A return to civility? An end to Internet anonymity? Please! The leaders of all Parliamentary parties need protection now

The National Post is shocked, just shocked, at the tone of the public commentary responding to the threatening break-in at Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau’s Ottawa home while

Sure you can run in my riding! With friends like Neil Brown, does Jim Prentice need enemies?

With friends like Neil Brown, does Jim Prentice need enemies? The latter is a candidate for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, a job that will automatically

Have the PCs sold only 23,700 memberships? If so, it’s bad news for frontrunner Jim Prentice no matter how you slice it!

An intriguing rumour – impossible for an outsider to verify – did the rounds of Alberta political circles yesterday. To wit: That the Progressive Conservative Party has sold

The boss has gone crazy! He’s giving away PC Party memberships! And this time, it’s no joke!

Holy Cow! Not only does Alberta Tory leadership frontrunner Jim Prentice admit his campaign has been giving away free memberships, but he says the idea’s OK with him

Whiny e-pistle notwithstanding, Finance Minister Doug Horner a candidate for high jump

If you want evidence the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party is done like dinner – with or without former federal cabinet minister Jim Prentice sitting at the head of

A picture of Tories gone gray: How much will Albertans spend on oil portraits of Alison Redford and Dave Hancock?

“I love scandals about other people, but scandals about myself don’t interest me. They have not got the charm of novelty.” — Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian

Blogosphere heaves sigh of relief: ‘Canada’s Worst MP’ Rob Anders is back, for now anyway

Rob Anders to Canada: “I’m baaaaaaaaack!” It’s a staple of the horror movie genre: You can’t keep a bad man down. Who can forget Hannibal Lecter’s Or Jack Torrance

Let’s hear a big welcome for Preston Manning, a fresh new voice in Canadian satirical writing!

“Cancer and lightning go where they want. So does political corruption.” — JAMES LEE BURKE, Wayfaring Stranger, 2014 In all the brouhaha over former Alberta premier Alison Redford’s appalling misuse of

Alison’s Albertan airplanes and architecture: Who knew? No one, it turns out!

“When in doubt tell the truth,” Mark Twain famously advised. “It will confound your enemies and astound your friends.” Now we have the scoop in detail on the former

Hurricane Redford shook Alberta to its foundations – the place may never be the same!

Former premier Alison Redford signed off from public life in Alberta yesterday morning with the words, “I truly believe we made a difference.” Well, if nothing else, Ms. Redford

The scary thing about Alison Redford’s resignation this morning: it just might work for the decrepit Tories!

The reaction to former Alberta premier Alison Redford’s resignation as Calgary-Elbow MLA this morning among Opposition politicians was universal and predictable. To wit: the problems with the 43-year-old Progressive

Guest post: When you talk to ‘Middle Alberta,’ NDP leadership candidates, talk about money!

Alberta’s NDP made it official today with the close of nominations: there are three candidates in the race to succeed Brian Mason as the leader of the province’s