Counting up the Alberta Party’s leadership candidates, real and imagined, so far: a partial list, no doubt

PHOTOS: Former Morinville mayor Lisa Holmes. Below: Doug Griffiths, Thomas Lukaszuk, Stephen Khan and Chima Nkemdirim. These photos were chosen completely arbitrarily, mainly because they came from

Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark goes over the side, almost certainly with a helpful shove from someone

PHOTOS: Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark … soon to be former Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. Below: NDP Premier Rachel Notley, UCP Leader Jason Kenney, Alberta Together

Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman quits, completing last-place trifecta of disastrous party leaders

PHOTOS: Departing Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman rallying his troops on the steps of the Alberta Legislature back in 2011. A little creative cropping made the crowd look

Wild Rose Country no more? What are we gonna call this place if the Alberta Party starts soaring in the polls?

So here’s my question: If it were the Alberta Party instead of the Wildrose Party breathing down the necks of Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives, would they change the name

Will Alison Redford fire Thomas Lukaszuk? She needs to, but don’t count on it happening!

In any normal business, Alberta Labour Minister Thomas Lukaszuk would be finished. After the There’s no question Mr. Lukaszuk – first as deputy premier, then after his demotion to