Good advice for Alberta New Democrats from Quebec: this time, make it easy for voters to support you

OTTAWA Here’s a tip for Alberta New Democrats from one of the principal architects of Jack Layton’s historic 2011 Quebec campaign: don’t tell voters they’re stupid because they’ve been

Tory MLAs, reporters, right-wing ideologues take aim at Alison Redford for PC Party’s woes

OTTAWA Everyone is piling onto Alison Redford now, a phenomenon we can expect to continue for a few days or even weeks as three things happen. Second, it’s in the

Alberta Premier Dave Hancock needs to apply his leadership candidates’ rules to secretive cabinet committee

OTTAWA Is the Redford-Hancock Government’s Public Sector Resource Committee a cabinet committee, or merely a committee made up mostly of cabinet ministers? After all, Premier Hancock has To do otherwise,

Alison Redford and the misogyny defence: does it really hold any water?

The suggestion former Alberta Premier Alison Redford was treated differently, and was presumably fired by her party more peremptorily, because she is a woman is generating considerable heat

Advice to Dave Hancock: sweet words won’t be enough for Alberta’s unhappy civil servants

What a difference a few days can make! One leaves the province with one premier in power, figuratively bellowing threats at the civil service, and returns less than

Everyone must do their duty for Canada – even Sun News Network ideologues

NEW YORK “England expects that every man will do his duty,” Admiral Horatio Nelson signalled from HMS Victory to the brave sailors his fleet as the Battle of Trafalgar,

A very Albertan coup: Alison Redford fell victim to her own hubris, as well as that of her Progressive Conservative Party

Alberta Premier Alison Redford, who The first narrative will be that Ms. Redford was an arrogant and headstrong leader, chosen almost by accident through the maneuverings of a

Important fake news: Canada, Alberta to erect huge ‘Mother Oil’ statue near Fort Mac?

Screenshot of the fake news site. Below: Publisher David Climenhaga in his misspent youth, when he still had hair. Painting by Ryn Climenhaga. Alberta

Electoral math is calculus, not arithmetic, so 15 more Tory defectors won’t necessarily bring down Alison Redford’s shaky government

The assumption of just about everyone in the Punditocracy, the Commentariat, the Blogosphere and the Media Bloviarchy here in Alberta is that if Premier Alison Redford’s intramural opponents

If Alison Redford won’t voluntarily step aside, Alberta’s Tories are likely finished

The The Calgary-Varsity MLA said she was doing it “with great regret but also great optimism” – leaving to door open to a swift return after a change

Vladimir Putin’s strategic crisis in 2014 sure looks a lot like John F. Kennedy’s in 1962

“Good evening, my fellow citizens,” President “Within the past week unmistakable evidence has established the fact that a series of offensive missile sites is now in preparation on

Worst political strategy ever: Alison Redford put on probation by Tory party big shots

Do the backroom leaders of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party seriously expect the province’s voters to re-elect as premier a leader in whom they obviously have no confidence? I mean,