Important fake news: Canada, Alberta to erect huge ‘Mother Oil’ statue near Fort Mac?

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Screenshot of the fake news site. Below: Publisher David Climenhaga in his misspent youth, when he still had hair. Painting by Ryn Climenhaga.

Alberta Diary is pleased to announce a new website in the vast and growing Alberta Diary online publishing empire:, which can also be found at, appears to be some Blogspot site when you open it because the price was right and the skill-set to use it wasn’t too advanced for a sexagenarian blogger, said David Climenhaga, publisher of the Alberta Diary blog.

“Pretty soon this operation will be as huge as Jim Pattison Industries, or Huffington Post Canada, anyway,” said Mr. Climenhaga, who is authorized to comment on whatever he feels like, even stuff that didn’t happen like everything on WTF Alberta. “Soon enough, it’ll certainly be bigger than PostMedia News, whatever that is.”

“Plus,” Mr. Climenhaga said, “I was pretty chuffed that someone else thought of Daveberta first, and got it registered before I could steal the idea, so, speaking of making stuff up, this is sort of to make up for that.”

Almost everything on the WTF Alberta site will be made up, Climenhaga said, which is a lot like the mainstream media. “But mainstream media uses mostly accurate quotes to lead readers to false conclusions. WTF Alberta uses mostly fake quotes to lead readers to the truth. So this is sort of like a metaphor. Get it?”

A spokesperson for WTF Alberta, who could not be identified because that’s already starting to be sort of a running gag around there, said he did not know what, if anything, the initials WTF stand for. “So stop making stuff up just because you all have dirty minds!”

Fake news will no longer appear on Alberta Diary, which is way too serious for that kind of thing. The photos of things that are not exactly as illustrated, however, will remain. Mr. Climenhaga is still thinking about what to do with Perfesser Dave.

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