The question must be asked: Was Brad Wall’s party being paid to undermine Alberta’s NDP?

PHOTOS: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, not looking quite like himself, were still smiling and standing side by side at the start of the

Eve & Dimitri’s defection: Will it play in Pickering? You bet it will!

Faintly nauseating, maybe, but it’ll likely work. Eve Adams with Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau at the scene of yesterday’s floor crossing. (CBC photo) Below: The

Terrible optics: Connecting the dots to Jim Prentice’s sweet little T-Bird

PHOTOS: Jim Prentice bids on a classic T-Bird in Arizona and misses the symbolism of the moment entirely. Well, what did you expect? Below, a classic 56 Ford

Cheap oil’s the disaster it is for Alberta because our province is so badly run

PHOTOS: Sunset for Alberta’s oil industry? Probably not. But will Albertans learn anything and stop scolding other Canadians? Probably not. Below: The future of Alberta if oil prices