No, this is not the Fringe Festival! Premier’s line on airplanes and Sky Palace descends into the theatre of the absurd

Premier pro tempore Dave Hancock, not looking particularly rested despite just having returned from five weeks in sunny Italy, accompanied by a much more chipper Finance Minister Doug

Summer solstice, 2014: seconds before sunset

Everything the Alberta Progressive Conservatives Always Wanted to Know About Opposition* … (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

Let’s imagine for a moment that the Progressive Conservative Party – led by Jim Prentice or whomever – loses the next Alberta general election. That is to say, after

Shorn locks and missing bowtie suggest Thomas Lukaszuk’s Progressive Conservative leadership announcement is imminent

Sporting a new haircut and with his trademark bowtie tossed aside, Labour Minister Thomas Lukaszuk hardly needs to provide more evidence he really intends to seek the leadership

Will Jim Prentice, latest favourite of Alberta’s chattering classes, turn out to be another big disappointment?

Jim Who? Ask the typical Albertan who is not a member of the chattering classes if they’ve ever heard of Jim Prentice, and they’ll likely say something like this:

PS, Tories love you! Is Alison Redford leading predators away from her party? Or what?

VICTORIA, B.C. Truth be told, former premier Alison Redford is not the first Alberta cabinet member to just say to hell with it and take a few days off

Why underage drinking at 24 Sussex Drive is no joke for the Harper Government

VICTORIA, B.C. The National Post wants Canadians to smarten up and pay attention: Everybody drinks too much, OK? Even our reporters! So shut up about that 24 Sussex Drive

Thanks to Tom Lukaszuk’s memo, Albertans know it wasn’t just Alison Redford with the entitlement problem

VICTORIA, B.C. Albertans owe Thomas Lukaszuk a small gesture of thanks for illustrating it’s not just Alison Redford who had the problem with entitlement. Surely it’s a sense of entitlement

The End is at Hand! Sure looks that way for Alberta’s PCs, anyway…

OTTAWA It’s probably still possible for Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party to crawl back from the abyss – if you believe in miracles – but it’s increasingly hard to believe

Means tests: recommended for poor oldsters, not wealthy petro-provinces

Aren’t conservatives supposed to think means testing is a good thing? Of course, since modern conservatives set the threshold for “too wealthy” as low as they can get away