The #PCldr Files: Who is the best Tory choice for the coming Wildrose Apocalypse?

What Alberta’s foundering Progressive Conservative dynasty needs to do now is pick the leadership candidate most like Jack Layton! Who could that be? They need to do this because,

The Calgary perp walk: it’s a routine disgrace, and it’s about time someone spoke up about it

It’s about time someone from the Alberta legal community spoke up about the Calgary Police Service’s disgraceful practice of publicly parading suspects in serious criminal cases, often where

Author’s Note: Changes are coming to Alberta Diary, soon to be

Round about the end of summer – Labour Day or thereabouts if God’s willin’ and the crick don’t rise – there are some significant The biggest will be

Never mind Alison Redford: Finance Minister Doug Horner, unfortunately, needs to resign

If the Parliamentary convention called ministerial responsibility still has meaning in Alberta or Canada, Finance Minister Doug Horner must resign. Everyone in political Alberta has been focusing on another