After reflecting on Premier Danielle Smith’s recent words of chastisement, the bad boy of Alberta conservatism, David Parker, said in a tweet yesterday evening that he’s repented and “will not use personal insults in my public communications going forward.”

Federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, the last target on X of Mr. Parker’s ire (Photo: Facebook/Pierre Poilievre).

Having been publicly spanked by the premier for slagging federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre and his wife, I wondered on Feb. 29 if Take Back Alberta’s founder and abrasive serial tweeter would meekly do as he’d been told or if he’d grow even more defiant. 

Now we have the answer. 

“I have returned insult with insult and injury with injury,” Mr. Parker Xclaimed last night. “In doing so, I have brought disgrace to the name of Christ.”

This suggests Mr. Parker may still think he’s more influential than he really is. After all, Christ’s reputation has been well enough established for a few years now that it’s unlikely to be tarnished by the rudeness of a social media over-user from Central Alberta. 

Be that as it may, “the only path forward is repentance,” he continued. “That means turning around and going the other way.” Hence the pledge to quit with the insults, which is certainly likely to be a good thing for Mr. Parker’s mental wellbeing. 

Former Conservative prime minister and once David Parker’s boss, Stephen Harper (Photo: Worldwide Speakers Group).

Still, that must have been a heck of a can of whoop-ass the premier, or someone, opened on the previously unrepentant former self-described “Stephen Harper storm trooper,” who once boasted his TBA supporters had pushed out Jason Kenney and warned the replacement premier to be careful or “there would probably be a grassroots movement to remove Smith if she didn’t do what she said she’d do.”

After all, TBA supporters do nowadays control the United Conservative Party’s governing board. 

Does Mr. Parker’s pledge mean he intends to be less ruthless in his targeting of political foes, or just that he’ll be more civil about it? 

It’s hard to say from a careful reading of his statement. “I weaponized my words instead of speaking the truth in love,” Mr. Parker said. This sounds like an intention to continue saying the same things, just with better manners. (This is known as the love-the-sinner, hate-the-sin school of admonishment.)

“I am not asking for anyone’s forgiveness,” he also said. “Other people will have to decide whether they forgive me on their own terms.” Does one detect a note of haughtiness? An haughty spirit, as regular readers of this blog will know, goeth before a fall. 

Former Alberta premier Jason Kenney, run out of office by Mr. Parker’s Take Back Alberta followers (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

Does Mr. Parker still intend to have Take Back Alberta supporters take over Alberta school boards and run out superintendents and principals who will not do their will? That remains to be seen, I guess. But I wouldn’t bet against it.

Does he still want the leadership of Alberta Health Services to know that “We are coming for you, and we will not rest until your evil communist ideology is eradicated from the face of this province”?

Hard to say. That tweet has been sent down the Memory Hole, although it can still be found if you look, because the Internet is almost forever, if not quite eternity. Anyway, Ms. Smith seems to be taking care of that.

Internet chatter says Naheed Nenshi will announce NDP leadership bid next week

There continues to be chatter on social media about the second coming of Naheed Nenshi, the former three-term Calgary mayor who is expected to toss his cap into the Alberta NDP leadership ring next Monday. 

Former Calgary mayor and putative NDP leadership candidate Naheed Nenshi (Photo: Cindy Hierlihy.)

This, presumably, means that Mr. Nenshi’s campaign team is busy stoking the fire to make sure his announcement – and the presumed acceptance of his candidacy by the Opposition party – is enthusiastically greeted when it’s made.

There are people in NDP circles who worry about the impact on the party of a candidate who not long ago at all wasn’t even a member, but at this point in the campaign it would be pretty hard to tell Mr. Nenshi he had to go away. 

Meanwhile, despite a rumour to the contrary, Alberta Federation of Labour President Gil McGowan told me yesterday that he’s still planning to run. “The party is still vetting me,” he said. “I’m still waiting for the green light.” 

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  1. “In doing so, I have brought disgrace to the name of Christ.”

    If this Christofascist thinks that this is all he’s done to bring disgrace to the name of Christ, he’s sadly deluded.

  2. Yes, I suspect Mr. Parker was less motivated by the thoughts of what would Jesus do than by someone in the political world strong arming him. Perhaps in a life before politics, Double Down Dani was a good wrestler and she pinned him down, twisted his arm behind his back hard until he promised to be nicer.

    Whatever happened, it probably just means he will be a bit more polite and perhaps refrain from so much friendly fire. I doubt there was any lasting conversion or revalation on the road to somewhere. So at some point, I expect his true character will reassert itself in some way probably when his handler least expects it or loses control over him.

  3. I don’t think that David Parker has settled down. Take Back Alberta is a undemocratic entity, and is harmful to the well being of Alberta, and to Albertans, like the UCP are. We were much better off with Rachel Notley and the NDP, because they were the closest thing we ever had in government in Alberta, to Peter Lougheed.

  4. I, for one, am glad the TBA crowd is around, making a ruckus and holding the Premier’s foot to the fire as so to speak. Even if you do not agree with them all the time it’s nice to see a little feistiness in the populace. It’s one of the essential characteristics of democracy, the ability to raise questions and be skeptical about everything they’re told.

    1. Raising questions about and being skeptical of proven facts is antithetical to democratic discourse. But that is the goal of right wing BannonTech­® flooding the zone with shit, amiright?

    2. The brown shirts could have been called “feisty”, I think was your word. But only by other brown shirts or by the even more utterly lost.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

    3. Disagreements on ‘good’ policy is always useful, but the policies she keeps dreaming up because of this guy’s fantasies are destined to dump Alberta in the slough. We need intelligent discourse and debate, not fanaticism.

  5. I like Nenshi, but I don’t think he’s the right person to lead the NDP. He’s not a committed New Democrat, and he’d just be a bright shiny object dangled in front of the electorate, rather than the dedicated, hardworking NDP stalwart the party actually needs.

    That said, his rhetorical skills are undeniable, and he’d certainly bring some media attention to the race, so if he wants to enter it, fine. If he does, though, we need to hear from him if he will run as an NDP candidate at the next election regardless of whether he’s elected Leader. If the answer to that question is anything but an immediate and enthusiastic “absolutely yes”, we need to steer clear of him.

    1. It doesn’t matter to me whether Nenshi is committed to NDP ideology or not. People should care more about which leadership candidate is most likely to win the next election. Personally, I would support Satan himself if he could defeat Batshit. The AB NDP need someone who will win.

    2. Too tribal actually, too cultish, especially when we so urgently need to get rid of the psycho cons, a tall guy who won mayor of the WORLD and represents progressive Calgarians is exactly what’s needed and bottom line–the current iteration of the NDP has lost twice. He’s also Muslim, so religious but keeps that to himself, which is what rube David Parker and co. should also do along with all evangelicals. More and more of us in this age of lies insist on the truth, and the god idea definitely doesn’t make the cut.

  6. “Disgrace to the name of Christ?”
    What on earth is going on in Alberta.?
    Full MAGA?

  7. If we’re going with Christian values, I’m voting for the candidate who can turn oil into water. Or wine at least.
    I’m counting on you Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse. Or are we still holding out for Messiah Mad Max Parker to see the light on the road to Edmonton?
    And speaking of local news, the Lethbridge Herald still has some. This farmer says he’s capturing machinery emissions and turning them into fertilizer. Apparently, the pancake flour grown with this treatment is easier on the stomach too, so less emissions all around! Sounds like a win win to me.

  8. The only candidate I have less enthusiasm for than Nenshi is McGowan. Nice enough fella, but he hasn’t shown for a second that he’s capable of the job, he’s barely capable at the job he has.

    Both of these candidates will govern whichever way the wind is blowing, if (and I sincerely doubt it) they have the gravitas to form government in the first place.

    Elections should not be considered based on which side can be more compliant with what business wants.

  9. David Parker dresses like Steve Jobs, I’m guessing because he thinks that’s how smart people dress, and I’m betting he has a copy of his book.

    Just mentioning it because Steve Jobs was also a narcissistic little wiener who had delusions of grandeur, rather loose ethics, and loved to take credit where credit WAS not due.

    Steve is the hero of people who worship tech but don’t know anything about it, or who actually made what. He might as well be following John De Ruitter.


    1. I think wee Davey is more like another billionaire mono-wardrobe wearer, the Zuck. The soulless eyes really tie that comparison together.

  10. If Alberta separates, I sincerely hope that the province itself splits in two. The southern half with its roots in American-cowboy-strange religions-wheat zeitgeist could apply to join the US directly or via NAFTA/ USMC. The northern half with its roots in crops- Franco/Ukrainian settlement-resource extraction-Catholicism could remain in Canada or join SK-MB and possibly the Territories. Or not. Parker could be caught in a love tryst in a seedy motel before ascending to heaven. Dani could be caught shoplifting at Target in Grand Bend. Or not.

    1. There’s almost no chance an attempt to secede from Canada would win. Legal issues aside, people generally back away from huge decisions that can ruin their lives, even if they get the decision they want. Also, politics would rear its ugly head yet again; remember how the Quebec separatists howled when Ottawa said “If Canada is divisible, so is Quebec”?

      And yet…if the world DID turn upside down, where would we draw the line? Straight across? North or south of Red Deer? (I vote north.) How about by area code? 780 stays in Canada, 403 separates. I guess Canada keeps the national parks; no question about Jasper, anyway, but Banff is part of the package; we’re keeping it. Waterton Lakes might cause some issues, though.

      Oh, did we mention the Free Alberta Fantasists have to take their share of the provincial debt with them? How free do you feel now?

  11. So Mr. Parker has decided to play nice with the other kids? Gee, that “cease-and-desist” letter must have been convincing.

  12. i’m reminded of the saying ” scripture in the mouth of a snake still sounds like hissing”.

  13. Xclaimed! Brilliant! If I see one more “…on X (formally known as Twitter)”…Let’s just hope no grand-children are in the room or they may learn some new words.

    1. Mr. Allan: Please note that down, I want the first credit when the Oxford Dictionary declares Xclaimed to be a new word. DJC

      1. Cool: I don’t disagree with the suggestion in your other comment. But I couldn’t prove it in a court of law, so it will have to be spiked and simply be understood by both you and me that you are probably right. DJC

  14. I think this is from the same school of thought that decided to parse persecution of trans children and trans women in sports with love and concern: the school of narcissistic abuse.

    Also, Jesus Christ Superstar was a movie. I doubt very much anyone would pay to see a Mr. Mouthy Mouth movie, although the hand puppet version was amusing.

  15. By all means, let’s stick with the longtime NDP stalwarts for the leadership. So far our NDP stalwarts have come out with lowering taxes (Conservative policy), eliminating carbon pricing (another Conservative policy) and disassociating from the NDP Federally. Are people afraid that Nenshi will promote traditional NDP policies and stray from the Neoliberal policies of the NDP stalwarts?

    1. Jaundiced, I agree! I feel the party has a coterie of left-wing TBA who are afraid to move forward as the world progresses. As Albertans have shown, they are not into principles; heck, 50% of them do not even have a moral compass, as proven by Smith’s election and ongoing support. Only by moving forward into today’s world can the NDP hope to appeal to Albertans. This does not mean abandoning principles, but adopting principles for today. I plan to support Nenshi, who is the only viable candidate.

      1. 50% of albertans do not support the UCP. For that to be true 100% of eligible voters would have had to have voted, and those votes would have to count 1 for 1, which they don’t, because alberta is heavily gerrymandered in favour of rural ridings.

        As far as left wing TBA, I feel like that it’s possible you don’t actually understand what constitutes a left wing position. As far as “principles for today”, I literally have no idea what you’re talking about, as you haven’t listed any principles. Sounds a lot like vague hand waving

  16. Ms. Smith should ship Mr. Parker to Brian Jean’s family car wash in Fort Mac to wash away his disgrace with the name of Christ. A good hose down should do the trick.

  17. Here is the real story behind Take Back Alberta. To put it simply it is a grassroots nonprofit educational platform that helps ordinary Albertans learn how to perform their civic duties which is our constitutional right. David Parker has an extensive background in politics and so he shares his knowledge with the audience so that they may affect greatly needed changes in our province. Historically people used to get involved in political decision making by showing up and having a voice and somewhere along the line that has deteriorated. While we have all been sleeping, assuming our representatives are taking care of everything for us, things have taken a turn for the worse. TBA is not at all what the mainstream media makes it out to be, nor what Ottawa or the NDP portray it as. Of course they would like to destroy this grassroots movement for the last thing they want is for the people of this province/country to be informed. No one is doing anything illegal or extremist at all but quite simply just the citizens of Alberta showing up and standing up for their democratic rights. I wish that all Albertans would attend a meeting to find out for themselves the truth and how self empowering it can be. TBA truly is working towards a brighter and freer future for Alberta. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    1. Wow, I’m not sure whether I should laugh or be outraged by the complete idiocy of this missive. This looks like a word-for-word script reading right off the TBA website. Please Lois, if that is indeed your real name, enlighten us rubes exactly how the TBA/Parker is of any benefit to anyone unless you are a white Christian fascist seeking a theocracy in Alberta? I eagerly await your response. In the very unlikely event you are not a paid troll and actually believe the tripe you wrote you have effectively a) shattered my hope that dangerous morons aren’t trying to take over the province and b) reaffirmed my belief that a basic IQ test should be required in order to vote at any level.

  18. The ghost of Ronald Reagan rises again. I didn’t know Thomas Jefferson, as Ronald did, but I certainly know Jesus Christ who is a friend of mine. I have him on my speed dial. He told me that he is not the least bit offended by Mr. Parker or feels that any further disgrace has been brought to His name (big H…he gets a big letter H, he’s pretty important). Doesn’t anyone even remember what he said just moments before He died for the sins of the world and the curtain of the Holy of Holies in the temple was torn in two.

    In case you don’t because your Holy Bible has got a fine coating of dust like so many others, what he did say was “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”. I think it’s going to take a lot more than some relatively unknown, self-important, ego-maniac from Alberta, Canada, of all places, spewing vitriolic hate and abuse on the X-Universe to even register on the Lord and Savior’s Disgrace meter. He’s got more important things to do getting ready practicing on His Seven Trumpets for the upcoming end of the world gig. That thankfully includes the demise of all these worldly political systems that have been messing up Creation since Jesus and His Father reluctantly allowed King Saul to start the political ball rolling so many years ago.

    When I asked Jesus about David Parker he said “You mean the guy who played for the Pittsburg Pirates….that guy?” So there you go, Mr. Parker, not the baseball player but Premier Dani’s acquaintance, you don’t have a thing to worry about.

    1. I’m still not sure if this was satire or not. But I will say that when it comes to TBA/Parker we as Albertans have a lot to worry about. A LOT.

      1. Well when it comes to opinions about politics, I defer to “Opinions are like the gluteus maximus….everyone has one”. When many of us express those opinions, it often tends to show that some of us are a bigger gluteus maximus than others. So I try to keep my opinion in the satirical end of the political swimming pool.

  19. So the publicly funded Catholic school system in Alberta isn’t enough for the god boy and his followers? After reading that he read the bible TWELVE times, even memorizing part of it, the Muslim madrasas come to mind, along with brainwashing and fanaticism. Clearly he’s primarily interested in indoctrination, not modern education as we have all come to know it.
    Even though we’re one of only three provinces in the country who still generously fund a parallel faith-based system (along with private schools and under the UCP– charter schools, often also faith-based) despite the inevitable fiscal inefficiencies, not to mention the ongoing affront to our supposedly SECULAR system that values the separation of church and state (“don’t pray in my school and I won’t think in your church”), positing PUBLIC education as a vital cornerstone of democracy.
    But Parker openly admits that he wants to “decentralize” and break down the institutions of democracy and is coming for our school boards now with his cheerleader Denial Smith in tow, a collaborator in the necessary societal changes required. He also openly admits to having a “messianic complex” which supports Jerry Seinfeld’s astute observation that “all men are low-level superheroes in their own minds,” the variation being that religious guys are low-level GODS in their own minds.
    I say bring it on King David and your flock…. the “lake of fire” crap has finally broken through to the light of REAL POWER.
    The UCP have claimed there will be a referendum on pulling us out of the CPP, but where’s the referendum on whether or not we prefer a theocracy over a democracy?

    1. Ms. Pargeter: Mr. Parker’s dreams of decentralization need to be considered with a grain of salt. TBA and the UCP only in favour of school boards going their own way if that way is away from diversity, equality and fairness. Movement toward diversity and fairness will be ruthlessly quashed, just as the UCP government overrules municipal governments that try to stray outside the provinces ideological boundaries. DJC

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