Danielle Smith to former Wildrose supporters: I didn’t leave you, you left me!

Danielle Smith to Wildrose Party members: I didn’t leave you! It was you that left me! Ever since the former Opposition leader shocked Alberta and significant parts of the rest of

How the mighty have fallen: former finance minister Doug Horner pulls the plug on provincial politics

Doug Horner, who was clearly the best qualified of the three frontrunners in the 2011 race for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, pulled the plug on provincial

What’s the hurry? Jim Prentice push for early vote feels manipulative, bad for Alberta

Does anybody seriously think Alberta needs another election right now? Yeah, I know, Premier Jim Prentice and his Progressive Conservative legislative caucus want one. But do we need one, right at this

What Would Ralph Do? Faced with plummeting oil prices, as a matter of fact, he taxed and spent

What would Ralph do? In a typically lame editorial over the weekend, the Edmonton Sun asked: "If Premier Ralph Klein were facing a $7-billion drop in revenues in the coming year,

Terror as wedge issue: anticipating PM Stephen Harper’s ‘anti-terror’ legislation

It remains to be seen what Prime Minister Stephen Harper will do with his new "anti-terror legislation," announced in the emotional aftermath of the shooting on Parliament Hill as the

Prentice sales tax balloon has Albertans taking note — and potshots

Give Premier Jim Prentice his due, by floating his balloon about a sales tax in Canada's only remaining sales-tax-free zone he really has Albertans sitting up and taking notice. Read more

More lives than a movie zombie: ‘Canada’s Worst MP’ Rob Anders is back, eyeing Wildrose leadership

Just when we’d despaired of ever hearing again from Rob Anders, the man who will be Canada's worst Member of Parliament only a little longer, he announced "a sense of

It’s not spring in Alberta yet, but there are hints of a spring election in the air

There were two hints yesterday that Alberta Premier Jim Prentice is edging closer to calling an early election this spring, maybe three if you’re of a particularly conspiratorial turn of

Cheap oil’s the disaster it is for Alberta because our province is so badly run

The decline in oil prices to the sub-$50-per-barrel level may not be a pleasant experience for those of us here in Alberta, especially the Progressive Conservative rulers of our province,

Peace, order and good government: Pondering John A. Macdonald’s legacy on his 200th birthday

Today, or possibly yesterday, is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Read more at

Premier Jim Prentice is optimistic and pessimistic at the same time: don’t worry your pretty little heads about it

How does Alberta Premier Jim Prentice get to be optimistic and pessimistic about the same thing at the same time in order to reach contradictory conclusions? Can someone explain to

Keeping up with the floor crossers: Wildrose defection continues to generate plenty of heat, less light

The intense furor over the defection of majority of Alberta Wildrose Opposition to the Progressive Conservative government seems to have prompted new clarifying statements from two of the MLAs widely