Explaining the screams for easy-to-exploit Temporary Foreign Workers: Canadians are just too uppity for many low-wage employers

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark rose in that province’s Legislative Building in Victoria yesterday and apologized for a stream of racist laws and policies that began to be

Cone of Silence descends over deeds of Tory leadership candidate Jim Prentice’s secret agents, real or imagined

Like those According to a claim made yesterday by the equally right-wing Wildrose Party, “a person close” to Mr. Prentice called up a person close to Danielle Smith,

Shorn locks and missing bowtie suggest Thomas Lukaszuk’s Progressive Conservative leadership announcement is imminent

Sporting a new haircut and with his trademark bowtie tossed aside, Labour Minister Thomas Lukaszuk hardly needs to provide more evidence he really intends to seek the leadership

And then there were two … decline of the Alberta Tory leadership race mirrors decline of Progressive Conservative Party

And then there were two… For his part, Mr. Prentice, the Calgary banker and former federal politician, continues to play cute about whether or not he’s going to run

Missing: Any discussion of what drove the Hancock Government’s Bill 10 attack on legally enforceable contracts

Amid all the brouhaha in recent weeks over Bill 9, the Alberta Progressive Conservative government’s public service pension legislation, very little attention was paid to its private sector

Aging long-shot ‘blockhead’ candidate knocks off huge Journal political team to capture Yeggie political category award

When the podcast site for the Edmonton Journal’s entire 11-member political affairs team was nominated for one of this year’s Yeggies, the annual awards created last year “to

Miraculously, no one trampled as Tories race for Alberta Legislature’s exits

It must have seemed a little like the panic scene in post-war Japanese monster movie at the Alberta Legislature yesterday. Only in this flick, the shadow cast by

Alberta Workers Compensation Board poised to give back more than $500 million to employers

The Alberta Leastways, so says a As a consequence of “favourable investment results from very strong global equity markets,” the WCB’s preliminary results indicated, the Board “had year-end

Finance minister’s joint news conference with civil service union leader sure looked like a total climb-down

There's no question, after a year of something approaching total warfare between the Government of Alberta and its civil service union, it was unnerving to see Alberta Union

Pension ‘reform’ effort likely dead as PC government and all opposition parties refer Bills 9 and 10 to committee

Former Alberta premier Alison Redford’s ill-conceived anti-union project is in shambles tonight, with an agreement to send two bills attacking public sector pensions to a legislative committee where

Calgary mayor hands Alberta PCs a ‘Get Out of Jail Card’ on public service pensions

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi handed Alberta Premier pro tempore Dave Hancock a Get Out of Jail Free card today. It may not seem that way at first blush, but

Doublethink, Alberta Tory style … Sorry, really, but who’s this Alison Redford person?

MONTREAL Official Alberta Progressive Conservative Party Position No. 1: Alison Redford is the sole cause of all the PC Party’s problems. Now that she’s gone, everything in Alberta is