No redemption for the Wildrose, outed in a Lake of Fire five years ago today, and it’s Eastertime too

PHOTOS: Rev. Allan Hunsperger, whose beliefs about the eternal fate of people who live a gay lifestyle contributed mightily to the downfall of the Wildrose Party. (Wildrose Party

Electoral math is calculus, not arithmetic, so 15 more Tory defectors won’t necessarily bring down Alison Redford’s shaky government

The assumption of just about everyone in the Punditocracy, the Commentariat, the Blogosphere and the Media Bloviarchy here in Alberta is that if Premier Alison Redford’s intramural opponents

If Alison Redford won’t voluntarily step aside, Alberta’s Tories are likely finished

The The Calgary-Varsity MLA said she was doing it “with great regret but also great optimism” – leaving to door open to a swift return after a change