Now that he’s been ordered by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith shut the heck up and stop slagging federal Conservative boss Pierre Poilievre and his lovely wife, will Take Back Alberta’s founder and sometime executive director David Parker meekly do as he’s told or will he make like Darth Vader and move to take over the known universe?

Pave Darker … as Dave Parker would like us to see him (Photo:

In other words, is he the sinister political operative who knows no bounds, an image he’s carefully curated for himself, or will he meekly obey the premier’s command and pull the plug on his X account, which has become the No. 1 source of entertainment in Alberta for bored politicos with a smartphone?

As reported by The Globe and Mail yesterday – which means that as of now it’s officially news everywhere in Canada – Premier Smith said at a news conference that she had advised Mr. Parker to “to delete his X account and to get some help” after he took to tweeting crudely about Mr. Poilievre, his wife Anaida, and their relationship.

That, Ms. Smith said, was “inappropriate and hurtful.”

Oddly, though, for months the lad from Clive, AB, used the same social media platform to publish a long stream of ugly personal attacks on various Alberta and Canadian political figures and no one from the UCP appeared to take offence.

To be fair, Ms. Smith also claims to have urged Mr. Parker to quit mocking the physical appearance of NDP leadership candidate Sarah Hoffman and former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who is thought to be considering seeking the same job, in social media posts. Of course, both are tough and experienced politicians quite capable of giving as good as they get and have shrugged off Mr. Parker’s juvenile shots.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith at Tuesday’s news conference (Photo: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr).

According to the premier, she told Mr. Parker “that those kinds of comments are unprofessional and it does not help to elevate the discussion in the public square.”

Ms. Smith may well have said that, although as we know from her telephone conversation with radical street preacher Artur Pawlowski in the spring of 2023 that what she says she said isn’t necessarily what she actually said. We know this because, as it turned out last year, Mr. Pawlowski or someone on the line recorded the conversation, then leaked it.

Naturally, one wonders if Mr. Parker recorded his phone call with Ms. Smith for future reference. Of course, once bitten, twice shy, the premier may have been more careful with her words as a result of her experience.

“He doesn’t work for me,” Ms. Smith told the news conference attended by members of her cabinet and representatives of the Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations. “He’s not on my payroll. He doesn’t have a position on any of our boards of directors. He operates an independent organization.” 

The latter point is true, but, as a wise political commentator of my acquaintance explained it, there are a lot of independent factions operating within the fetid ecosystem of the UCP nowadays, some as extreme as TBA, which controls the party’s board.

Extremist preacher Artur Pawlowski (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

The Alberta commentariat is certainly taking her rebuke of Mr. Parker seriously. 

“TBA’s David Parker speaks up after Premier Smith slams him down,” reads the headline on Rick Bell’s Postmedia column yesterday. “Premier Smith blasts David Parker of TBA for attacks on Poilievre and wife,” said the one over a similar column by Don Braid on the same website the day before. 

Those two commentaries make it sound as if the premier’s comments were reminiscent of a scripture that Mr. Parker, home schooled as he was by an evangelical pastor and his wife in rural Central Alberta, would certainly be familiar with. “Verily I say unto thee, That this night, before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.”

Such a development would not surprise anyone who has followed Ms. Smith’s career.

A button worn by supporters of Smith mentor Tom Flanagan at the 2013 Manning Conference in Ottawa (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

Consider the way she cut off Tom Flanagan, her professor, mentor, and campaign manager in the 2012 election when she led the Wildrose Party to defeat at the hands of Alison Redford, whose political sins seem almost quaint in the rear-view mirror compared to the operations of the Smith Government.

Ms. Smith dumped Dr. Flanagan as quickly as the Canadian wing of the Ditchley Foundation ditched Mr. Parker when he became an embarrassment to that exclusive club. 

But would Ms. Smith really dare to cast David Parker somewhere darker, if not quite into utter darkness? 

Or does she still need to keep him sweet to avoid embarrassing rifts within the United Conservative Party?

That might explain Mr. Parker’s continuing appearances with Ms. Smith’s transportation minister, Devin Dreeshen, at meetings to collaborate on setting up a TBA-style municipal political party, soon to be permitted by UCP legislation. 

Alberta Transportation Minister Devin Dreeshen at Tuesday’s news conference (Photo: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr).

Likewise, will Mr. Parker stick with the Darker Side of his personality and declare war on Ms. Smith, whom he has made amply clear is not the boss of him, or will he meekly submit now that Ms. Smith has given him his marching orders? 

From everything we’ve seen so far, his instinct will be to fight back, as he suggested in a Telegram post quoted by the Globe: “If we are seen as simply radical right-wing extremists who blindly support every right wing politician no matter what they do, then the general public will be trained to isolate us.”

Surely Mr. Parker will feel the need to prove that while he may be a radical right-winger, he’s one who’s got principles. 

It’s hard to believe the guy who put Ms. Smith on the throne after successfully declaring war on Jason Kenney won’t be thirsting for revenge after a public dressing down.

So Ms. Smith and Mr. Poilievre should probably brace themselves for more attacks from right field.

Pass the popcorn!

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  1. Parker does seem to have many issues, oddly some even apparently with Poilievre’s wife. It is a small and sometimes brutal world in conservative politics and I gather his most recent bozo eruption is payback for some past alleged slights or mistreatment.

    Aside from being a sort of embarrassing uncle, who even makes right wing conservatives cringe, his eruptions lately seem to have become more frequent and more filled with personal animosity. It has the feeling of an unstable solar mass about to collapse or blow up and inflict considerable collateral damage on the nearby conservative political ecosystem.

    So perhaps that is why prominent conservatives are now pleading for him to shut up. Or maybe they are afraid they will be his next victim. In any event, people who are reckless with what they say and accumulate too many political enemies seldom thrive in the political world.

    So, one way or another, they will try to bring Parker to heel. It will be interesting to see how successful this is, as he does not seem to be very keen on restraint or contrition.

  2. Maybe we’re witnessing the birth of a new right-wing political party in AB. Imagine!

    N.B. the quote from Matthew 26:34 is priceless.

    1. Had thought of that also. Might not be big enough to defeat the UPC but it could result in an NDP win. Then he can say, watch out, I can do this again.

    1. It’s an example of sui-generated intrareflection betwixt two black-hole blemishes in a clear blue sky, a greater one to drool over the most powerfully exceptionalistic nation in history and a lesser one to drool over the remote high-prairie redoubt of religious self-righteousness in the cystic autocthony of a deluded mindset—even though, through the lesser mirror only half-silvered, commutative virtue-signalling is precluded with the greater one and thus relegated to invisible, one-way imitation without acknowledgement from the one it most sincerely needs to flatter.

      Phew! Even watching from a safe distance is bound to produce a pelletized fur-ball!

  3. Mr. Parker may find out the hard way that he is not as influential as he thinks he is.

    Ralph Klein used to say something like ‘look to see which direction the parade is going, then get in front of it’. This is exactly what David Parker did vis-à-vis Jason Kenney and Covid restrictions, and he discovered he was in front of a large, angry parade, that he then led to Kenney’s uncrowning. The point is, he just got in front of a parade that was heading in that direction anyway. From that experience, however, he has gotten the impression he is capable of changing the direction of a parade, and I am yet to be convinced he can.

    I think leading people of faith is quite possible; pretty much by definition, once they are convinced to be followers, they will follow, so Parker probably has that demographic under control, but other conservatives are really libertarian and, as Jason Kenney discovered, leading them is like herding cats.

  4. Sorry, got distracted by my latest letter from Bennett Jones detailing the pristine viewscape Northback Holdings will leave in the eastern slopes. Rainbows and unicorns, guys! Promise, we’ll only use a little itty bit of water this time. Delightfully, the package came complete with the letter from Brian Jean egging the AER on. Somebody’s feeling left out of the BIG DECISIONS. But yes, back to the column- thank you for updating me on the latest in the Barbie-Ken saga. Oh no, not them? Marlaina vs. Jesus? Oops, can’t seem to keep up with reality TV, my bad.

  5. You really have to wonder what David Parker’s motivation is undermining Pierre Poilievre. Is he so drunk on what he perceives as his great power that he is just throwing abuse anywhere, or does he have some kind of strategy happening?

    The CPC has a history of dumping its leader after an election loss. Is he thinking that if the CPC loses next year’s election he can become the next CPC leader?

  6. Every day, my anger grows at the team that devised Ms. Notley’s disastrous 2023 campaign. Gallipoli? Pearl Harbor? The damage that the right will cause to Alberta and, as importantly, to Canada could be immeasurable and irreversible. To the ramparts!

    1. From the BC perspective it’s Deja vu all over again: when the BC NDP blew a 20-point lead going into and losing the 2013 election because of its foolish “positive politics”campaign, deep disappointment was eventually felt by voters of every stripe while the far-right victor inflicted substantial, lasting, and often irreparable damage to the public weal as we looked on in horror, seemingly helpless, at least for that sorry four year term.

      Nevertheless, when 16 years of BC Liberal perfidy was terminated in 2017 and the full extent of its damage finally revealed, the resulting outrage was, for a time, uncontainable. But the disgraced party has since shattered to psephological irrelevance, and the new Dipper government, although saddled with a daunting neo-right legacy, rolled up its sleeves and embarked upon the long, difficult journey of repair. The electorate appears to approve: the Dippers are on track to win an unprecedented third straight term in October.

      The most remarkable result of this change has been the subsequent calming of anger and recrimination which for two decades was cynically cultivated by the previous ruling party—so long that we’d almost forgotten such a political possibility could exist. Yet it does.

      Anger mustered to defeat a corrupt government is justifiable, but it’s unhelpful come time to repair the damage and needn’t be rekindled every time we’re reminded the bastards did it to us on purpose to favour crony insiders. Occasional, momentary rankle should simply—and calmly— remind us to never elect a neo-right government, never, never, ever again.

      Keeping it, using it, anger can be a good servant but, as Parker ironically illustrates, it is a bad master.

  7. Hopefully, now is the time to follow Napoleon’s adage “never interfere with your enemy when he is busy destroying himself”.

  8. While Parker might be pulling strings behind the scenes, make no mistake. Marlaina only does what’s best for herself and the billionaires who really run the show in Alberta. No money for hospitals, but hundreds of millions for new arenas that only the big shots with tax write-offs can afford to go to.
    The systematic dismantling of the healthcare and education systems is by design; it’s easier to privatize these once they have been destroyed.
    Marlaina has made Alberta a laughingstock with her latest efforts to drive away investment in the clean energy industry. We could have led the world in the transition to clean energy, but Marlaina’s fossil fuel overlords have decreed otherwise.
    I didn’t think it was possible for a politician to be more corrupt and pigheaded than Kenney, but Marlaina keeps lowering the bar. I’m not sure Alberta can withstand four years of her incompetence and venality.

  9. After following the links & reading, I commented to my wife “and here is stark reminder of the difference between Canadians and Americans.”

    Trump & other right wing figures routinely get away with the type of commentary Parker is doing. Fellow travellers like Smith pushing back is not common in the U.S.

    Perhaps the stereotypical polite Canadian is not that much of a stereotype after all. That thought is encouraging.

    1. Gerald: I honestly don’t think it’s because Canadians are more polite or decent. I believe it’s because Canadian defamation law is much more severe, and heavily tilted against the defendant. Pretty much the opposite situation has prevailed in the United States since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Times v. Sullivan in 1964. This may not have much impact on social media users, some of whom do FA and FO, but it does on professional journalists, who contribute to setting the tone of public discourse. DJC

      1. I could not agree more David. We do have the tendency to think that we are no just more polite but also more civilized.
        Give each decent Canadian a gun and you will see what happens.
        Come to Edmonton downtown for a coffee at Tim Hortons and you will see our decency.

  10. Things are getting sticky with Peter Parker and the webs he’s spun. Er, I mean David. “Will you walk into my parlour?”

  11. Danielle Smith comments “He doesn’t work for me,” is true, David Parker does not work for Danielle Smith, she works for David Parker and the take back Alberta crowd. “He’s not on my payroll. He doesn’t have a position on any of our boards of directors. He operates an independent organization.” My payroll? Does Danielle mean government payroll. As for operating an independent organization, TBA has take over the UCP board, which controls Smith, thus Parker is her boss. He may not sit on any boards but Parker tells the board what to do, and in turn Danielle takes her marching orders, Parental rights comes to mind.
    Smith is a lobbyist, acting as a premier, others are pulling her strings, Smith is a puppet for TBA and David Parker.

  12. David Parker likens himself to a great political operator. He sees himself as a latter day Napoleon and Alexander the Great. He destroyed the mercurial career of Jason Kenney and personally selected Danielle Smith to succeed him. And to soldify his influence, he took over the UCP and remade it in his own image. So, why is Parker on his latest campaign of rage?

    For one thing, Smith has effectively pulled the plug on any talk of massive tax cuts and tax reforms in Alberta, arguing that Alberta is too broke to buy NHL arenas anymore. (But they still are) And I wonder if TBA is PO’d at the UCP’s intended cuts and privatization of healthcare in Alberta? Maybe Queen Danielle has become drunk on her own hubris?

    Looking to the stellar rise of Skippy Pollivere, maybe Parker sees another CON who is drunk on his own hubris? Maybe it’s time to take Pollivere down a peg or two and remind him that Parker made him the leader of the CPC. Parker even declared that he wishes he would have supported Leslyn Lewis for the leadership, who he regards and a person of sterling character and unbreakable morality.

    We’ll have to see if Parker can pull enough influence for another powerplay. Or, maybe he’s like a lot a CONs, a big bag of hot air.

  13. Parker doesn’t work for Smith. Smith works for Parker—for free. She only got the big chair because Parker, the messiah of Alberta so-con rageheads, got his disciples to vote for her. Twice.

    It sure looks like Parker badly overstepped this time, yammering about Poilievre and his alleged affair with—who, again? I neither know nor care. But beaking off on Ex-Twitter is a stupidly libellous way to vent your spleen. I wonder if Poilievre’s lawyers have sent the “cease-and-desist” letter yet.

    Oh, and about scriptural references. I very much doubt that any of the three alleged fellow-travellers, Smith, Parker or Poilievre, are willing to “turn the other cheek.” There’s a three-way smackdown in the making. Is Parker smart enough, and brave enough, to back down and apologize? Will Smith beg Parker to let it go so they can pretend it never happened? Will Poilievre take the moral high road and loftily ignore the crude and hateful comments from a mere peon? Will they agree that—mad as they are at each other—they absolutely loathe Justin Trudeau, so let’s forget it and go back to Justin-bashing?

    Sometimes I suspect the Cons hate each other almost as much as they hate everybody else.

    1. I think you’re wrong, Mike. They hate each other MORE than they hate the rest of us. DJC

      1. David saw you at the launch of Sarah Hoffman leadership ‘convention’. You know the lady that David Parker makes fun of. I kept wondering what he sees when he looks in the mirror? Cinderella?

  14. Woo hoo! Bring it on! Pave Darker vs. Duh Smith and PP2.0 on the Internet coliseum X or maybe in even more public ways, ‘cuz Pave is a pretty nervy guy.
    Will he show up to her pressers and, well, press her? Will he continue to project his own fantasies about Smith vis a vis PP2.0 and wife? Will the nebbish gnome from Trollville continue to attack rivals based on their appearance?
    Smith is attempting to deligitimise Darker so that his inevitable attempts to dethrone her will fall flatter than a prairie landscape. Beware the Ides of March 2025, my prediction for when he takes her down. But if he somehow maintains leadership among his TBA goons, it could be well before then. Let the games begin! And yes pass the corn please.

  15. A house that is divided cannot stand. The Conservatives have division, and they will not be able to stand. David Parker is very caustic, and he will take the UCP and the CPC down. Danielle Smith only reacts, after. She’s friends with him, so she knew in advance what he is like.

  16. I somehow think something is off balance with Dave Parker. I watched an interview with Parker and Dean Blundell. There was something quite narcissistic and grandiose about Parker. He also came across as having the developmental level of a 15 year old. His understanding of adult relationships was just plain juvenile. Altogether he appeared to have a grudge against the federal Conservative Party, for not recognizing his magnificent political and organizational talents , and making him their chief strategist and Federal organizer. I don’t believe he can understand his deficiencies, and what a great organizer needs. But he does take personal offense, because people don’t recognize his great talent.

  17. If the three are going to war, its fine by me, as long as they don’t burn the province down while they’re at it.
    PP is not a measured pleasant fellow. If he retaliates it could be used by other parties in negative ads during the campaign

    Peters maybe good at this game but he isn’t premier or leader of the opposition so it puts him at a disadvantage. If he doesn’t deliver for the billionaire class, they may find some one else.

    Smith, not the smartest thing in Alberta, so although she might be o.k. at political games, I don’t know if she has the brains to follow through with attacks and win/

    As some one above said, bring on the pop corn. O.K. I’d rather have chips, but the show ought to be good. This could make a half decent t.v. script. New T.V. series, governments and disorder.

  18. As it says in the bible. The man shall be the dog of the woman and when she says jump the pitiful subservient man will say how high? That’s exactly why David the dog will do what his master Danielle tells him to do.

  19. “Parker! Get in here!”

    “she had advised Mr. Parker to “to delete his X account and to get some help””

    “Get some help.”

    Apparently lots of “help” for the unhinged economically privileged class is urgently needed, but there is simply not enough of it to go around.

    //////I didn’t joke. I was serious about hanging foreign funded protestors – undermining our nation – for treason.

    What would you like to do to them?

    — * W. Brett Wilson * (@WBrettWilson) March 26, 2018//////

    1. Alkyl– and considering that W.Brett Wilson was mainly responsible for getting Tucker to come to Alberta, his attacks on PMJT that impo should/ could be liabel but then that’s what “friends are for “.

      What I find intriguing in ‘Peyton Place’ : Alberta style is that no one has said anything about the other woman. Whom in this case is not just a shadowy unknown figure, but Skippy’s chief adviser, and another CONservative/ Reformer who came up through the ranks right from Preston/ Harper days. I would put a small wager on her advising Marlaina, since Skippy dare not make comment. And forgive me, but oddly enough I don’t think that Parker’s remarks were disparaging to Anaida; especially since if anybody has been paying attention, Skippy has not been at home for the last year and a half.
      For someone who likes to dis’ the PM for flying around doing his job— PP has put on a lifetime of frequent flier miles since last Jan. Going by Parker’s other(2nd) tweet, I got the impression he was taking more of a shot at Jenni and that one was on a more personal level. Heck, they were all part of the group one way or another- that Spider web had more filaments than Charolette could create.
      Either way, Mr Cool was having a hard time trying not to show the thin veneer, you could almost see the smoke rising. His usual vitriol level was running on red alert.

      And FWIW— Tyee article about the ‘Aussie invasion’ aka coal mining — another successful deflection by DS/TBA / Steve Bannon/ David Pecker ??—-if you can’t find a story, make one up and if it involves a “menage et trois” that’s just gravy…..

      But– Now a former conservative PM has come to the rescue of all and sundry….I’ll just leave it at that. Everyone will take a deep breath and try and act civilized for a few days (fingers crossed) .

      IMHO— those boots, from my first year in Calgary; I was told that those were called s**t-kickers , which to my way of thinking describes the budget pretty well, though in typical UCP fashion, imprecise equipment….this calls for the New Holland 195. Just don’t muck up the view. After all 35 miles in Alberta isn’t like 35 miles in Saskatchewan, especially if you look/see like a gopher.

  20. Well, at least she didn’t give Parker a sloppy nickname like Donald F tRump gave Steve Bannon.

    Hey, Danielle! You might just be a Canadian after all!!

    1. Scotty: Trump called Mr. Bannon “Sloppy Steve,” no? That’s not really a nickname, though, just an insulting if accurate description. I would have called him Two Shirts, which isn’t much better. The president who really did nicknames was George W. Bush, who had a talent for nicknaming, whatever his other flaws might have been. Pooty-poot, for the president of Russia, Dino for Jean Chretien, Rock for Barack Obama, and, my personal favourite, Turd Blossom for Karl Rove. Now those were nicknames! DJC

      1. You really do have a salty side! Well, such as it is, I have a tiresome nickname for David Parker that will never roll off the tongue! “Impacted bowel syndrome in need of urgent surgery”. Catchy? Yah.

  21. Danielle Smith sold her soul to the devil. Now she has to live with it.

    Long time Conservatives. that I know have walked away from the UCP.

    At first it was frustration, then embarrassment. They no longer participate or work at the constituency level or the regional level as they have in the past.

    Only the diehards, the toadies, and the far right evangelicals remain.

    The mess is camouflaged by constant Ottawa bashing. The results in healthcare and education speak for themselves.

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