural resources in Alberta and Ontario, accelerate development of renewable energy and energy storage, and find new and innovative uses of carbon dioxide.” which are central elements of the NDP platform. That’s why Premier Wynne was speaking in the Leg.

      Visiting speakers are the prerogative of the Government. It’s obviously 100% a partisan matter in your estimation, but your side finally lost an election, which means your views are not relevant in the decision of who to invite.

    3. Right-wing rhetoric. Give us an example of Wynne’s disrespect toward Albertans. I mean a real one, and not the imagined ones from inside your neo-con mind?

      If you want a real example of disrespect toward Albertans look no further than your boy Stephen Harper who has been MIA since the Cons lost the election. Now the constituents in his Heritage riding will have to vote again in a bi election that will cost all Canadians money.

    4. Because she is the Premier of another province on our confederation – one where the majority of Canadians live, so it’s a good idea to keep good relations with such folks. As to this strange need for respect…tell me, how has she DISrespected Alberta? I’d like to remind you that denizens of her province (including this one) wholeheartedly donated money to help out our brothers and sisters in Ft. Mac – and I’d do it again in a second, no matter what people like you think of my Premier and my province.

    5. Did you watch the video? No, clearly not. At no time did she speak nor was she invited to do so. She was introduced as a guest in our Ledge like many others before her. You whiners will make up any lie to suit your needs, won’t you?

  2. At first I was offended that my favourite television sitcom was being associated with WR. Jethro and Jean, Jed and Presto, Granny and Heather, it all fits even if it hurts. “And up from the ground comes the bubbling crude…”

  3. So the Wildrose have insulted Ontario Premier Wynne who has a climate action plan to use (Alberta!) natural gas for electrical generation as a bridge to fully renewable electricity. What happened to keeping your customers happy?

  4. Alberta has been playing the Beverly Hillbillies for more than a couple decades and when not that, it’s the Keystone Kops. Klein et al have not done anything good for Alberta’s reputation serious, sober and responsible citizens anywhere.
    That’s why Notley’s NDP have been such a breath of fresh air. Thoughtfulness and intelligence have rarely been seen under the dome and it looks good today.
    It’s a wonder though, why these otherwise smart and hard-working legislators cling to such past practices that defined the ‘rubes. Things like the endless fascination with being “world-class” and the obfuscations and spin put on policies and plans that don’t amount to much.
    Just do the work and move the project along. There are no end of observers who can, and will, announce the Score. If it’s good and useful, people will support it.
    It’s really only the sneaky under-handed subsidization and favouring of a few friends, usually corporate, that needs the careful crafting of marketing and spin.

  5. Another reminder of why boorish, Ozark – ilk behavior is attracted to the Wildrose Party.
    This would include the homophobic “lake of fire’ bunch and those who threatened Premier Notley and some of her female MLAs with violent, sexist and death threats. One could assume that it might be the same class of people who issued sexist, vulgar comments to Ruth Ellen Brosseau after she was elbowed by Trudeau. Misogyny is alive and well in 2016.
    No wonder the Alberta Conservatives don’t want to hitch up with the ‘yahoo-o-o-‘ Wildrosers. This could be another reason why it is important for the federal Conservatives to redefine themselves as well.

  6. This is not about politics. This is about manners. All the Wildrose Party did was ensure that we will be seen as savage western barbarians too stupid to be polite to our guests. The worst part is the people who think degrading our image like this is a good thing.

  7. The statements made by Derek Fildebrandt were all factually correct but I think the timing was inappropriate. Irregardless of your opinion of a visiting leaders record or policies you should be respectful. Have a good day:-)

    1. Right-wing rhetoric again! Exactly what statement was factually correct? Give an example instead of spouting off lies. What has Fildebrandt ever said that was true? His stock in trade is misinformation and misrepresentation.

      1. I don’t have the exact quotes in front of me but I will do my best. First I believe he talked about the rise in cost of electricity in Ontario. Then he talked about the Ontario auditor generals finding that poor management of the electrical market in Ontario has cost Ontario residents billions more than it should have. Then he stated that Ontario has the largest non- sovereign debt on the planet. These are all true statements not right wing rhetoric. Have a good day:-)

  8. You are being exactly what you are making fun of, bullyboys. Congratulations hypocrite. Don’t talk about the joke of the tax grab called carbon tax whereby Alberta will tax a tax. Don’t actually talk about actual issues with the current government. Wynne had no business being in Alberta Legislature, and you know it. And Wild Rose let it be known, rudely. Would it have mattered to you if they said it politely? Probably not, because you are a bully boy too. Your whole article is founded upon “Political Correctness”. You know what they say about high horses right, Jebediah?

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