Canadian newspaper industry advances on Ottawa, hands out, awash in red ink and democratic platitudes

PHOTOS: Stop the presses! … I mean the losses! Put me through to the red ink department … I mean the tax department … Actual Canadian newspaper owners

This shouldn’t be a surprise: Trudeaumania 2.0 fails to deliver in Medicine Hat

PHOTOS: Trudeaumania 1.0, the real thing, in 1968. Below: Trudeaumania 2.0, not nearly as effective, in Medicine Hat, Alberta, on Oct. 13, 2016. Below: Conservative by-election winner Glen

Questions, questions, questions about tomorrow’s Public Accounts Committee meeting chaired by … Derek Fildebrandt?

PHOTO: Derek Fildebrandt, a (former?) Wildrose Opposition MLA and as of right now chair of the Legislature’s Public Accounts Committee. (Photo © David Climenhaga, just sayin’.) Tomorrow morning, the

Don’t blame Alberta’s thoughtful, independent PC MLAs for embarrassing the government! It’s that darned Constitution!

PHOTOS: Premier Jim Prentice in his new role as Supreme Leader of Alberta. He didn’t tell the Committee on Legislative Offices how to vote, nor would he ever

A message from the Lone Star State to the Lone Tar Province: Assignment of blame is everything

PHOTOS: Greetings from Texas! You’re going to need a haircut, Albertans, plus a few more holes in your belt. Below: Alberta Premier Jim Prentice stops off at the

The Amazing Race, Alberta Political Edition: can the Tories find their missing mojo?

Premier Jim Prentice called a news conference yesterday morning in Calgary and announced, as widely expected, that he and his two likewise-unelected cabinet ministers will run in by-elections

The best candidates aren’t necessarily the best candidates in important Edmonton-Whitemud by-election

In the race to knock off an unelected health minister whose main qualification is that he’s a former elected mayor, it’s a commentary on the state of Alberta

Could Ric McIver still win the Alberta Tory leadership race? Actually, yes, he could!

CALGARY Could Ric McIver actually win the Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership race? Or, to put that another way, could Jim Prentice lose? What’s more, he’s But if he astonished everyone by

In one day, the ground shifts in Alberta politics in ways unexpected, sometimes uplifting, sometimes troubling

What a strange day it was yesterday, at times uplifting, at times profoundly depressing, and at times just disorienting. In the morning, Alberta And at the end of the