Dispatches from British Columbia: This is what you call a close election

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This is what you call a close election.

When your blogger gave up and packed it in for the night, the vote in the British Columbia general election was still essentially a tie: B.C. Liberals 42, B.C. New Democrats 42, and Greens 3.

By morning a lot may have changed, or very little, in which case the Lieutenant Governor will have to do her job.

Either way, I don’t suppose it’ll be long before Premier Christy Clark is looking for new employment.

This could result in a situation that’s sad but not bad for Alberta’s New Democrats: an unsympathetic but easy-to-work-with Liberal government, either a slight majority or a narrow minority. This, by the way, would be the most heartbreaking outcome for B.C.’s social democrats since the squeaker election of 1952 that brought W.A.C. Bennett’s Social Credit Party to power.

Or one that’s bad but not so sad: a simpatico but harder-to-work-with NDP government.

Or one that’s just terrible: The otherwise likely to be co-operative Liberals propped up by extremely unco-operative Greens.

There will be more when we know the results and have some time to think about them. Until then …

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