UCP leader demands by-election he likely doesn’t want; premier, presumably anxious to tie him down in House, is silent

PHOTOS: Jason Nixon, the UCP’s new House Leader. (Photo: Dave Cournoyer, Daveberta.ca.) Below: Alberta NDP Premier Rachel Notley, seatless UCP Leader Jason Kenney, former Wildrose leader Brian

A Tale of Two Parties: NDP stages slick post-victory convention while Wildrose Opposition tears itself to pieces

PHOTOS: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley addresses the provincial NDP Convention in Calgary yesterday. (Photo from Ms. Notley’s Facebook page.) Below: Wildrose Leader Brian Jean, his supporter, MLA Pat

Keeping up with the floor crossers: Wildrose defection continues to generate plenty of heat, less light

PHOTOS: Unintended irony? Wildrose MLA Shayne Saskiw from last year’s The intense furor over the defection of majority of Alberta Wildrose Opposition to the Progressive Conservative government seems