Alberta Diary is closed, but, like Gen. MacArthur, we (I) shall return … in 10 days

I had a friend who travelled to Portugal many years ago. Or maybe it was Brazil. Whatever, she brought back a poster torn from a lamppost that proclaimed

No change! No change! Jim Prentice’s ‘new management’ is offering the same old Tory stuff

Sustained, uninterrupted privatization of health care, a senior official dumped for daring to speak out about political interference in her supposedly independent work, thousands of dollars in illegal

New Democrats yesterday were ready for Rachel – can Albertans reach the same conclusion?

Rachel Notley’s campaign buttons asked: “Are you Ready for Rachel?” This has been clear since former leader Brian Mason announced his intention to retire after a decade as leader

As soon as the NDP picks a new leader today, the party’s focus should turn to Edmonton-Whitemud – here’s why

After today, when the Alberta New Democratic Party has at long last chosen a leader to replace the retiring Brian Mason, she (or he) needs immediately to turn

Alberta sitrep: Return of the Bitumen Bubble, sort of, rains on otherwise cheerful Prentice parade

Just when you think you’re finding your way out of the woods, there’s that damned Bitumen Bubble again. This time, it’s crude oil prices that are The special problem

Alberta may be under ‘new management,’ but we’re getting the same old bait ’n’ switch tactics in health care!

Unelected Premier Jim Prentice and his appointed Health Minister Stephen Mandel held a news conference in Edmonton yesterday afternoon to demonstrate they’re doing something decisive about Alberta’s embarrassing

Plot summary for a zombie policy apocalypse: Return of the Living Bed Blockers, Nightmare on Alberta Avenue, Part IV

The “Bed Blockers” are back. Health Minister Stephen Mandel (unelected) used the term, so it’s official. Actually, it’s a lot like a horror movie that never ends out here

Happy Thanksgiving! Would the Tories praising our health care system please stop trying to privatize it!

Happy Thanksgiving! With a This, at any rate, is the party line from Conservative federal and provincial politicians as they keep to keep us from panicking about the

On those Wildrose attack ads: they can hardly say Jim Prentice has ‘no plan’

The harshest of the three Wildrose Attack ads. Just let Youtube play, and you can see the Wildrose Party’s other two current attack ads

Despite statements by former premier and health minister, AHS has dropped its objection to paying full severance to fired CFO Allaudin Merali

Alberta Health Services has thrown in the towel on a key point of the legal dispute with Allaudin Merali and offered to pay its fired executive vice-president and

Welcome to Alberta, where, baby, these are the days of miracles and wonders…

It is no longer a metaphor when we say Alberta’s conservative politicians are performing miracles and wonders. That’s a miracle if you ask me, even with a price tag

Ten Questions about the Harper Government’s embrace of war with ISIS-ISIL-IS

Stephen Harper, John Baird, Laurie Hawn and the rest of the boys yesterday “We should have been there shoulder to shoulder with our allies,” Prime Minister Harper, who