Jim Prentice’s ‘pathetic lies’: It’s all spin all the time with Alberta’s ‘new management’

PHOTOS: Jimmy Carter, the one-term U.S. president, circa 1976, pretending to be a peanut farmer. Below: Alberta Premier Jim Prentice pretending to be a regular ol’ Albertan and

Tireless promoters of temporary foreign workers have fallen silent … why’s that?

PHOTOS: Canadian ironworkers and their supporters protest the use of temporary foreign workers from the United States to construct the Edmonton Oilers’ arena – which is being built

The surplus sun is shining, so expect the deficit apocalypse: Welcome to the Groundhog Province!

PHOTOS: It’s not Feb. 2 in Alberta any more, but it might as well be. Finance Minister Robin Campbell, in top hat, explains how we’re in for six

Obama to Alberta on Keystone XL: Yes! The answer is still No!

The tradesmen’s entrance to the White House in Washington, D.C. Really! Pictured here just to make a point about certain Canadian politicians and the only way they’re likely

With few ideas to end its financial crisis, and austerity the theme in Edmonton, Athabasca U edges toward the precipice

PHOTOS: Athabasca University’s headquarters in the forest near the town of Athabasca, 145 kilometres north of Edmonton. Below: AU President Peter MacKinnon, another view of the entrance to

Case closed: Mounties end Alison Redford investigation, not with a bang but a whimper

PHOTOS: Alison Redford. As predicted long ago in this space, the Mounties have better things to do than investigate the former premier of Alberta. Below: Former premier pro

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice seems like a guy looking for a parade to get in front of, so he can say he’s the leader

PHOTOS: Dammit! There’s a parade around here somewhere! I keep hearing the bagpipes! Below: Political leader, or something, Jim Prentice and journalists Don Braid and Charles Rusnell. Alberta Premier

It’s time for media to stop enabling the Fraser Institute’s misleading practices, lack of rigour and cheap embargo tricks

PHOTOS: The Alberta media gets ready to cover today’s startling revelations from the Fraser Institute. With embargoed press releases from the boiler room for corporate propaganda coming in

Don’t blame Alberta’s thoughtful, independent PC MLAs for embarrassing the government! It’s that darned Constitution!

PHOTOS: Premier Jim Prentice in his new role as Supreme Leader of Alberta. He didn’t tell the Committee on Legislative Offices how to vote, nor would he ever

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s latest talking point revealed: they’re doing it for the poor!

PHOTOS: Your blogger, David Climenhaga, with CBC Edmonton morning drive show host Mark Connolly in the network’s downtown studio. Below: Canadian Taxpayers Federation Prairie Director Colin Craig frozen

Those Canadian troops in Ukraine? The Minsk II Agreement says they need to be pulled out right now

PHOTOS: The main protagonists in the Minsk II Agreement negotiations, from left to right, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President

Are there any progressives left in Alberta’s Progressive Conservative caucus?

Sorry, boys, you’re all getting a haircut, and it won’t necessarily be a good one! Below: Premier Jim Prentice, Robin Campbell and Ralph Klein. Not a clue in