A blast from the past: Oh, those Tories and their stories!

On May 7, 1991, Ray Speaker, the minister of municipal affairs in the Progressive Conservative government of Alberta, rose in the provincial Legislature in response to a member’s

Airdrie MLA Rob Anderson suffers torments as Allan Hunsperger and the Lake of Fire return to haunt the Wildrose Party

There is nothing the brains behind the Wildrose Party would like to do more than put the whole Lake of Fire fiasco that torpedoed their election chances in

Ric McIver Progressive Conservative leadership campaign lurches to life as Hancock Government sends mixed signals

Ho-hum. After days of virtual silence, former infrastructure minister Ric McIver made the first official appearance of his campaign for the leadership of Alberta’s geriatric Tory dynasty at

Brent Rathgeber may not a be a Tory any more, but he still supports the Harper Government’s worst ideas

ST. ALBERT, Alberta Notwithstanding his much-publicized break with the Harper Conservatives, Independent Edmonton-St. Albert Member of Parliament Brent Rathgeber continues to rhapsodize enthusiastically about the alleged benefits of the

Edmonton New Democrat David Eggen is first to join Alberta’s only interesting political leadership race

The latest Alberta political leadership candidate says his name means “the sharp end of the axe” in Norwegian, which would sound more sinister in this neoliberal era of

Everything the Alberta Progressive Conservatives Always Wanted to Know About Opposition* … (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

Let’s imagine for a moment that the Progressive Conservative Party – led by Jim Prentice or whomever – loses the next Alberta general election. That is to say, after

Post-fight analysis: Round 1 to Jim Prentice as Wildrose comes out swinging over debt remark

Well, it’s hard to know for sure, but I’d say the first open policy scrap between Jim Prentice, Progressive Conservative Premier Apparent of Alberta, and the Wildrose Opposition

Thomas Lukaszuk throws his hat in the ring – although which ring is open to debate

OK, that’s kind of a mean way to describe what is officially a run for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party in which Mr. Lukaszuk could

OK, Jim Prentice really loves Alberta … but can Alberta love Jim Prentice?

Banker, lawyer and former federal cabinet minister Jim Prentice “I’m running because I believe Alberta has before it right now an opportunity to achieve great things,” Mr. Prentice

Chutzpah Alert! Premier Dave Hancock explains why Sky Palaces and similar uproars are nothing but ‘distractions’

I don’t know about you, but I sort of admire the colossal cheek of the Hancock Government – which is exactly the same in most respects as the

Where’s the beef? Ottawa and the fast-food lobby are serving nothing but baloney about the need for Temporary Foreign Workers

Advocates of the Harper Government’s so-called Temporary Foreign Workers Program are using an occasionally legitimate need to justify making a completely illegitimate policy the “new normal” for employment

Finance Minister Doug Horner meekly throws his support to heir apparent Jim Prentice

Another qualified and long-expected candidate for the post of the first permanent post-Alison-Redford leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party has meekly thrown his support to the party’s