Conservative former Edmonton mayor endorses conservative future Alberta premier: Yawn

If there was any real news from yesterday’s news conference atop the Chateau Lacombe Hotel in downtown Edmonton, at which Progressive Conservative former Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel endorsed

Master of survey spinning takes potshot at poll showing Jim Prentice far ahead in Progressive Conservative leadership race

What would happen if a new poll put Thomas Lukaszuk in third place in the Tory leadership race? Oh, wait! The former labour minister is in third place. But

Don’t let any ‘celebrities’ tell you different, we’ve got friends of science here in Alberta

Alberta’s “Friends of Science” are friends of science like North Korea is a democratic people’s republic. But to give credit where credit is due, both the Democratic People’s Republic

Right-wing Rage Machine readies the Full Neil Young Treatment for Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Retired South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu presumably knew perfectly well when he made his now-famous comment about Alberta’s Bitumen Sands yesterday that it doesn’t much matter who you