Has premier Jim Prentice just found himself up ‘Schitt$ Creek’ with former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith?

According to the unintendedly ironic and transitory layout on CBC Calgary's news page yesterday afternoon, it looked as if former Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith is up Schitt$ Creek. Actually, this

First casualty of outrage at Wildrose floor crossing? Airdrie MLA Rob Anderson says he will quit politics

Airdrie MLA Rob Anderson, understood to have been one of the key leaders in the controversial effort to get the majority of the Wildrose caucus to defect to the Progressive

Alberta’s Wildrose remnant has new role as ‘conscience of the right’? Come off it, guys!

Fallout from the march of the Mudville Nine from the Opposition Wildrose benches to the government's Progressive Conservative caucus continues to drift across Alberta. So serious is the contamination in

Explaining the revulsion: It’s not the policy differences, stupid! It’s the Wildrose corruption critique

Why are Albertans so angry about the defection of 11 Wildrose opposition members to the government’s benches? I mean, why are they really so furious? The reason -- and it's surprising

Poll says all is well in the Alberta garden as disappointed voters file sombrely back into PC ranks

Support for the Wildrose Party is plummeting as supporters angered by the defection of 11 MLAs to the governing PCs have turned on the five Wildrose MLAs who didn't cross

Plumbing the rural press for hints of how the Mudville Nine were induced to join the Prentice PCs

Lacombe-Ponoka MLA Rod Fox sure didn't sound very enthused about his recent switch from the Wildrose Party to the Progressive Conservative Party in the apologetic open letter he wrote to

‘Fakes on a Plane’ problems set to return? Blame Dave Hancock for the Prentice Government’s next big problem

It may be 2015 now, but a 2014 problem continues to haunt the government of Premier Jim Prentice. I’m not talking about the Mudville Nine Wildrose defectors. Instead, you can

The last political act of 2014: The Wizard of Ozberta reveals all without even blushing

What was really interesting and possibly unique about the final political act of 2014 here in Ozberta was that it didn’t take Dorothy, Toto and their three metaphorical friends to

Guest post: Alberta’s NDP can make the Wildrose collapse work for them, but it’ll be hard work

Guest post by John Ashton An awful lot of New Democrats are asking if the Tory tomfoolery with Wildrose MLAs should cause the Alberta NDP faithful to be filled with horrific

Notice to my loyal readers: Those problems with the new site: we’re working on them …

Thanks to all of you who have asked if the new site at AlbertaPolitics.ca has been hacked or wondered what is going on. It’s not a hack, it’s a

Alberta sitrep: Return of the Bitumen Bubble, sort of, rains on otherwise cheerful Prentice parade

Just when you think you’re finding your way out of the woods, there’s that damned Bitumen Bubble again. This time, it’s crude oil prices that are The special problem

Opponents beyond PC ranks start to take aim at Alberta Tory leadership candidate Jim Prentice

VICTORIA, B.C. Jim Prentice, you're in the crosshairs now (metaphorically speaking). And if you manage to win the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party next Saturday – which everyone