That ‘market freedom’? What a surprise, it’s wiping out farmers and enriching the 1%!

Remember the “market freedom” the Harper Government was congratulating itself so heartily for delivering to Western Canada’s grain farmers a few weeks ago? Gee, who’d have predicted that? An Indeed,

Upstairs, downstairs in Alberta explained by Labour Minister Thomas Lukaszuk: ‘We’re dealing with different job descriptions’

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose! After a spell during which he appeared to be missing in action, Alberta Labour Minister Thomas Lukaszuk resurfaced in the news

High-speed rail in Alberta: a terrible idea that just won’t go away

The Van Horne Institute? The Van Horne Institute? As in William Cornelius Van Horne, late of the Michigan Central Railway, the Chicago and Alton Railway, the Canadian Pacific

The view from Alberta: Nova Scotia premier assailed for embarrassingly low travel bill

It only cost $946.44 for Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil to travel to and from South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s funeral last month because Nova Scotians have a

Small changes may signal glimmer of awareness of trouble ahead among rank and file Tory MLAs

Opposition political operatives in Alberta spent an entertaining weekend poking through the entrails of the Progressive Conservative government’s Sunshine List, noticing cool things to mention like the fact

Back to the future? Private-client opinion polls said to show big shift toward Alberta’s Wildrose Party

Tout le monde political Alberta is abuzz with rumours of new private polls that show a significant shift of voter support away from the Progressive Conservative government of

Deputy Health Minister Janet Davidson’s compensation: glaring omission in Alberta Sunshine List coverage explained

And the top paid Alberta civil servant is … not even on the media’s Top Ten List from the government’s so-called Sunshine List of 2013 civil service salaries! Just

Alberta’s ‘Sunshine List’ – let a little light shine in … but only a little, and only where we want it

Today’s the day the government of Alberta is supposed to publish its “Sunshine List” of its supposedly most highly paid civil servants.It’s not appeared yet – so, it

Appeal Court says Labour Relations Board must consider AUPE call for ‘excluded’ civil servants to be part of union

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees moved a small step closer today to its never-quite-openly stated goal of reaching 100,000 members thanks to a favourable Appeal Court ruling

Oh to be a fly on the cabinet room wall today! Court grants stay on application against AUPE of Bill 46 until Valentine’s Day

Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall at today’s meeting of the Redford cabinet when the topic of yesterday’s ruling by Court of Queen’s Bench

CFIB members please post: ‘Money from public sector wages & pensions NOT wanted here!’

Whew! That was a close one! We almost improved the Canada Pension Plan! “Small business owners and employees can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being,” the

Alberta government ponders ‘options’ as independent arbitrator overturns firing of jail guards who took part in illegal strike

An independent arbitrator has overturned the firing of four Correctional Officers who took part in the illegal April 2013 strike that the Redford Government claims prompted its unconstitutional