Passage of Bill 10 is not likely to be the end of the story for school gay-straight alliances

The surprising turnaround by the Prentice Government on gay-straight alliances in publicly funded schools is certainly a victory for common sense and the common decency of most Albertans. But the government’s

Call the cops and clear the air: the PC Party cannot investigate accusations of criminality against its own member

PHOTOS: It’s time to pick up the phone and call in the cops. Below: Former Prentice cabinet member Naresh Bhardwaj, former Alberta premier Alison Redford, former Calgary Police

Guest Post: 44 years and counting … Alvin Finkel asks, Can Alberta’s Tories be stopped?

ILLUSTRATIONS: Election time in Alberta. Actual Progressive Conservative strategists and Alberta voters may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Retired Athabasca University history professor Alvin Finkel. A few months

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander delivers a troubling speech on Ukraine

PHOTOS: Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander begins his address to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Toronto on Feb. 22 (Screenshot from Youtube video). Below: Andriy Parubiy, deputy

Will it take a miracle to elect New Democrat Marie Renaud as St. Albert’s MLA? Maybe, but you just never can tell …

PHOTOS: NDP candidate Marie Renaud at yesterday’s St. Albert constituency association meeting. Below: Constituency association president Andrew Traynor and St. Albert Progressive Conservative MLA Stephen Khan. ST. ALBERT, Alberta Miracles

Prentice had little choice but to skid cabinet member accused of bribery for now

PHOTOS: Edmonton-Ellerslie MLA Naresh Bhardwaj has left the Prentice cabinet while the party investigates accusations he offered a $10,000 bribe to a challenger for his riding’s PC nomination.

Unite-the-left pot starts to boil in Alberta, whether progressive parties like it or not

PHOTOS: Edmonton-Centre Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman holds up a mirror to the Progressive Conservative Party’s cracked austerity policies at a recent demonstration. Yesterday she announced she’d be running

Why Taber smells like agricultural products and Ottawa smells like roses

PHOTOS: Helloo, Farm Boy! Welcome to Taber, Alberta, sin city of the southern plains, a place obviously badly in need of correction (1988 photo by Harry Palmer Taber

What really matters to the Prentice Government? Market fundamentalism is pivotal, social conservatism is not

PHOTOS: “This round, Jim, just bob and weave. No freakin’ mirrors!” Strategists from the Premier’s Office and Navigator Ltd. advise Premier Jim Prentice, centre, on today’s second go-round

That early election: what if Premier Jim Prentice doesn’t do what everyone expects?

PHOTOS: Politics is a high-stakes poker game. So, is Alberta Premier Jim Prentice, at right, still peeking at his cards, or just sleeping? Actual Alberta politicians may not

Circumstances of Canadian soldier’s death in Iraq strongly suggest Harper Government is lying to us

PHOTOS: A U.S. soldier uses a lightweight laser range-finding device to help “paint” targets for bomber aircraft in this posed Stars & Stripes photo. Below: Canadian Defence Minister

Alberta’s mirror meme: Premier Jim Prentice could have avoided it just by being more like Ralph

PHOTOS: Scenes from yesterday’s mirror-meme rally at the Legislature, including shots of NDP Finance Critic and former leader Brian Mason in full flight, above, and Alberta Liberal MLA