Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander delivers a troubling speech on Ukraine

PHOTOS: Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander begins his address to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Toronto on Feb. 22 (Screenshot from Youtube video). Below: Andriy Parubiy, deputy

Circumstances of Canadian soldier’s death in Iraq strongly suggest Harper Government is lying to us

PHOTOS: A U.S. soldier uses a lightweight laser range-finding device to help “paint” targets for bomber aircraft in this posed Stars & Stripes photo. Below: Canadian Defence Minister

Eve & Dimitri’s defection: Will it play in Pickering? You bet it will!

Faintly nauseating, maybe, but it’ll likely work. Eve Adams with Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau at the scene of yesterday’s floor crossing. (CBC photo) Below: The

Yakitty, yak-yak … Would the Canadian Taxpayers Federation #PleaseShutUp about how Jim Prentice should #BeLikeRalph

PHOTOS: Canadian Taxpayers Federation operative Colin Craig makes a point involving a table, a pile of cash and a picture of Ralph Klein. Below: The real Ralph Klein;

John Baird: This is one we can’t blame on Stephen Harper

PHOTO: Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird in his best-loved role as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s foreign affairs tough guy. How about that The theories over the water cooler were

256 years of Rabbie Burns: if the authorities had any idea what he was talking about, they’d round up the Caledonian Society

PHOTOS: Robert Burns, looking almost impossibly poetic for a guy who admired the French Revolution and wanted to put the ruling classes to the sword. Below: A sporran,

Another door slams in Rob Anders’ face – not even the Wildrose Party wants ‘Canada’s Worst MP’

PHOTOS: Rob Anders and his former mentor Stephen Harper, in cowboy drag. Below: Anders famously heckling a Democrat for a Republican candidate in the United States during his

Terror as wedge issue: anticipating PM Stephen Harper’s ‘anti-terror’ legislation

PHOTOS: Prime minister Pierre Trudeau on the steps of Parliament in 1970 when the country was in a state of “apprehended insurrection.” Below: Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Japanese

Peace, order and good government: Pondering John A. Macdonald’s legacy on his 200th birthday

PHOTOS: John A. Macdonald, first prime minister of Canada, in his prime. Below: A younger Macdonald and the man in his later years. Today, or possibly yesterday, is the

Six things we all need to think about when Canadians volunteer to fight for the Kurds

While a couple of officials of the Harper Government have now half-heartedly Think about the many connections between the National Post, which seems to be leading the recruiting

WTF? Canada votes against UN resolution condemning glorification of Nazism! Have we taken leave of our senses?

Can someone please explain why Canada was one of three countries to vote Friday against a United Nations resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism? The resolution, which censures attempts

Tory income-splitting tax policy: It’s about creating and preserving gender inequality and making rich guys richer

A fundamental purpose of the Harper Government’s ideologically driven income-splitting tax scheme is to undermine women’s equality, Queen’s University tax law professor Kathleen Lahey told the Parkland Institute’s